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Together is a beautiful place

We came together from Egypt,

Where we were enslaved with emptiness and chained with hurt.

Our hands cuffed and souls chained with loneliness

With broken hearts we didn’t know what to do with.

We wore scars like our best attire, a stunning dress made of hell fire,

Some nights we cried more than we prayed.

But when I walked into your secret place,

And you let me lay down at your feet.

I knew i would call you love.

You strolled into my life like a thief, un-suspecting in the dark of the night,

Smelling of southern comfort and intelligence and filled with a sense of humor light as the sprinkles on cake frosting.

And I welcomed you.

I washed your feet with my tears and dried them with my hair.

You called it healing.

You called it the salvation that brought you to your knees to pop the question

and it reminded you of everything you missed.

Today, I dress you up as my temple,

I will cover you in scented candles and put gods to protect you.

Today, I’ll accept your love.

I won’t ask why me.

I will instead embrace it and say yes me.

I vow to love you with an attitude

An attitude of Christ

because you are still that woman my vision sang to.


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How I see love

I watch it like I watch the sunset from top of a hill

I could stay up whole evening

I see it when I stare back into eyes

In my husband’s touch I feel it

I see it when people hold hands

And smile and hug,

I feel it in speech. When they don’t just say “I love you”

Or “I care for you” but also in the affection and action

I hear it in music, in every slow song, RnB & country lyric

In every saxophone played and every guitar strummed

Inside jokes and thoughtful gestures

I see it at restaurants when a plate of fries is shared

And a glass of white wine is twirled

I watch it in movies and read about it in every novel at my hand

I feel it in the innocence of children and their little warm hugs

I see love in matching outfits and poses taken during photos sessions,
in shy smiles, strong feelings, and acceptance of flaws.
I See Love……from my heart in my Ink

Love faces 3


I inhaled him and didn’t want to release

Yes i saw him and my heart leaped for joy.

i wrapped my arms around him and breathed him in

he wore a new scent

sharper than the last one i was used to

but just before i choked on holding my breath

i let go,

and his scent stayed with me,

lingering on my clothes and my nostrils couldn’t take it

he smelt like Jasmines blended with a nightingale

maybe it was the spirit addition to it all

i looked at him and his eyes still had a twinkle

Cupid! you are such an idiot

Love, you stink!

But mostly i love you

because you stupid love, my stupid cupid, you got my heart

Love faces

i wanted there to be an us more than i wanted my next hurt beat
but i was in the relationship alone rather a situation-ship
ghosted the whole time and i still stayed
praying and hoping
see you made me believe the us could exist
because at your hand,
i was your sun
and out of sight i was just another wind
i was even confused
until valentines
when you made me believe the US is in capital letters only to be ghosted at night
i still stayed even with another woman’s picha in your wallet
i stayed even when the flags were at every corner

i stayed because my breath didn’t matter
you almost went away with all my stuff
but then, someone introduced me to happiness
and like a butterfly just learning to spread its wings,
off i went
the breath of life
the way the sun radiated against my skin that the sun looked dim. everything felt real
i felt life,
i felt alive
I knew what home felt like finally
i packed all my love

Of course i am made of water
even when i think i am made of steel
I’m not just a woman with no soul
I’m emotional

Never-ender final

when she started to hallucinate, she knew this whole relationship was a bad idea. She saw him in every male on the street or driving by. She would tap strangers and apologize. Was this who addicts feel?

She fell ill. He didn’t come to see her despite the messages she left. He read them but he didn’t react. To him it was another of the seasons, she will be fine and when he is ready he would see her. She stayed bedridden for months but also kept her Social media Time lines positive with photos she took in the past and didn’t post. She didn’t mention her illness like he expected.

One day, he called, the phone screen read Never ending…her sister picked up the phone.

“hello” she said. He immediately could tell it wasn’t her even when the voices sounded alike. She has never responded like that.

