I love, love. I love ink. I love words. They speak loudly and silently. I’m no fun of politics. I love weddings, romance and everything that comes from love. The conception and execution. I try at prose so few times you will find a piece. You might find a lot or eroticism here but mild to keep both of us sane. But you will find lots of love because love raised me, i write with love. I love art, i love music (say the lyrical content). So art in all forms

So Kadali means Veil. The Veil we wore for weddings yes. The Luganda word is Kadali.

Because i hate the middle of the room, i wear a veil so that i see things behind it. I never want the power to tell the the narrative to be stripped off me just because i choose the dark place. I love to stand across the room, the dark place but sometimes the middle cant be avoided so while i stand in the middle of the room, i wear my Kadali.

This is my safe place. My stage.My happy place.

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