To My Past Self #Day 11

Dear me,

What was wrong with you then, shutting down some dreams, and slowing down others because you were waiting on people, right moments and listening a lot to people saying you were too ambitious. Many times you even doubted yourself just because some people couldn’t handle an indifferent/ambitious person like you. I hope you learnt from those days. If they can’t support and be happy for you then maybe you are standing and sharing with the wrong men.

I hope you learnt that as much as its good to love others, its important to first love self. I don’t know how you were pouring from an empty cup even! or maybe you didn’t think loving yourself first was as important as loving others. If I could turn back the hands of time Maybe the old you would be done with a masters, probably a CEO of a magazine now but you wasted a lot of time listening to what everyone had to say that you forgot what you desired as you. I don’t want to be that girl again, not another shadow of the person i envisioned at 14. I am gonna fly even with a broken wing and i will not apologize for as to why the sun in my eyes refused to shine

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