Author: Kadali

I am simply a writer. A lover, a poet, a writer. I am everything ink and paint. A preacher by Grace and ooh a lover. Everything about love, i love love. From the conception of idea to after honeymoon, its Marriage, weddings. I believe in Love. But i trust ink. I love politics too but i prefer everything not politics. Enjoy!

MOONLIGHT (micro-poetry)

I wanna be able to look through my window every night and enjoy the kiss of a full moon on my face
Be spoilt consistently
under the dark skies
In the faint moonlight,
the grass is singing.
the sound of silence screaming
my wine glass…


On the other end of Lake Victoria, on the island of Bugala, a shanty town lies. Kalangala is, or rather was Uganda’s goldfish. Made of 84 islands in Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water lake in the world, with abundance of fish at least by 2011.

What has befallen Bugala Island, the largest of the 53 inhabited islands, with largest social infrastructure, hosting the seat of the district headquarters, may be compared to what befell Europe during the barbaric Ages of destroyed civilization. Unemployed farmers and subsistence fishermen barely surviving after BIDCO one of the largest consumer companies in east Africa, forced them off their land.

The farmers accuse BIDCO for colliding with Local officials to grab their land, wreck their crops, deforested and planted Oil palm trees. Over 18,000 acres of land have been destroyed. John Muyisa, a resident of Bumangi, says “in 2011, Ham Sempa sold off our land to BIDCO to start planting Oil palm trees. Our homes and crops were destroyed yet no compensation was made for the damage.” A few that were compensated were paid a sum of 50,000-100,000shs which they think was peanuts.
The farmers raised money with help from The Earth Uganda to sue BIDCO and court hearing started on 30th September 2015. High court judge, John Keitirima granted a temporary injunction stopping further evictions till case is heard on the 14th October 2015.

According to Mukasa Lugalambi, the Lawyer to the plaintiffs, “his clients were promised help from the first family by BIDCO to grab their land and now they are left displaced with no farm land or homes”.
Oil Palm Uganda Limited is a subsidiary of BIDCO Uganda. BIDCO Uganda is a joint venture formed between Wilmar International, Josovina Commodities and BIDCO Oil Refineries, a Kenya-based company.

(this is something outside what you know the Kadali for but it’s worth the read)*Disclaimer*


7cc50148172ccf3362dae4f87766f331I had crushed on him for so long, it hurt.

But finally he asked me out,

and i was so excited about my first date with him.

so many date nights followed and eventually i got bored

Or is it that i craved for more?

I hopped from one to the other seeking for more

this took all the time i should have spent with him

but the more bars i visited,

the more i hungered.

My heart swung back and forth

between the need for routine and the urge to run

but he still waited on me

Even when i dated him only over the weekend

because i didn’t have much to do anyways

every evening he sat at the place we first met

and every time i passed by.

last night, in his eyes i saw a light

like the first time we met , he blossomed.

This time he didn’t ask me to Date him, never did in the beginning,

i created excuse not to commit.

He asked me for a commitment.

i was now frustrated with sleepless nights

my days were not comfortable,

But, he had my attention.






She was the embodiment of beauty,

voluptuous without being too sensual.

Her chest merely ample and,

she had seen better.

but, when she rose up and

straightened her skirt with grace of a thousand angels,

boldness of Esther and a warm closeness of Ruth.

He hadn’t ever seen anything as gracious.

to be quite honest,

She didn’t just weaken his knees,

his body forgot it had knees.(one could see from a far he was falling)

its then and there that he started.


He Chose her then and over again.

led her to the alter and made his commitment

and that was the first time she shared his bed

their hearts beating closely together in darkness

he listened to her breathing,

watched her sleep and held her closer to his heart.


“It’s is not going to be easy”, she whispered.

‘It is going to be really hard,

we are going to work at it everyday,

I wont lie that you complete me, because then i will have cheated on God.

I need to do this because its not everyday I will want you,

but forever I will need you.

It is going to be us everyday and God

I am not an Esther,

I am Edith-Blessed

I can be a Rose of Sharon

you could call me your Rebekah-Servants’ answered prayer

But to you, God and my home i will remain Edith.

I chose you

And I choose you everyday.



IMG_20150702_214047I knew he was taking me a notch higher even when tears ran down my face in agony and all i could see was blood stained on my clothes. I could smile through my pain because i could feel my legs and my arms, as much as i couldnt raise them in worship, my heart was drowning in love. It is then that i confirmed that the best scent in this world, is that of a man you love. By the way he lavished his love on me like myrrh is the way i still felt. I smelt his prescence like a perfume bottle had just broken at my feet. Oh! how he loves me.

Yes it does bother me how you love when even when i feel unworthy

The way your eyes tear through the depth of my soul and cut through the thinness of my skin.

I still do not know how to water my garden on a daily yet you tirelessly teach me

The way you water and tender my bed of Asters just overwhelms me. It makes me wanna shout “WHO AM I?” but yet again want to just drown in your love and sink in your prescence.

