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she wore Bluetooth headsets

and she sat waiting besides me

attentive to whatever played in her ears

while she made small notes on her phone

but then again its the attention she paid

like she was trying to dissect the lyrics

then receptionist spoke up,

she responded with her eyes and smiled

as if saying , “give me a minute”

the receptionist didn’t get it

she continued to speak and speak.

she looked up, paused and said

please write it all down, i am in a meeting i cant switch off location”

today was my turn another day

she walked on the streets

her iPods intact,

her heels click – clerking.

it was time for the lunch break

but she was in such a hurry

but before i could get to her

she dashed into the corridor off the street

digging into her bag as if searching for something that wasn’t there

ma, are you okay, i asked puzzled

She nodded with a smile quickly waving me off

She was in a meeting and it was her turn to speak

This is what the pandemic has turned us to

moving board rooms

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curfew and handcuffs pt 5

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i wanted to refuse but i really needed the help, i was burning and i need to put out the fire so i didn’t say anything, i handed him the Dildo and he walked from the back of the chair, knelt down in front of me and firmed his left hand on my knee as his right begun to work with the Dildo. I didn’t know this was turning him on as well but i wasn’t letting him in so after my orgasm, i gave him a hand job to help him get their and silently we sat on the sofa.

Can we talk? No. We can skip that part and make breakfast i said as i walked away. I picked up my phone and my boss had sent out a message of how we had gotten company car stickers and we will be working in shifts. Immediately i ran to the bedroom to check my emails on my laptop and my schedule and Thank God, i would have some space tomorrow. away from him and his drama. When i got back he was already fixing us breakfast so i told him i will be going to office the next day so he would have the house to himself especially to think and watch tv maybe.

Paul’s pov

when she left, i couldn’t go out because 1: i lied to my wife but also i need to make this work. so i called the boda guy, trusted him to go to the ATM for me, pick flowers, pick a bottle of wine, box of chocolates and some fruits (i wasn’t just doing it for the sex, i love this girl). I set up a date in the living room , lit candles (she always has some in the house. those scented ones) went into the kitchen and made chicken stew the way she loves it. The boda guy had picked up some groceries for me as well so we were good to go. But before she arrived she sent a text “maybe i should get a boyfriend” everything in me was turning. i even thought of divorce but i made sure i had put my thoughts together when she got home. I am winning her back no matter what it takes. She was so wet yesterday with that vibrator yet the last i tried makeup sex. their was nothing

Her Pov

i didn’t work. i spent most of my time thinking and evaluating this relationship. It dawned on me that i was being second best calling it love. Maybe i need to explore more so amidst my thinking i sent him a text. BTW i really need to get laid by someone else. i thought out loud. Luckily i was on the whole floor by myself so no one heard. I left work knowing well that we must discuss this arrangement and this is a perfect time. When the world is no longer on stand still, we will need our lives back especially mine and lost time and meeting would be on my terms. But when i got home, he was oddly excited with a table set before him in the sitting room, i wondered what occasion i had missed until i saw the balloon, i am sorry

i didn’t want to ruin the mood so i went with the floor until he said “i could divorce her and marry you” is he crazy? i don’t want to marry you i said, after that slap, as much as i forgive you, i know flags when i see them so don’t divorce MR. I am going to find a new man.

U waited

You waited

five years for me to come home

five years you kept tenants and made promises

promises they held unto but you doubted

five years you hoped and prayed

that one Friday the sun would go down

Five years she was filled with loneliness

a result of her decision to leave home

a home that rose so many doubts

yet watered many blossoms

a home she loved

yet again too much to relocate

you waited

five years for a miracle

love is such a treasure

but guess what?

its true that true love stands a test of time

its been five years of emptiness

and when the sun sets tomorrow

you will no longer feel lonely in places you didn’t know existed inside of you

And She waited

holding unto your promises

hoping to graduate from tenancy

in a heart she had only found a place

because you said home wasn’t a place

you told her it was a person she wasn’t

she was a place not your home

five years went by

and this time the text read

“i will be coming home,tomorrow”

She watched as he took a deep breath

a smile curving from his lips

stars lit up in his eyes

and then she knew,

it was time to find her own home

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Rickman Manrick -Trent Music Int’l

Lets do A bit of our Uganda Talent Reviews. Have you Listened to Bango Baliwanika and you loved it? Or do you enjoy the Tunyumirwe Jam. Well, my personal Favorite is Goodnight RickmanManrick Ft Lydia Jasmine which was released a couple of weeks ago. So Lets get to Know About RickMan Manrick

I am a Sweden based artist, a student and working hard like any other person my age. I want Uganda to get a satisfying glimpse into my life like any great person’s life, while they also learn about the context in which I have lived.

