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Taxi tales

I see him almost every other time that i take a taxi after work. Clad in his Kaunda shirt, his beard greying and unkempt. His eyes, his eyes….He clenches his green hankie in his right hand and pockets his left firmly into the front pockets of his Kaunda. He usually sits right next to the conductor even if the taxi was empty when he got in.

Thoughts in my head “he is old, he should be home resting while his kids take care of him or probably doing something that wont have him moving“. Once i was lost in thought when i saw another man probably in his late 60s. He looked famished and worn out, he was slouching but he was slashing outside an office. my heart sunk, my mind wondered again.

I saw the old man yesterday morning, around 7am. I am not sure if it was his son or grandson, he was in company of a young boy who looked slightly like him. The young boy who was wearing an old uniform and canvas without socks held his hand and led him to the Taxi and waited till he sat. At his usual sit, wearing his usual clothes. I found out this day that he was blind, i prefer to say visually impaired. At first i always thought he had squints but today i found out he wasn’t. His left hand was also impaired and in his pocket he was tightly holding unto 5000shs that he was using as taxi fare (guessing he holds it so he doesn’t have to be cheated by people he cant trust to tell him what exact note he is holding). I wanted to know his story, i was dying to see who picks him up when he gets to his stop, i wanted to be able to help maybe share my 1000shs with him. But i was at the back, i couldn’t even whisper to him and i got off before he did.

i hope i see him again, i hope i can have a cup of tea with him but i am afraid he might never want to sit down for tea with a stranger.


Where would you like to live? Why haven’t you moved?

Italy. Italy.Italy


Because it’s too serene. the flowers, the architectural work, the atmosphere, the water (even if am water phobic) I love to watch and listen to the sound of the ocean and sea. Italy is just so beautiful. Why havent i moved?  The cost of living is high Jeez. That means i have to find a job that bays above $20,000 a year.

Washington DC because I dream of living on such a street


and walking to work. or riding a bike. Pick up coffee by the roadside. Enter office in my short round skirt and stockings and boots and am doing something I love. And going home to my simple studio apartment and the street isn’t exactly quiet. I just want to live in a city that’s is a little bit faster than my Kampala yet less Chaotic.

Why I havent moved, I havent yet..please note the yet. got a job because i wouldn’t want to move and then spend 2 years trying to find a job i would be frustrated. And the winter season freaks me out especially that even in kampala sometimes i need double warmth. but bodies adjust.

30 day challenge #5


Well, i have been to my home. Like my fathers house. Does that count?

Well i have been here

hot springs- kitagata

But sadly the person that took me to this place passed on 2 months after. The pain in my chest. I still think one day i will wake up and he he is alive but God takes the good one. His demise took me to a place i had been to



the Emptiness i felt, the pain, the heart break. he had just had a very cute son and he didnt live to see how smart he has grown. I had too many questions but see, my troubles and pain were not bigger or heavier than the cross.

The Dialogue: TAXI

In a taxi park.

The sun has gone down and people are waiting on a taxi. (Many are discussing, some cursing why the taxis are scarce.

A taxi parks and people enter including two university students Denis and Rachael. The taxi is living the park after it is full.

0n the road

Denis is telling Rachael about a girl he is in love with. (Rachael and Denis stay on the same village and both attend the same university which is in the town and they stay in the outcasts. Mukono)


Rachael (eating popcorn: Did you hand in your coursework in time?

Denis: Yes. I printed from down Lumumba at 100shs because I did not have enough money. By the way did you hear from Claire, have you girls talked?

Racheal (shaking her head): Hmmmm not really. I haven’t seen her since she returned from school and since I go home late. We have not even met at the stream.

Denis: Really? I last saw her last holidays. I really like her but she never has time for me. She is always with Charles.

Rachael: Charles? The tall guy right? I thought he was the boyfriend.

Denis: Exactly my point. She is in love with that fool so much that she hardly recognizes my advancements towards her. I took her out before she went to school last term on just 20,000shs. I even borrowed my grandmother’s jacket just to look good for her

Rachael (laughing so hard, the neighbor on Denis’ left turns head and sighs)

Does your grandmother’s jacket fit? (still laughing). Wasn’t it very feminine?

Denis (sad and a bit ashamed): Nawe, don’t laugh hard. We are the same size with her and perhaps I wanted to look good for the outing.

Rachael still laughing

AT THE DATE(Denis and Claire)

(Denis goes to pick Claire from her home one afternoon and walk to the taxi station)

They sit quietly next to each other and are silent the whole journey but simply holding hands. At the roundabout Denis digs into his pocket and takes out a 10,000shs note that he gives to the conductor. The conductor returns 5000shs instead of 6000shs.

Denis is very furious since he has no money but his pride can’t let him argue with the conductor because he is trying to show Claire he is a perfect man but he is complaining in his mind… they get out ant take a walk to Wandegeya with Claire where they are to eat.

