Dear heart 2

Yes, I know you can choose to love or not but then, what choice do you leave me with?

All I have done is love the life out of you,

I loved you when you lied

Loved you when you hurt

Loved you when you smiled

Loved you even more when you were broken

Loved you when you were excited and happy.

In brief I have shared your joys, sorrows, the storm and the sunshine. But the heart wants what it wants and I can’t blame it. However, I don’t really know what gets it confused and it falls off balance even when all lights are clearly and boldly stating no “no future agead ”

Why do we ‘tie’ on things and give them so much power over us?

Dear heart, you failed me once, try be good this new season because these are the last letters I will be sending. We need some love poetry in-house, some flowers of course, a few scented candles, a beautiful set up, maybe an excuse to have an expensive meal one that comes with one single nacho for a starter(they call it food too), some good wine (I love it white) a beautiful dress and a person THAT feels the same and sends butterflies and caterpillars down my left, one with whom my Spanish isn’t foreign, lots of laughter and sweet music……..

We need a new season abeg



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