Author: Kadali

I am simply a writer. A lover, a poet, a writer. I am everything ink and paint. A preacher by Grace and ooh a lover. Everything about love, i love love. From the conception of idea to after honeymoon, its Marriage, weddings. I believe in Love. But i trust ink. I love politics too but i prefer everything not politics. Enjoy!

How he touches me

I’d be lying if i said he Makes me speechless

He makes my tongue forget which language to speak

When he whispers “i love you”

My heart is romanced in a thousand languages.

His hands placed on my hips,

Fingers strumming the curves on my waist

Way before his lips touch mine….

He murmurs “beautiful”

That was a bad tease, I say

He lifts me over

My legs around his waist

And then he starts to kiss me

Like he is writing our love story all over my body

Everywhere & No where

Even if you undress her,

It’s me you are searching for.

I am not sorry that I taste so good.

When the two of you make love

Still it’s my name that rolls off your tongue

Nope! Not by accident.

I became every sweet scent you smell,

I am the ghost of ghosts,

Everywhere and no where

love like a hurricane.

You became the tree,

bending beneath the weight of my wind that,

You have become so unaware of the afflictions of my absence.

Oh! How she loves you…

But you have shut your eyes to everything that,

She tastes me on your lip with every kiss.

Has she realised that everywhere she goes I have visited first?

You were wrong when you thought you could love me at your convenience

Leave when you wanted and return when it felt right.

It’s sad you are unable to rewrite the wrongs

Taking stock 2021

It’s time for the final Taking Stock post of 2021 – these are always fun!

The year is over!

Let’s get into it!

Becoming: Quietly confident about everything I want to do and everything I have dreamt of becoming

Curious: As to why people hire people they dont listen to. Why Kayunga has become a political battle ground. If Corona is laboratory made.

Excited: that the kids can finally go to school but also wondering if it’s not too soon for the parents to find tuition.

Feeling: Energized like everything is about to fall into place and I am getting comfortable in being me.

Going: To start a personalized domain. Soon

Imploring: Everyone to be kind to each other, there seems to be an increasing feeling of tension and division in the country at the moment.

Keeping: Everything that’s memorable

Loving: my new role and family

Making: Every second count. Time runs by quick

Observing: How well I’ve settled into my new job and paying attention to the extremes.

Reading: Newspapers once again.

Staying: Positive that tomorrow will be a better day.

Understanding: There are always two sides to a story. The told, the untold, the lie, the truth…

Watching: Sanyu, prestige on Pearl magic like Nigeria has never made anything better.

Puzzledlines 0122k

He keeps awake all night waiting for her

Hoping that she would return in he night

To avoid the glares during day

He looked for her everywhere in vain

With all the wealth he is still empty

Not even his love he could fill him up.

Rainy and sunny days are the same to him.

The limits of love are weird ,

He was never held hostage,

Neither did she run away .

But all he carried home where her ashes not her heart

Eight decades

His shoulders hang low

Holding up a back that ached

He moved like all his youth weighed down on him

Not even the jacket on his back fit sleekly.

He dragged his feet like they were too heavy to carry

like he never once jogged or won the walk race

But his laugh….

You could see the worry lines and how they made crosses with those of joy,

The boy his parents welcomed and the man the world asked for,

The father his children adored and the best friend they craved for

the one who’d love to rise and the one who’d love to rest.

His eyes were so heavily lidded that it was almost like talking to someone asleep,

yet he was quite alert.

When he spoke, the croak of old age was expected

But his voice was more like a sergeant major, strong and distinctly upper class.

His forehead told worries of the past and present.

But mostly they were so deeply engrained

They told of a man who had travelled through eight decades to that moment

to stand here as an old man, beaten and forlorn.

To be dismissed as “old” when he was so much more than the sum of his parts.

Age had begun to play him like ping pong

Yet even then he sung kumbaya like he had all the time in the world to sip wine.

15.12 17

I wanted to write a real letter but then I thought, which song would communicate better. Ronan Keating numbers forever ain’t enough and if tomorrow never comes blended well for me. These are songs the majority of our generation and after can never understand. Maybe you too.

When I played she believes in me. I was lost in thought. I never want to lose time on us. So that when tomorrow never comes, I will be sure the love shared today will last you forever.

I still walk about in full description to the Just as I am just the way chris Tomlin aligned those lyrics but also like chante more and lattimore sang in when I say I do. I am singing right now.

It’s been quite a journey and like Joe says, priceless . Jasmine Rae sang “when I found you” I think it was specifically written for 15.12.17. More than you will ever know…I wonder why that boys 11 men song never got as much exposure but anyway, I still love butterflies just like I love flowers.