Author: Kadali

I am simply a writer. A lover, a poet, a writer. I am everything ink and paint. A preacher by Grace and ooh a lover. Everything about love, i love love. From the conception of idea to after honeymoon, its Marriage, weddings. I believe in Love. But i trust ink. I love politics too but i prefer everything not politics. Enjoy!

A Message For A Wedding Day

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This past Saturday I had the honor of officiating the wedding of my sister-in-law, Marci, to my new brother-in-law, Darryl. It was a great day! The couple picked out a scripture from Song of Solomon (or Song of Songs- depending which Bible you’re looking at) and the four points that I shared with them about cultivating a marriage that will last a lifetime.

1. Ground Your Marriage in Trust: 

“My dove in the clefts of the rock, in the hiding places on the mountainside, show me your face, let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely.” Song of Solomon 2:14

The man is calling out to his bride-to-be and sees her as a gentle dove hiding in the clefts of the rocks. This is a remote place that is difficult to get to. A dove would have to feel safe to come out…

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He bestowed on me a beautiful crown
It was not a princess’ or queens’ Tiara
It was a red rose garland
When he promised me a rose garden
I didn’t fathom how gracious it would feel
But when he met me at the entrance
And stared deep into my eyes
And exchanged my crown for a rose garland
nothing ever felt so beautiful.
I was his little rose garden
That he watered and tendered
he saw some roses wither
but he made sure most of it blossoms.
When i looked deep into his eyes,
I saw love,Joy,I saw pride
I felt loved.
My tears rolled beneath my veil.
with my Garland over my head,
nothing ever felt beautiful
like knowing i was my father’s princess
I was his rose
and i have lived in my simple castle
in complete blissful silence.
Till today when i stand in awe
thousands of eyes glued to me
as i recite my vows and Testify.

LETTERS TO MY P**** pt 14

When every word I say is not meant,
But taken with serious caution
Not like in the days
When I lied to u
You have my sincere honesty today
From this day
I vow like the married
Not to misuse you
To treat you with great respect
And ooh! To love you endlessly
Not till I die
But when I reach menopause
I will retire and so you will
But I know,
It will be so long
It might take forever
But it’s ok to start with forever
Then the fairy tales can follow
Every friendship has flattery
Don’t get angry if I flatter you

LETTER’S TO MY P**** Pt 13

I don’t know what future you have,
Especially with the Sebei and Masai
Wish God would only understand
And place you only with the other tribes,
A Muganda would surely take good care
Their paternal aunties teach them how
Apart from the pain of going to the bush
A Mutooro would not be mean
For every cock that knocks on her door
It will be a sure deal
The Arabian women would be on point
Because before marriage your assured of your seal.
But I cry each time I see a Masai
I fear for you
Especially at the age of fifteen
My heart pumps so fast
Because I know it’s that time
The time to be silenced
I hear, ‘to give me pleasure’.
Yet it’s to cause you misery
Deny you of identification
Who will see you so tucked in?
What kind of pleasure has pain?
Of course I know of one
But it causes less bleeding
More joy and slight pain
You make men cry with ecstasy
Yet you cause agony to many ladies.


I love to watch the band.
I love to fly on boda boda.
I love music. It speaks in my silence
It soothes my pain
It gives me heaven in my secret paradise
The sound of the percussion,
the rhythm of the saxophone,
and ooh the mighty acoustic.
The passion at which he strums it,
the sweet music it makes
and oooh! how he handles it
gets me smiling to the dark sky.
(watching the band tonite….)
well i normally do, but tonite
I missed my boo more
his voice,his body
and Damn! his amazing voice
when he sings, speaks….
I missed him hold me to dance the night away.
(sweet coconut just played)
his smile melts it all away
(i just closed off my eyes to imagine)
ooh my boo…..
when i close my eyes
I see him sing to me
he looks deep into my eyes and shares his smile
(tonite …. oh tonite)
I fly on a boda boda
with handa streched side ways
the wind blowing my hair i sing
(its well with my soul)
Damn! tonite is….
ohh Lord tonite.

