Day 3

Three lessons I have learnt.

1: if you keep minding what society/the world says or thinks. Then you might never discover yourself or even do the things you would love/want/need to do. The world does sometimes tire. Take criticism whether positive or negative BUT NEVER apologise for as to why the sun in your eyes isn’t shining or why it’s shining bright.

2: you aren’t competing with nobody even the guys you admire took time to get where they are for you to admire them. So don’t put yourself on pressure to do things quicker than they should be done because you might blunder

3:on this journey of growing up, we out grow some friends, some best friends become strangers, people get busy with there own lives. So if communication isn’t as often, don’t hang yourself, we win some and lose some and it’s still okay.

Bonus lesson. Integrity is key and there’s no problem a cup of tea can’t solve. So let’s drink tea. It even helps when you forget to mind your business.

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