Murder, She baked 14

Be careful of the things you ignore up the ladder, you might get stuck and need to return

So something happened in Frank’s office, he thinks I should join him for the press conference but he has no idea. I actually asked his new “wife” to escort him.  I agreed to meeting him at the venue but I actually befriended his “wife” i got her a befitting dress and told her we should go together. I cant wait to see the look on his face.

I know am hurting and am doing all this to hurt him back and truly it wont erase everything but maybe after this day he should know that I was his staircase up and I am breaking the pieces of wood that he will have nothing to use on return. He will land flat on his face and while that happens…..i don plan on leaving him with a penny to reboot his life. My showing up with his “wife” means he has to bargain that i shut up about his infidelity, get me money for the kids and more pocket change which i will use to pay the divorce lawyer….

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