I couldn’t continue the challenge because I fell ill along the way. But today is the 28th day of the 28th year and i ought to celebrate.

I thank God for another fruitful year. Beautiful health, great friends, beautiful family, loving Husband and a lot of cakes

Thank you all for supporting my blogging journey…i know many read in silence

Thanks to my mama who made me happen. I think she would be malnourished if she hadn’t given birth to me.

Thanks to all those that tolerate me for i am not just rain and sunshine, sometimes am a hurricane

I am grateful for the love, it brought me here, raised me, grew me, and its seeing me through

Thanks to my Papa, am that child you couldn’t miss having

Thanks to my A team…..am a bunch I know but you guys have stood the test of time with me

on that note as I conclude my speech…am still growing and entitled to mistakes so keep doing what you do

Dear God, thanks for perfecting my cause

shot by me

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