Murder, She Baked 16

I have secured part of the things we worked hard for.

The kids are safe and soon will move to Nairobi for a new school and environment. I will find a new job there as well or start-up a business. We shall be fine basically. The Mayor will be out of hospital today and I want to serve him divorce papers soon as he sets his foot inside the house. I am not going to let him rest or breathe. I will suffocate and frustrate him. I know i should be feeling bad because he is the father of my children but why should i? he wasn’t thinking about us when he went about sleeping with everyone. I am sure he still wonders why i didn’t show up in hospital. He will find all the news papers at the coffee table with stories of infidelity and tabloids writing whatever they wish and a headline reading “is all well with the mayor’s marriage?” But again, how is that even supposed to be my problem. He made his bed…

The baby mama must be stressed but well, this is what she signed up for. The years of emotional torture I have been through can’t even allow my mother to speak to me about the decisions i make at this point. I wouldn’t even be here in the first place so all her efforts are yielding zero. But i want to see his face when i say, i want a divorce and am keeping the house and kids.

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