Author: Kadali

I am simply a writer. A lover, a poet, a writer. I am everything ink and paint. A preacher by Grace and ooh a lover. Everything about love, i love love. From the conception of idea to after honeymoon, its Marriage, weddings. I believe in Love. But i trust ink. I love politics too but i prefer everything not politics. Enjoy!


I haven’t yet made any cool purchase this whole year. After the baby came, things shifted. So i hope the new year will come with beautiful things. But with a few days left, i am still hopeful


DAY 10: News story….I actually think its 03/11/2019. I was reading online papers and our president was asking people to join him for a match against corruption. .

I am still waiting to see what happens after government sues Government


Day 6: If this means Christmas….i will go with the Braxton Family Christmas Album..

Not about the festive season Gospel will be Hill songs, the power of your love

the general one will be My name is Joe Thomas by Joe

i am not the kind that will usually wait on an album, i just listen, i don’t have to know the artist or Album


Day 5: Secular …. Isabella by sauti sol and the Gospel would be Just as i am, the hymn

However, i have listened to a lot of Robert Kirunda and Isaac Serunkenya, some amazing Worshipers.

I am big on local music so i have listened to every new song by a Ugandan and a lot of Diamond Platnumz, i wouldn’t mind finding new cool music but from locals in Africa.


Day 4: when breathe becomes air by Paul Kalanithi. I have read, but this book….i read every emotion, felt everything as if i was in a 9D. the imagery was so on point. Its sad that he passed on.

i read this not today or this year, my reading this year has been bad but i love, ON BLACK SISTERS STREET BY CHIKA UNIGWE and its also fiction. So i have read lots of Fiction this year!


Day two: TV Show/season that would be UNDERCOVER LAW. I love the setting, the love, the drug dealership Just that its not in English but Lord! it had me glued onto Netflix. it has 45 episodes….anha! I am looking forward to SISTAs by Tyler Perry


Well our dear Beaton of thought wisely about this challenge.

Christmas is my fav part of the year and i honestly cannot wait to do all the things i did with my mother all over again with my daughter infact i was looking for a freshly cut tree, so if you have one in the neighborhood that i could cut at no charge, thank you!

Day 1: for my Christmas movie of all time this year is A HOLIDAY IN THE WILD. for all time that will be HOME ALONE