Murder,She baked 11

Journal 6

I think I am losing my mind and need to see a therapist. I went to my son,s class days and half the time i was lost in thoughts. I notice i am also rude lately and my children are becoming afraid of me. I really think boarding school will do them good as i get myself together.

But, why wasnt I told that marriage isn’t beds and roses but so Vodka and weed too?. My son seems very frightened he is even more silent, i wonder if his sister is getting same reaction. She is still so young and honestly i havent paid so much attention to her. I am going to schedule an appointment today before i completely run mad. I can’t pray anymore because it feels like God left long time yet i sought him diligently ll those years but also he allowed all this into my life.  look at the price i have got to pay for loving and sitting in a marriage so bad because i just cant leave.

Tomorrow I need to see a therapist and also work on taking the schools to boarding school in Nairobi but….. Frank must pay for this.

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