Becoming the memoir of my motherhood/land Uganda has always been a dream, i have a story like any other Musician or artist , purpose for music and that is the only way I get to express, grow and challenge myself! I have a passion for Football (soccer)

I am Proud of myself as role model, for many youth and the love I receive from Uganda gives me feeling indescribable

The wisdom of what I have learned these 2 years after my breakthrough, are true stories I hold deep within.

I’m curious by nature, always with my ears perked looking ahead to tomorrow’s ideas within music. I’m driven by my urge and burning desire to create a relationship with other artists and people that carry the same passion as mine so that together we push Uganda and the Industry to Greater. I believe that a modern Uganda must base on teamwork.

I am as well part of a record label, TRENT Music International is a record label based in Sweden consisting of four Artists RICKMAN MANRICK, PASHA AMARO, DOLV GVNG and DOUGG POUNDZ that strike an outstanding balance between work and art (Music). Each of these individuals is greatly talented and with their expertise and intuition, contribute greatly to the making of TRENT. A Label and brand that you will pride and trust in to raise our Ugandan Flag of the entertainment industry high.

TRENT Music is an opportunity for us Ugandan Artists to quit playing the waiting game and generate our own buzz. Together we can curve out a place in the world for Uganda, creating beautiful and meaningful music that will stand the test of time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me introduce to you RICKMAN MANRICK & TRENT MUSIC INTERNATIONAL

Now are you ready for new music. Coming out this Friday (yes! that is tomorrow) are two beautiful projects. Byankukutu and Love me.

You can find his music on all music platforms including Spotify which is now officially available in Uganda and Follow him on all his Social media platforms too.

Now What does Spotify mean for Ugandan Artists?

We can are going to make money that having no concerts or shows to perform at doesn’t pinch us as much. Every stream is 10 shillings. So per stream, you get paid 10 shillings (meaning you have to also put in a lot of good work). Artist submit music through aggregators like distrokid,tune core etc and from here its submitted to all digital music streaming apps like Spotify,apple music, tidal etc. The more streams you get, the more cash you pocket. However, what makes Spotify better is because it’s not limited to users like Apple Music.

When our stats go up, our music gets to the international market. Our industry grows. Its a WIN


A wedding found me on the bus!

Okay, i believe they were done with the Nikkah ceremony. I don’t even recall which route it was Dar-Shinyanga or vice versa. Anyway, it was an evening bus. I was with my mother before they came. She wore a black hijab with henna drawings on her feet and hands. I was dying to see her face but she had only the eyes out and i could only see the feet and hands just because she wore no socks or gloves. He wore khaki black pants and a navy blue long sleeved shirt. It was nothing like the outfits you would expect on newly weds anyway. (okay maybe from the movies i watch and where i come from, its lots of glam).

a group of about fifteen people escorted them who i later on realized were her family. The had the two Matali/tar (frame drums) and they were singing joyfully. Anyway, she cried,she cried as she said her goodbyes. When the bus was about to set off, they climbed and took their seats right behind us. Like you would guess, i was eavesdropping. I kept asking my mother why the family didn’t allow her stay behind because she really cried a lot like she didn’t want to leave or didn’t even want the marriage.

She was very soft spoken i promise that i didn’t even catch the name but way after the bus took off like thirty minutes later, the groom shifted so she took the seat next to the window and laid her head on his chest then his lap. she was done crying i guess.(the bus was darkish). She took off her face wrap for a while but kept her veil on. Yooo! babe was beautiful! this guy got himself a mermaid (haha) okay she wasn’t but she was that beautiful even after crying. They weren’t going to the last stop like we were so about one hour later, they got off at the second stop.

Now, this is what weddings should be like especially if the honeymoon is at home not at a hotel

at the stop (did i tell you the guy was on phone giving updates of the journey to his family?) I even wish we had a camera on us that moment because we wanted to join them. At the bus stop the groom’s family was singing welcoming songs (the Islamic ones) they were “clapping” the tar loudly that when the bus came to a stop you could hear the songs and ululations. Our bride work up with a tap from the groom. I turned to look at her this time not stealthily. She wore a bright smile got her face wrap and added it back to her face only leaving her beautiful eyes out. As other people were getting off, the welcoming team drew closer to the window where the groom had called them. They were happy singing maulana…They got off the bus and i wished i had spoken to them or stayed for the welcome party.

