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Pinterest blog challenge-4

Sitting by the road every morning of school day for a stranger that became family to pick and take me to school. She would bring me back too, but that sitting awakes so much. Every 6am we sat with my mom

Pinterest blog challenge- day 2

I really don’t know If I can make 20. But let’s try…

1: I love going to bed with shoes occasionally

2: I am a mother

3: I am a last born

4: I like to think of myself as a love child because love raised me

5: I am a libra but not obsessed about horoscopes

6: I walk and breath cake and chocolate chip cookies

7: every minute is tea time. I drink tea until I become tea

8: I said I was a mother, did I say I am married

9: I blog for @ (weddings)

10: I love sports but I have never understood rugby

11: I have never dyed my hair

12: once upon a time I had a tattoo

13: Give me tea and a flower garden and books and take your Internet

14: I prefer text to calls

15: I am a tomboy

16: I fear fame. I don’t think I will ever know what to do with it

17: I talk…tooo too much

18: i love, love

19: I am fluent in sarcasm

Well, if I make 20 I will have lied because coming up with 19 was not easy

Random Pinterest blogging challenge.

so i wasn’t exactly having a writers block but had crazy days could write then vwalaaa. blogs a prompt/challenge that i found interesting. now, lets do this. It will help us relax. If you want to jump right it, dm hers she will send through the prompt.

Sometimes writing is hard. we have zero inspiration and the zeal is dead too. prompts/challenges like these help us cope till we get up.


she sat by the fire

stitched together by song lyrics,

book quotes,late night conversations

feelings she thought she had forgotten

and the smell of tea

The burning firewood smelt like love.

she sat at the cafe today after a very long time.

alone with a book

(i don’t know the last time i ever sat like this).

she whispered to herself

besides the fire, all her body knew;

were fleece blankets and the darkness of her room

she closed out the world and drew her curtains

today the tea and darkness couldn’t ease the pain

she went out.

and when the clouds started to form,

she waited, stood the rain and warmed up in the cafe

a small place that reminded her of her un-birthed dreams.

a double cappuccino and chocolate chip cookies please

she stared out at the rain hitting the windows.

pulled out her book and smiled.

nothing felt more alive

Counting down…

No. I am not changing my age this year. Because my next age should be a big deal because that’s when i plan on stopping to count. My late Grandma told me that i should find the number i love and forever live like it.

So with all the pandemic and the plans dead (almost). We will redraw the plans 2021

but also i still accept gifts this year. Chucks, canvas, cross-bags, money etc. Dont give me cake. I plan on a Cake party so i am covered cake wise. I could use a new kindle and Ipad as well. Now that the count down is on

What am i thankful for?


In My 20s lessons

22: Know when to hold on and when to let go. Letting go is very important

23: Trust worthy people wont make you question whether/when/how to trust them

24: People don’t fall apart because they are busy, they fall apart due to their differences. Busy isn’t an excuse to keep the fire burning because when you care, you can keep the fire and attend to another. set priorities

25: Love, love, love it wont take anything off you. give someone hope, uplift someone.

26: No matter the challenge, hurt,grief, pain,troubles. God is still faithful and he is still on the throne. He answers YES and yes only that the yes may not fall to your side of the prayer but it will still be a yes. Trust him, he has the grand plan

27: NEVER take your parents for granted. Don’t assume they know nothing about your generation, they may not keep up with trends but never underestimate them

28: Always try and give 100% effort in all you do. Control your emotions. Be proactive. Listen more than you talk. Don’t follow the crowd, do what you love

29: Don,t be afraid to go all out. Go in fail, try again. Will it work, how will they receive this version of me, how will i finance it?(this has been my mistake and i have to tackle it this new year). It doesn’t matter what they think or say, does it make you happy, satisfied and nourishes your soul?. they will always talk whether good or bad, If you don’t take a leap of faith now, you will only stay wishing. Mostly GUARD YOUR HEART

Retaking 2020 next year

In my 20s

I should have known;

Experience is much more precious than money. I wish i acquired much of it. But also this my Uganda, wants experience to have you as a team player and they don’t add you without it so i wonder where they expect we get it. But i get it, maybe if i didn’t need money i could have worked free for the experience

2: Be who you truly are. well, my 20s, i was still discovering myself especially because my parents did a good job at parenting and partly led me in there shadow but also never ending school didn’t give me time. I however learned the past couple of years that as much as i was outgoing and all, i FEAR fame. I DON’T like being the center of attention, so i learned about my love for privacy

3: Be yourself and don’t struggle to impress people you wont exactly be in touch with as years go by. I have learned that as we grow, our circle grows smaller too

4: Take good care of your body or you will have to pay the price later (i hate gym and working out) but i have learned to eat healthy because health is better than biceps for me

5: It isn’t wise to waste time on the person who breaks your heart because Lawwd that experience grows, grooms and humbles you. But use that hurt as a stepping stone

6: Self love. Be selfish if you must when it comes to self because my dear, no one , NO ONE ever pours from an empty cup. so don’t serve bitterness

7: Its important to take time off. Learn to relax, take a holiday, take that trip if you must (and of course can afford it) Do things for yourself. Don’t wait on the group members, none will be in queue during final plans

8: Time waits for no man. From 10years of age, i have owned a wrist watch thanks to my mum. I was able to tell time by 7, thanks to my dad and the multiplication recitals he forced on us we learnt the table of x5 quicker because it what tells time. He taught us to appreciate and respect time, i mean if i tell you 5pm its 5pm not 5 past 5pm. i will be gone after that 5 mins allowance.

9: find pride in having enough. I don’t want too much that will make me lose sleep and peace. i don’t want little that will make me ungrateful. i want enough. but also first know what it means having little or nothing its then that you will appreciate plenty or be trusted with plenty. (i mean even the holy book says so)

10: Most important lesson HAPPINESS. if it makes you lose peace, you can do without it. If it makes you sad, trash it. NEVER compromise on happiness. that’s your wealth, your heart, your gold. That is where your wealth is. HAPPINESS

11;:FAMILY. i know many times we say some friends are better than family. but that’s because those friends understood that unit. There’s a reason God came up with the idea. The strongest unit. God created humans to live as a family unit. He knew that we would have many ups and downs in our family relationships and He provided guidance and wisdom for every situation. Proverbs 11:29