Now i know, love doesnt have to be perfect, it just needs to be true and i shall let love guide my life

Calm my anxious spirit



If  you ask me ‘What is love?’

I honestly wouldnt be able to define it.

but i shall say,

love is me.

Love is what i feel.

Love is drowning in silence int the presence of God,

Love is the tear that speaks thousands,

it’s that thing that causes my heart to rumble

that feeling of being mixed raced,

speaking seven languages at ago.

What is love?

I think it is salvation.

That thing i cnt xplain.

It’s just got to be who I am.

It’s just got to be my happiness,

It’s just got to be that fire that burns in me en i cnt control or contain,

a perfume that is lavished on me,

a forever sweetening scent that i wear.



Most of the time his?

No,sometimes his.

Enslaved by a desire he can’t reach

Imprisoned by her fears.

Afraid of letting it all go.

Overwhelmed, he walks through the door,

with preying eyes around the room

and then his eyes find her.

like an unmoveable bed

he falls in like its routine

no explanations, no talk, no life.

sometimes she thinks she forgot how to love

her life stopped each time he walked right in

He is a coward, she thought.

Afraid to accept she has a world behind those sheets.

Helpless to let herself step out.

Can’t even give up herself when she has to

but yes,sometimes his

Most times not. is all it will ever be?

His comfort is in turning tables

just to elevate his ego

and on her knees she bores to command.

She thought?

No, she was convinced she liked it,

decieved she hadn’t lost herself

but all she had left was her emptiness,

maybe she had forgoten to live without him,

yet she was only his for a while

an option never a choice

with a stranger she thought she knew.

Many times she felt soft

like butter under the sun,

she let herself melt andflow down the slab like

a yellow rivulet towards him

hoping he would catch every trickle of affection

when he offered his world she embraced it

but she prefered her own

5d2eda5eeb604aefccc0822508fd7799sometimes his and thats all she will ever be.

puzzled lines*

I am not a broken heart.

It’s just that feeling of emptiness

A feeling of disappointment

Call it betrayal

Maybe I just over trusted.

I am not collarbones or drunken letters never sent.

The traffic your side was too noisy

Your house was crowded on an empty street

So the courier kept sending them back

And my hearth just kept smoking them all out

So I stopped writing.

I am not the way I leave or left

A lot changes or has changed.

Years passed or have.

I actually grew an inch taller,

I added abit of weight,

I bought more yellow ink,

Painted more canvases of me,

Wrote and read more,

Spent time with ‘Me’ more,

I bet you, this new picture is adorable.

Its like wine, the older it gets the finer

The dustier, the more desirable and costly

Or didn’t know how to handle anything,

No call it over bearing.

Choosing to lose yourself maybe,

A new pattern of thought,

new wave of emotion,

At any time,

It was most of the time.

And I am not your fault!


I think i was raised up differently. I probably have a masculine influence. I was taught to say the truth no matter any circumustance and as a matter of fact I am bold enough not to have the girl in me intimidated.

Last night I sat down trying to analyse why to most i come off as complex. well, Am i complex?

Yes I am.

Do i come off as too bold?

Yes, i do. But like a friend once told me, to only those who think women should not express themselves fully.

Is my character intimidating to men?

Yes. Especially for those who think there is a written script on how to go about women.

So I could easily be misunderstood because my character is a preserve for males in our chauvinistic society. But hey, i cannot lose myself or a part of me trying to have them all understand we especially when they labour less but if i have to choose then i will chose’Me’  everyday. Instead of walking down the aisle of a church in a white dress, I’d prefer walking down the aisle of books at the store (in jeans), choosing a romance novel through which to live vicariously.  Not that i do not desire to walk down the aisle but it should be with someone who understands my indifference and appreciates the woman i have been brought up to be. I am not unpredictable or one assumes i do not adjust. I do because i am too human. I too bend


She never dreamed or desired of getting married to a man of God. Not a preacher, clergyman or choir master but she was on fire for christ. She desired and dreamt of marriage but first built her relationship with God but she never once thought she would be attracted to a minister, better still a worshipper. All her past relationships didnt give her the craving she desired in her husband.

So she decided she would only date in ministry, someone who understood her love for christ and loved christ more than he adored her. A man who understood love on a foundation of christ.If God called her to singlehoodness she was ready to embrace it because he was her first love.

She had no idea what it entailed in being a ministers wife but she was willing and patient to learn. As long as she had christ she was sure he would prepare her and as long as she waited she would sit, support him, understand him, be his friend,prayer partner,companion and still be his wiffcd8a457d62fc99422941062faddbb5de. The fire that burned within her for a man that understood essence of worship wasnt goin to allow her settle for less. Yes, sometimes she was lonely and tired of being single. God knew she burned on the inside but she was willing to wait for a minister.