Sadly I haven’t been read as much as i want to this year. And i have a number of favorites but being the 2nd last book i have read so far, let’s go with Paul Kalanithi.


Dear Paul,

It’s sad to know that you actually passed before you completed the writing. I wish you had survived the cancer and maybe give us another version of the book. However, your madam didn’t do a bad job concluding the book.

I got all kinds of emotions while reading and I actually think at some point i teared. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and allowing us to re-evaluate ourselves and learn to thank God more.

Actually my brother, a doctor told me about the book and then bookstores around hadn’t yet got it and when it was finally here they were charging Breathe for one. I asked a good/cool friend (whose wife I will interview before he takes her because am his best woman) to send my a copy and guess what? he got me two hard covers! I have been really selfish sharing them. But thanks for taking us on this journey with you.

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