Hi, may i please speak…

Before he finished he said. Hey, i knew you would call, she had told me about you. she said you are like the wind, you blow her in all directions you want yet she cant catch you.She even doesn’t understand you. She thought she did at that start. But hey Mr never ending, your tree is in coma, the forest wasn’t thick enough. Hurry before the sunsets. Mulago private wing room 003

he couldn’t believe his ears. fell silent and after a while managed a “thank you.” the night had never been long like it was, soon as the first sun came out, he was on the ride. an hrs drive seemed like 8hrs. when he arrived, in all composure,his knees were failing him. He felt like he was suffocating. He stopped at the door to the reception area to breath in and out “why am i feeling like this”. He thought he had much power over her until this moment. it was clear, her effect on him was no joke he was tucking it away with his ego the whole while. His heart ached.

Hi am here to see a patient in room 003,

what is the name? the lady asked

he looked at her and for the first time ever he notices, he had never called her by name

Gwen,he said

the lady raised her face from the notes she was making. …

I am sorry but Gwen passed last night.

He didn’t know his knees and legs wouldn’t carry him to the waiting chairs, he didn’t expect his fall, but right there he was on the hospital floor, helpless. The sister he knew but had never physically met was coming from the other end of the corridor with doctors, she noticed him, pat him on the shoulder and asked the nurses to help him up to the chairs.

She owed him no explanation but none the less spoke without being asked.

“she tried to communicate. Check the ignored messages and emails” but well, she left a letter. I will go get it for you. she walked back to the corridor, disappeared at the far end and returned with a brown sealed envelop. Tears were uncontrollably running down his face. She didn’t just write one letter, Even the sister didn’t know. She left one in the envelop amidst the silence intervals.

When he composed himself, returned to his car, opened his phone, and went through the unread emails and texts. None mentioned what had killed her. He was ashamed to ask.

he scrolled through the pictures of her on his phone and wept! called up a friend to drive him home and keep him updated on burial plans. But when he got to read the first two letters, he realized, he wasn’t worth it. He wanted to apologize but it was late. Even in death she still loved him. while he just started to realize he suppressed his feelings this whole while. he went silent until two months later

He hasn’t been able to love again nor remove the photos of her in his house but he doesn’t know, She isn’t Dead, she was tired and her illness showed her how important she is to him after. She had included the sister and nurses in her plan. She was getting better on her sick bed but better only to love herself and suppress the feelings she had for him. The heart is a bitch, even after she healed the heart demanded

Sister: What next?

her: I love him deep. Maybe he loves me back. I have never doubted until now that i say it

Sister: So, why then…would you rather be sad?

Her: This match, isn’t heaven made.

Never-ender ep 2

She cried every day because soon the communication moved from weeks to months of silence and yet at every visit, the fire burnt like the logs were freshly dried and petrol had been sprinkled. The sex was good. He made her feel like a porn star, and she often consciously asked, is the sex good, because now she was afraid of the baby mama that never existed. Yes, she never existed but she never knew why he chose to play the card. He was extra, a lover and a tight huger…  His voice alone, a love song, a sweet melody

He was manly and had presence. He wouldn’t leave the room unrecognized though he was no show-stopper. His shyness drew something attractive.  She fell for his manliness, he would look at you and u would feel owned by him already. So unknowingly, she worshiped him. He was an alpha male and she was the pride of lions. They made a perfect match. The conversation, the music they listened to, the art, the water, the friends, they were a perfect blend. But the invisible woman. He told her she was the perfect one but also was afraid of the invisible woman. As much as he needed her, he wanted to be somewhere else.  The need and want clashed often and in the battle, her soul was ripped. She had kept her heart with him and demanding it back would be trouble but also, she badly desired he kept it and if it crushed, it will be on his account. But slowly the battle drunk her soul away.

The silence that took months and the confusion when she saw him and the sex sent her unto endless orgasms. They would practically have sex whole day and be fine with it. On some days he fucked her, but most days he made love to her like she was very delicate. He wore her on his sleeve. He was surely proud but his conflicting heart. She took a break unannounced she just didn’t break the silence this time like she usually did, she was tired of blaming her selfless and feeling heartbroken when he didn’t return the calls or respond to the texts.

Unknown to them, they got involved with other parties and life went on just fine, did they fall in love elsewhere?

