Day 2

The sun was so hurt yesterday jeez. I couldn’t even keep my good news cold to myself. Btw some Cool guy was blazed on stage and he just had a point to prove. I imagine the bottles that hit his head had hit it without a cap. But also, that head must be rock made

Well, to this 28th year. I hope to have 28 posts to be exact. I hope to eat cake until they operate my stomach because of cake. I hope to pray as much as I talk, to laugh more, to enjoy life more. Speaking of enjoying, I feel like am 2 Saturday nights behind.we shall catch up.i want to appreciate people more and love on everyone I can love while I still have the chance.

I realise I have been a lot between “I still have lots of time and I need to do it now” I hope that changes but also growing up is hard, it’s a trap! But how about I stop thinking of how hard and be thankful for another year

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