My 1st Boss #Day 6

So, I started writing quite early. I talked to one of my brothers while i was in my senior six Vacation and he introduced me to a couple of people. I had a scrap-book i kept with all kids of writing.  One morning he gets me Daniel Kalinaki’s contact and tells me to go over (i still wonder where i got my boldness). I went over, talked to him, showed him my writings and he called in a lady named Charlotte who looked at my work as well then handed me over to Mrs Brenda Banura Ssekalo (She was a Ms then).

She headed the T-vibe Magazine and she had a team of other teenagers like me that loved to write so we spoke and I got added to the team. This is where i learnt all my first skills in journalism before i joined University to pursue my BA.Mass comm and majored in Print. (PS. I knew this is where i wanted to be even before joining the media house) Well, we would meet once a week for our planning meeting, get to know our assignments and all and still get paid. Working with teens was the best thing that happened to me then. I loved covering the events, interviewing them, getting to socialize…it was an interesting journey and it kept me busy. They say Passion doesn’t pay but there’s nothing that gives a piece of mind like doing what you love. Passion could pay little but knowing that you are waking up to do something you enjoy is fulfilling only that when bills and responsibility grows, you too need to grow. (Am still figuring out how this passion will pay me bills not just buy me a Rolex).

Well, Brenda was a cool boss, she spoke our language, understood us, was tough when she had to be but most of all I am glad that my journey down print started with her before another amazing lady Sarah Namulondo (Lord rest her soul) took me on and my skills from Brenda had to translate from just the teens to other big things. However, the coward in me still refuses to do politics. Did i mention that i even love the fact that the dress code didn’t matter, what you brought to the table did.

some one once said “you want a good job done, give it to a young person without limitations on how to dress,time to report, or how to do things and you will receive the best results.”

In fact , Brenda, for polishing my 3 lined poetry, perfecting my prose and editing my grammar and teaching me all the other things practically, I owe you lunch at least.

Thank you Monitor publication for giving me a chance to learn and grow with you. Daniel for not looking down on me for i was young, Charlotte for appreciating the effort And Brenda for supporting and teaching me selflessly

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