Admired Blogger #Day 10


That should be Joseyphina   

She isn’t the only one I admire and maybe she isn’t the mostly admired but she fits this today. I love love how she goes about with prose (i am still learning how to sustain a story) and she does it effortlessly (i think) The persona in which she does the narrations. Have you even visited her blog for her series (she has many that i keep going back to) but well, if you haven’t been to her blog, then you haven’t been reading as yet.


Dear Jo,

I don’t enjoy days when you pull the rug on me but one day I hope i will be able to play a shonda on you. Just know am still a work in progress. I hated reading long blog posts because many got jumbled and i would lose track (am not exactly a lazy reader) but i love to be kept entertained and you have done this effortlessly so i can read all those series no matter how long because you keep me wanting.

You should consider a book by the way and send me a signed copy. Just to let you know, I appreciate your work.


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