Day 5

Just do you and the world will adjust.

So I was seeing a popular Ugandan actress on Facebook being criticized for wearing her wedding changing dress to the amvca 2018 and I actually don’t know what crime she committed. I personally look forward to wearing mine again some day. Well first of all she has 3 children and still fits into her dress (okay even if adjustments were made, it doesn’t really matter), then who said its out of style, i see tailors and designers just polishing these trends a bit, three, she rocked her dress. I actually love how she wore it this time as opposed to how she wore it at her wedding but again this is what she wanted, she was happy, comfortable and satisfied so i guess the opinions don’t really matter./ At least she didn’t have to hire a gown for the day, borrow it from a friend or incur a cost she wasn’t going to be able to afford. Henewe, the world will adjust because am sure she doesn’t want to put herself on pressure pleasing people who aren’t even sure of what they want or haven’t even supported her work but demand she pleases their eyes.

at the awards
her wedding (pictures from Facebook)


5 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Hear, Hear! Many of the insipid discussions on our social media platforms putting people down and aiming low at certain topics make one question how many other serious problems that we are NOT dealing with or discussing will continue to exist or even grow.

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