Nations 5

Dear nations

So your dad tested me the other day and said he had just told someone you that he has a daughter (we don’t even know your sex) and that daughter is called Generations but we cut the name to Genny…… I was like how cool…..Well, waaay before u came into plan i wrote down somewhere that i would have 2 of you and one would be nations another generation. Honestly, i know something got me to this place and it was a sermon that i dont recall and how i concluded but yes.. i was excited. So i told him, you can be anything all names can be yours.

Besides that, if I told my mother, your jaja that i eat sweet potatoes..hmm she would laugh for years. I never ate these things growing up. Not sure what they even did to me but trust me right now, give me sweet potatoes with anything even just tea and i will be happy, hand me a cup of milk(which i never drunk) and bread and that’s life or just get me pancake scent from that woman in ntinda at the stage and am very satisfied. When i forget you are in their. (trust me the ride so far has been too smooth i ive life as usual) and those few moments come, Am home.

Remind me to tell You about Auntie Julian, how she suffered with finding me raw mangoes and guavas and orange when the nausea got too intense.

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