Serene Places

of serene places that hug our thoughts

and examine our fears,

that clench fists to fight our battles

of alters that humble us

and subsidize our pain

of words that calm our souls

and breathe life into our spirits

of friendships that that keep us grounded

and share in our emotions

of serene places that warm our tea

and brew our coffees

of alters that scream our worship and bless our souls

of pillows that sock our tears

and blankets the breed warmth

of beautiful things we call home

and small things that make us human

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So, while I was scrolling through Facebook and twitter I land on this Obituary/ death announcement of an IHK nurse that was hacked to death by her husband INFRONT OF HER KIDS no you didn’t hear me. He axed her in the sight of her children. Well, according to the people that seem to know the story. But it’s not the first case. Women a buried in septic tanks.

Last week a video was posted the lady was smashing the man’s car and the man was recording while telling the kids “see your mother is mad” and she was asking him to stop feeding her kids with lies she isn’t mad. She was getting back at him for something but that’s a story we online don’t know so we can’t tell reason for reaction. She was criticized in all ways positive and negative but I got lots of questions on my mind and why such crimes seem justified and why the law has to first check the mental health of the criminal to be sure he is mentally steady. My heart sunk for the kids. The image, the sight will never depart. I really pray they find a home (without him) that will nurture them and console and love and take good care of them.

Now the questions. No matter the reason no one deserves to take another life in the name of anger and frustration and I wasn’t thinking nonsense.

We need to change the narrative and stop stigmatizing divorce. Now don’t get me wrong, I know what the bible says and I don’t support divorce, but if it is the only way our or reason to get sanity please get out even God loves the Divorcee (am sure he will understand or not). Especially because I don’t think all marriages are ordained by God. We force ourselves into some because we are pregnant, wealth, love, age, society, peer pressure whatever it is, lust even when we have all the red flags.

First of all it’s okay not to get married, society shouldn’t dictate. It’s okay not to want children or want one or four or 20 as you please not what the world says is right. Don’t give in for the sake of your sanity. It’s also okay to get married at 40 or whatever age you find it right and pleasing.

Did the deceased talk to people? Probably they told her to be strong and hang on.

Are we taught to stay in toxic relationships because we fear the aftermath, the kids, the things built together the memories we hold together? Okay for the sake of Marriage the kids will suffer the break up but they will also suffer consequences of a toxic union so make the right choice because Death shouldn’t be it no matter the choice. We tell these girls everything they should do soon as they hit adolescence but have we rejected the men?

What does a man do in a toxic relationship?

How do they deal with anger?

Many women, myself inclusive live in carelessness because we are taught as African women to uphold family honor and be patient even when it kills your mental, physical and emotional health. We take all the abuse ad “die heroes”.

Who started this narrative?

“That is how marriage is” seems to mean take everything thrown at you. Do you think Christ was stupid to die on the cross or when he said “if you burn marry but being alone is better” Did he build the institution on spite or you think he was drunk to preach love, love in Corinthians.

Why do we prefer to return home in coffins when we left in heels and makeup just at the expense of abuse? Don’t we love ourselves just enough!

Normal men that were groomed well, speak up! Don’t let this eat us all up because of few that were probably broken as young men

Do the church vows need to be revised from “till death do us part” because we shall really die?

My heart is bleeding yet I didn’t even know her in person. Rest in peace Violet Kakai

Together is a beautiful place

We came together from Egypt,

Where we were enslaved with emptiness and chained with hurt.

Our hands cuffed and souls chained with loneliness

With broken hearts we didn’t know what to do with.

We wore scars like our best attire, a stunning dress made of hell fire,

Some nights we cried more than we prayed.

But when I walked into your secret place,

And you let me lay down at your feet.

I knew i would call you love.

You strolled into my life like a thief, un-suspecting in the dark of the night,

Smelling of southern comfort and intelligence and filled with a sense of humor light as the sprinkles on cake frosting.

And I welcomed you.

I washed your feet with my tears and dried them with my hair.

You called it healing.

You called it the salvation that brought you to your knees to pop the question

and it reminded you of everything you missed.

Today, I dress you up as my temple,

I will cover you in scented candles and put gods to protect you.

Today, I’ll accept your love.

I won’t ask why me.