Denis: What would you love?

Claire: Chips and a soda.

(Denis walks to the chips and chicken stalls and pays for chips of three thousand shillings and a soda and the stall man gets them a place to sit. Because they were eating on the same tray Claire didn’t mind much yet Denis’ plan was to save for transport.)

They talk over their meal.

Denis: I really like you,actually i am in love with you Claire: (opens eyes wide)

Denis: Are you dating Charles?

Claire: No, we are only good friends

Denis: I saw him help you carry your jerrycan from the stream the other day and i got jealous. Do you think we stand a chance

Claire: How will you afford to look after me

(Denis stops eating and bows head)

Denis: I am going to work very hard. Even my grandma likes you. She says you are too humble. I am going to do all the odd jobs. However, i will not promise to give you heaven, i promise to make you happy.



Size Yange

google pictures
google pictures

I felt a grip at my wrist and before i could think of the words to spit out, he said “jangu baby nkuguze“. Still holding unto my hand, i turned to my cousin who knew my mouth was yet to move like a typewriter, grabbed my other hand and dragged me. Eissh! can you imagine his guts?,i said. She laughed and said, “these Park men will beat us up or embarrass us and i saw you were about to go verbal on him.”

We kept walking headed to where the Bwaise Taxis line up (or are supposed to line queue as they wait on people), another one walks so close for him to whisper “size yange“. with a frown i turned to look at the person that was claiming to be my size and i burst out in laughter because he clearly was over size. So any way we keep on, carrying our heavy bags because we were from doing some downtown shopping, we reach the Bwaise Stage and we stand right under the poster that reads Bwaise-Wandegeya and the taxis that were parked were of Nansana.

Now, all the shopping plus the disrespect from these men, the noise caused me an extreme amount of lassitude that left me quiet exhausted that i just wanted to get into a taxi and go home. I ask one of the guys singing Nansana,Nansana…where the Bwaise Taxis are, he says “lindako Zigya”. (in my head). Its the park i expect as many Taxis here as i can find instead of going up and standing by the road. But well, since i was exhausted i placed dowm my things and stood with my Cousin waiting for the taxis to come.

A gentleman man, carrying a heavy box on his head came shouting Fas,Fas…Muveyo and another hawking water at his back .

My cousin: Babe, Eno Paaka Enkadde. Not just for Taxis they hawk everything and anything, rob everything and anything and its a place they will Baptise you with a new name and someone will claim they know you but you have never seen them.

Soon as she was done, the taxi man that earlier told me to wait calls out, “Nakitto, Taxi yiino“. I hahad.







Kabagarame the biggest pork joint i have seen
Kabagarame the biggest pork joint i have seen

20160604_183325So, my friend canceled her birthday trip to bunyonyi and i decided i wanted to go to Bushenyi. I had read a lot about it and the only place i desired to go to was jacana (i didn’t even take the direction there but i shall do a repeat. Traveling solo has always been something i want to do. I could have done it a lot of times now but this was different, i was going to a place i had never been to.

The bus trip seemed longer than it was meant to be. The bus broke down(yes, my cousin said global never got issues but it did even before we set off at 9:30am. So imagine my sleep hurt). We were transferred into another bus and at about 10:30am we got moving…i played music on my phone which i later turned off because the bus had a TV and they were playing local music videos. i sat next to an old man who read newspapers and filled in cross puzzles the whole journey so there wasn’t anything to discuss. I slept on the bus a couple of times and then we got to Masaka. people got off others got on and were were still moving until Mbarara. the town has change much since i was last there. i got off and gave my cousin a call for directions, she said “get a taxi or a drone” (now being the girl i am, i imagined the drone used for cameras or flight drones). I asked one of the guys around and they pointed me to a taxi. I told the conductor i was going to Ishaka and i wasn’t sure of the place and he said,’i will take you its just 5k’. now, 5k for a journey is quite a journey. I got in and he packed 24 passengers instead of 14 and nobody minded apart from but, so i figured its how its done.

Sitting next to a drunkard who spoke non stop jeez, i couldn’t wait to get off. I called my cousin again after about one and a half hours when i got off, she asked me to get a boda guy who i gave the phone for directions and ten minutes later i was in her compound. (very tired of speaking Runyankole after my drunko neighbor couldn’t shut up about women and marriages and urban rural migration for work). She had made lunch already so i had lunch we talked i rested a bit, her husband showed up and then my touring started.