letters to my P***** pt 12

Do you know how men get proud?
Yes, men when sending off their girls
I want you to feel that kind of pride
Feel like the bride they are sending off
Dress in all kinds of cloth
Good and bright enough to be noticed
Accessorize with anything that will bring glamour
And on that day of your send off
He will look at you in shock
In surprise of how u managed
To keep yourself just for him
And stain those white bed sheets red.
He will be into shock, shock
that will fill his mouth with water
Water made of his own saliva
The groom will look on in agony
Wishing they could touch
At least feel
Maybe imagination will cease
When they finally have a closer feel
Of something that has been preserved
And packaged for them.
It’s amazing how men love beauty
How they love being given
Treated special even when they never reciprocate
But well, it doesn’t hurt
Especially if it’s worth the wait
I don’t hate you my dear
Neither is it apathy
Back then I didn’t give a damn about you
It didn’t matter how you felt
But I surely love you
You are so part of me


He looked at her walk towards him
like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time,
she was his hope in darkness even when
sometimes he had to ruin her eyeliner instead of her lipstick,
she was always his wind breaker when the storm blew strongly
and gave him hope that someday the light would come.
He held her face lightly and
stared deep into her eyes
wondering why how she had managed.
She had the patience of Hannah
and like Kenny Rogers said,
to her vows went unbroken.
He leaned back and drew her closer
and whispered
“Will you marry me?”
her tears ran down unannounced
slowly he let go and crumbled down on his knee
stared up to her like he had never seen her
the beam of her smile behind her tears
she said in a cracked voice
“not just for one day, but for all years ahead with you, i will.”

my silent disco

With my self made silent disco i close out the world
listening to music created in my head
visualizing and editing my fantasies
I listen to all i desire
and lock out the rest of the world
the pain in my heart
the fear in my eyes
my body shivers from the cold winds

I play my own music
laugh to my own dreams
write down my own budget and expenses
i have created my world
built walls of concrete around it
guarded it like my like my newborn baby
kept on my knees wishing my baby would grow

I shut out the world
simply to live my life
to make my mistakes and grow from them
to groom my dreams to reality
to breathe life into my fantasies
but who said it would be easy?
sometimes i sulk sometimes i smile
sometimes my gown is white sometimes its purple
other times i have no gown at all

I create my own world
ooh when i met him,
my world stood still
i built all my dreams and fantasies
wore and undressed my gown
woke up and slept to him
shared my secrets with him
my friend, my confidant, my husband

I live my world
with all challenges and difficulties i embrace
with all the joys and pleasures i smile
my sky is lit brightly in the day
my world shines brighter in the night
my heart twinkles like a star
of course some nights its off duty
because sometimes it rains
and i have to walk down in the rain
but i knew exactly how to face the storm
because i knew sometimes the sun had to rest

I write my own lyrics
i carry my pencil in my purse daily
write my stories
reflect on my dreams
i sketch my path
i recite my story and tell my WORLD
how appreciated i feel


Love me for the words that I say for they bring life into you.

Don’t love me because I know how to rock those heels and match the crop top for its only food for the eyes.

Be my friend and leave me with no excuse to disappear from you when I feel its not my life I’m living.

I maybe light today but don’t run out of bed when you turn and am dark.

It could be that I look like your dream girl but what happens when am actually not the girl of your dreams.

My hips may not lie right now but that’s only because you don’t have the time to see if they are China or Taiwan before you open them.

You don’t even care if the breast I put forward are mine or borrowed for the show before you can start sucking them like you did get enough of your mother’s.

Why let my cute face fool you with all the different colours I played with before you start to lie just so I could open my legs and give you a few minutes in the world that you think are the best at the moment yet when it about to end you call out all gods to come hold you .

It’s a pity that you can let your humanity go with only 12345 minutes of sweating to get a lito liquid out the system


letters to my P**** pt 11

As old as I remember but lovely
Am going to make sure you are perfect
Even after the traditional dancers step,
It’s still green and healthy
Forget your bushy days
I didn’t know how cute you were
But I have now discovered
Please forgive me for the times I never cared
Am going to dress you smartly in the
Most beautiful, lingerie I can ever get
Shave you to comfort and beauty
Forget about the genital mutilation
Or to pulling like culture demands
He might not support culture
And simply love the woman we are.
Am going to accessorize you with a silver pin
How I wish you would wear make up.
Am going to make you feel pretty
That when my husband looks at you packaged
He is not about to rush but look in admiration
Smile and confess his profound beauty
Am asking you to please make him beg
Not like before when you had no choice
Am now putting you in full control
Dirty cocks or too big please say NO
I won’t ask you to say no to all
Other than my husbands
Because you might need change of food
But choose which rats to eat with care