I will instead embrace it and say yes me.

I vow to love you with an attitude

An attitude of Christ

because you are still that woman my vision sang to.


So i found another place to explore some space and my love for weddings. . Its a fashion & lifestyle blog. You will find not just Ugandan content but all kinds of other content.

If you love fashion of all kinds, Hassan has created this place for you. You could be like myself, you love to look but have failed at keeping the trends yourself but also just having the ideas, passion, satisfaction of the fashion doesn’t hurt. Whoever you are looking for Uganda or International, is here when it comes to fashion & lifestyle. Its the best Ugandan Fashion& lifestyle blog

So he blessed me with space to write about love, relationships, love-stories,marriages, anniversaries and Mostly weddings. Oh! i love weddings. I love the celebration. So can check that out here and our latest blog is right here and if you are into the music for first dance and walking down the aisle here

If you would like to feature,advertise, partner, hit up that email or even have a query regarding content. Check out the site or email, or you would like to check out the Instagram pages here @Satisfashionug Facebook Satisfashion UG and for the weddings Instagram @satisfashionugweddings Facebook: Satisfashion UG Weddings

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I always wanted to travel but hadn’t seen myself travel alone. I used to say I will wait for the right one to travel with. But then, maybe when they arrived their urge to travel wasn’t as spicy as mine. Also Uganda my mother land charges Nationals like foreigners, I wonder how they want us to promote tourism on things we too can’t afford. I mean , my husband argues that we can spend a whole pay check trying to spend a night at emburura but also the cheaper places we have already exhausted.

Well, without further do..I would like to thank Muyaye,Naka,Sonia(am still looking for a nickname) for not bailing out after months of preping to start out on these adventures. Mr D for accepting that we don’t just live to work and sleep, my mini me for being so disciplined at Jaja’s (I mean for a first time away from mama u did good). My parents for the awesome job of keeping grand child. Thanks for the practice because we have just begun And our sweet nanny mbwenu God knew my heart and brought you along.

So we had been seeing good things about kansiime’s backpackers. NO. THE WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGES DON’T MENTION THAT I HAVE TO CROSS OVER BUNYONYI otherwise I would have never accepted this choice of destination. NO. The website doesn’t say that everything on the menu isn’t available at the venue otherwise I would have gone with the option of cooking. Neither does it mention that we have no van to pick her up people up. Haza Kansiime, Hillary is good but also a coward and a cheat. The price Charity agreed with him he wanted we top up by 20k now for people traveling on budget (it’s what our Uganda subjects us to) we need proper details of, 1: note we have no van so you will pay extra better still please get a van and include it on the packages so we plan easily. 2: please tell us when the buffet is served so that foodists don’t come counting on it. 3: tell us the hiking and zip lining prices ahead. These extra costs really disorganized us by the way.

Let me first go back to the water….(i can’t tell u that while I say on that boat I knew anything. I blindfolded myself and held unto my Naka Ho! (The Mzee is a good operator I guess) but crossing bunyonyi at midnight was really an adventure which is also very risky…mbwenu! Being water phobic and unprepared for the water adventure I didn’t cross again till departure. I am not about death hmm actually I thought heart attack would kill me before the boat. I cried. But here we are partly I am grateful u didn’t mention the boat because I would have never written it in my book of records. I crossed bunyonyi at midnight. Dear lord, thank you!

Other than those things, I love the hospitality, charity was amazing. Infact double her salary. Mzee was great. The boat guy hmmm how can’t I be grateful to a man that had my life. The plants, the green is so amazing just so you know, I borrowed some of your plants on request from the guy incharge.

I love what you did with those rooms and the two blankets came in handy, Cho! Embeho ekatwisire! The camp fire was amazing I wish the speakers weren’t dead because we honestly tried to entertain ourselves yet we weren’t able to charge our phones that well.

The food was great. Yes I met the chef too and Rachel served us very well mbwenu you have an amazing team. The only thing I didn’t get to feed were the rabbits basically but even the goats I was present.

Therefore I conclude that this adventure came in handy for me, I haven’t gone anywhere since I got preg and delivered. It was good rehab. The quiet was necessary (that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t repair our speaker please.)

We enjoyed our stay besides knowing all the corners of the place, mbwenu we toured it. We even went to Church. Thank you for the bar, we wouldn’t have survived without some wines and the colour and art bring life. On that note, on behalf of my team thanks to especially Charity and the team. Amazing! Unto the next