So, Kitagata- hotsprings. Hmmm after one of the guys i had gone with fought with one of the care takers about collecting money from us yet it was government property and not liable for gate collections, we got in. I see all these very old grannies, teen, youth, kids, women and men naked in the pool others lying on the rocks believing for healing, i knew God was right to hide. ‘Don’t these people later get attracted to each other sexually with all this nakedness? i asked’. Hardly, one guy responded from my left. ‘everyone comes with their problems and they are too focused.’ he added. My cousin pointed me to small shacks and said ‘those are lodges 1k per night.’ My jaw dropped, but she had already warned me to act normal before i laugh loud and get bewitched. So I moved to the part where water was boiling and people were fetching with cups to drink and the other side boiling eggs. (they didn’t get ready, the lady said she was trying)

One man realized i was new, and led me to the ‘heart’ where people kneel and pray and ask the ‘heart’ for anything they desired. (i recalled days of idol worship in the Jesus movies). The water was indeed hot, (haven’t figured how the rocks boil water but am thinking hard on it). We left and headed to a resort beach with a single hut that prepared pork, had Dinner and went home.

If my friend Daron ever visited the place i went to the next day, they will have to carry him or build him a house. the biggest pork joint i have seen,Kabagarame. (translated as let the lie down, probably with stomachs up. own translation) a very huge crowd and only pork is made, all types, all brands. If #Beersandbeer or Blankets and wines ever needed a place western, this is ideal. Hardly any sodas sold, alcohol, local wines and pork. The crowd mainly travelers from Kampala, i saw very many faces from Kampala i know. it only operates weekend but its always full jeez.


So, my Trip ended. i saw my expectant cousin, the city, the food, so i enjoyed my stay. Jacana, i will make a return.










Fort Portal

IMG-20151015-WA0016IMG_20151011_131434IMG_20151011_131601IMG_20151009_211554IMG_20151014_200644I had taken this same trip or so it felt. The smoothness of the journey the view, the stops,i had been to them all and seen them only that this was my first time (when i reason) to visit fort portal that’s if my memory didn’t fail me.
But well, a lovely trip it was. I wonder why i had not done this long ago(10 towns r on my bucket list now). Somewhere below the babies of Rwenzori like my new friend a called them, is Kichwamba a small village yet so cute Oh My! even the cold and rainy days didn’t just stop me from taking walks. For sure it was so cold it felt like winter during Autumn.Now the fact that the weather was bad in such a beautiful town, I didn’t forget to share my salvation Joy. A lovely Family hosted us(yes us, means i traveled with family) very prayerful, superb at cooking (Trust i have not eaten such food my whole life) Mushroom in beef stew, kalo, greens made like the Itesots’ bbo soup, pumpkin with salt,eeh! food was food and with the way i love dinning even when my intake is not much, they had me eating more than i normally do. Now, our host took us to visit her neighbors and before living each house we prayed with them, laughed and made fun of our Mpaako’s (pet Names) especially mine because i insisted i wanted to be called Araali which is for the male Gender yet its not possible according to culture yet the male can share some female pet names, it was frustrating but well i ended up with Atwooki which i didn’t like but well, blessings are not thrown away. There is this one family we visited. A lady in he 80’s barely strong enough to support herself getting up, tired, weary and sad and in her eyes you would see he pain and Anguish. While others grew flowers of had well trimmed lawns in the back yard (i was challenged at how beautiful these lawns in different households looked. The green was like of a golf pitch) hers had twelve, yes Twelve graves cemented and well kept. It reminded me of the army Cemetery i had seen in Jinja. Very well organized like they were on parade so clean yet sooo silent. Not even a cock’s crow would be heard in her home. The silence was deafening. At the front laid her mother in law and husband well fenced. She had 14 children a loving husband and a mother in law we all desire. (So,you have all your children and husband alive and you are still seeking miracles or can’t even remember to pray). She still believed in Christ and believed all things work together for good for those that love him and living according to his purpose. My Spirit told me ‘Sharon,this woman will not live to see more graves, to bury her children and feel this pain.’A new day for her at least she ought to be happy before she goes to meet her God one day. My heart sunk seeing these graves.(i have only seen my grandparents graves en burried only them, but even then I didn’t feel as painful as i felt. But i mean, we serve a living God. My darling Brother led us in prayer and we left.

Now each time i heard “Abaana B’engoma” I didn’t understand. we went to my mother’s friends house. From the drive way you would smell Royalty. A joyful not so tall lady living in this house by herself, with a house help and Her 95 year old mother (anha!you heard me.95years old) that is shocking and you could be wondering,if she has teeth,can talk, walk,my great grand died almost 99 she couldn’t do either so i was also shocked. What was more glorious was that she was reading her bible. From the six families visited, its the only house we didn’t lead prayer, this old lady led us. How humbling! (And you still see this and say i didn’t see God move) I wasn’t just challenged, i was brought to my knees to thank God i had lived long enough to see it all. I wont finish but Amidst the cold days, camp fires, fun on the trip, photos, visiting the palace, see rats as big as rabbits and the noise. I learnt to use everything God has given me for his glory and to always be thankful.