To my fav Coworker #Day8


So I landed on this letter challenge thing that i decided to follow. I might not follow chronologically though

My Fav Co worker (I am not sure he will read this)

Dear Owakabi,

You make my dull days bright (don’t start flossing after). On days i think i hate my job but know i am going to have a good laugh, i am energised. You make Happy!

I know some days I don’t even want to hear you yawn or whisper but also your silence is loud especially when you are absent (sadly i dont get many of these quiet days haha)

So Just to let you know, I think i can go another 365 days knowing my coward will speak sense and nonsense, scream about tickets but i also know that i am liked.

I know our relationship doesnt make as much sense as this letter but thats okay still



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