Three years later, just like it never ended, it took off. He was in town and saw her across the street. She was getting off a boda to enter restaurant, his ego didn’t let him chase after her, yes after all those years he was still an alpha male and he was positive she would come running when he called.

He went home and made a few calls until he got her contact, “hello, it’s me”. Her heart, her knees her stomach. Only one person spoke and sent her legs wobbling. She held her breath, he is back, he is back thoughts were racing in her head before she could answer. He went silent as well, waiting for a response. Five minutes later, “hi, how have you been?”  Great, I have been great, how are you?

“I am fine and holding up good”.

Damn, what was it about him that she couldn’t let go of?

What is about her that I can’t let go of?

“I am in town, if you have time let’s meet up.” And just like he had it, she could never say no to him. She cancelled her plans and planned a meet the next day, the talked. At their fav hotel, it still hold memories in the same room. He simply texted “the usual place, same time” she knew exactly what he meant and she showed up at the hotel, walked passed reception expecting to be stopped by the receptionist who simply smiled, like she knew her from way back. She took the stairs up to the second floor, room 205. And there he was, his dark eyes, he had lost a lot of weight from the last time, but before any words, their lips were vulturing and tearing each other apart…the attraction, sex appeal,  she didn’t get it. The lips and hands and body did the talking for the next 30 minutes and when they laid down, naked in each other’s embrace, noticed the balcony was open and so was the door, they laughed.

I missed you so much, he said. She looked at him, deep in his eyes hoping it was another lie but she knew him well enough to know he wasn’t. Besides weight, he hadn’t changed. He was still her man. She kissed him again. And whispered, same here.

For the next hour they just lay in bed, but no one brings about the last 3 years and what transpired. She didn’t tell him of all the others she kissed and who she slept with, neither did he. The start was like they were together yesterday and only apart for the night. They were back on the road. He promised her, he would never leave….

This promise seemed like the usual things we all say for love, they both didn’t know the implication because no matter how far apart they went, they never left. It never ended. The bloom was new every time and the fire lit like it never once burned out. All was good and six months down, the silence again


he was trying to walk away and hold on at the same time,

because the same thing that made him happy
made him sad
he had no clue which spoke loudest,
the stars in her eyes or the venom on her lips
the music in her heart or the demons in her mind
he could walk away easily but was it in his thoughts or feelings?
he was confused.
that’s a mind at war with the heart

he’s a fraud!

teaching your body to forget!
if my brain can’t stop running how again is my body expected to forget
how do you even forget those fingers tracing the circumference of your waist,
how do you forget lips that parted your legs and breathed at the lips of your kitty
how do you even go to sleep ignoring the goose bumps, the thoughts of him are awakened by
how do your forget the tracing, the touching, the weight of his body against yours
how do you even forget the scent you melt and held your breath to because you wanted it to last for eternity
how do you forget the only thing that keeps you alive
a face you are almost sure you will never see but never want to put with
maybe its easy to forget a pattern, even if he was doing it daily
but its hard to forget a face that left you hungry and thirsty for a while before they satisfied the desire

nah you don’t forget a figure that drew you in for a kiss like you were on scene for a Korean -romance drama.

they said he is a fraud

because he came into your life like he had rehearsed the mills and boons

he dint even love color blue, but he read and studied your social media
his body naked……screaming sex sex sex like he is David Beckham wearing CK underwear
he was almost 40 but the sexiest man i have met.
his lips against mine were like a rose petal brushing over
the way he explored my body…like he was just an artist carefully sketching it on paper
he played the piano and loved street walks in the night
his body in a tux …Glory glory
but then he left as soon as he came.


she likes him
he likes her
its obvious to everyone except them
“just Friends” don’t look at each other like that
even when she looks away his eyes are on her and he is smelling her hair
when he isn’t looking,
her eyes are on him with smile on her lips
does she know how her face lights up each time she sees him
or is she ignoring the leap of joy in her heart.
does he notice the way, he speaks to her and holds her hand and every split second we aren’t watching,
he is staring deep into her eyes