Dear heart

So it’s been another long while and the rains were heavy this January. Imagine we had a tornado! Luckily it did hit the ground. In my language, it would be a twister but well…

So how are you, how have you been?

You told me quite a number of lies last season and as much as I let you flow with it, I know that you lied. Anyway, I hope life is treating you better.

It’s yet again the season of flowers(oh how I love flowers), gifts exchange, cheap small talk, many other lies and love ( how I love, love). I love to love especially people without homes in their hearts but also I love to watch from afar, people being drowned in love.

I wonder which of these you are surprising me with this time, I pray not a can of many other lies. Because unlike the last seasons, I am more set to leave than before, the fear of being lonely was only words of the brain and the voices in my head but now I know better. So, you have one more. Just one more chance to either choose me or another. Don’t try to keep me hoping you will stay, I need to have faith in you so show more than you state it. (faith without works is dead).

Don’t keep reciting (I love you) when you gave yourself to another and more than you say to me, you show them. (like in the for coloured girls….) my love is too sanctified to have it thrown back in my face.



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