Day 4

So yesterday I was thinking about Christmas and how it was exciting back in the day when my dad would get his bicycle and the boys get the panga and i just followed and we went up to cut the tree and we would find my mother with a tin well sealed and full of sand with egg shells ready to place our tree. The scent of the freshness of the tree jeez….Then we would have toilet paper cut out in and use it for decoration along with gift wrappers, then snow the tree with cotton and tie sweets around for the night, then my mother would make sure we all have gifts under the tree (i don’t know how she managed to do this because we weren’t just two but seven. Then she would add the red father Christmas that we had to blow air into alongside the balloons then wake us up 3am to unwrap gifts the morning of Christmas. It was such a joy…

And while I was there wondering whether i could have this old Christmas back or if kids these days will see more than the artificial trees and know the joy of lighting a fresh tree on 20th (Oh yes, our tree was always lit by 20th with our strands of disco lights) then we had all the local Christmas songs playing the whole month. Anyway, as i was wondering, i saw an ML 350. I stopped to think. I always wish i could stop the owners and tell them to just give me a lift or let me sit for 5 mins or just tap on it just to get the anointing but then i also remind myself that they didn’t work for it in a day so i console myself and go to sleep for the lord knows my heart and he says, “whatsoever you shall desire….”


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