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Taking stock 2021

It’s time for the final Taking Stock post of 2021 – these are always fun!

The year is over!

Let’s get into it!

Becoming: Quietly confident about everything I want to do and everything I have dreamt of becoming

Curious: As to why people hire people they dont listen to. Why Kayunga has become a political battle ground. If Corona is laboratory made.

Excited: that the kids can finally go to school but also wondering if it’s not too soon for the parents to find tuition.

Feeling: Energized like everything is about to fall into place and I am getting comfortable in being me.

Going: To start a personalized domain. Soon

Imploring: Everyone to be kind to each other, there seems to be an increasing feeling of tension and division in the country at the moment.

Keeping: Everything that’s memorable

Loving: my new role and family

Making: Every second count. Time runs by quick

Observing: How well I’ve settled into my new job and paying attention to the extremes.

Reading: Newspapers once again.

Staying: Positive that tomorrow will be a better day.

Understanding: There are always two sides to a story. The told, the untold, the lie, the truth…

Watching: Sanyu, prestige on Pearl magic like Nigeria has never made anything better.

Puzzledlines 0122k

He keeps awake all night waiting for her

Hoping that she would return in he night

To avoid the glares during day

He looked for her everywhere in vain

With all the wealth he is still empty

Not even his love he could fill him up.

Rainy and sunny days are the same to him.

The limits of love are weird ,

He was never held hostage,

Neither did she run away .

But all he carried home where her ashes not her heart

The Night Jasmine

There was a warm breeze in the car as they drove past the cemetery flowers

The somber mood brightened by the sweet Aroma of the night blooming Jasmine.

What is the flower? Cate asked holding her breath to take it all in.

It’s the night blooming Jasmine. Paul said.

The scent fell on the neutral ground along the street tracks where they had just parked.

Rubbing a tear , Cate said. Atleast she will not smell the sadness around her every night when the cemetery attendants go home. She will have a cool breeze, and a sweet aroma to inhale.

They had sat down at the cemetery most of the evening. After everyone left the burial grounds, Paul and Cate stayed and when damn fell they started out. Her dad had just been laid down at the same cemetery and while everyone else went home like nothing had happened the two siblings had no idea what to do.

They parked for a while and when the moon started to pour out its beauty, they headed home. Most sad stories open up with a beautiful view and a sweet scent of flowers.

Nations @ 3

I thought my water phobia was bad…until i became a mother.

Dear Nations

I know life had no manual but damn, i have never been afraid of failure like i am about failing at parenting. See, i am very water phobic but after i crossed over bunyonyi at midnight with my eyes closed i know God is still reigning.

Anyway these past years have been eggshells for me and i think they wont stop as yet. Everyday i am working hard to being the best friend, mom and parent. Yes, i have come to learn those are different packages. there are days i am so overwhelmed that i cry to myself and there are days i get anxiety and panic attacks because i am praying and trying not to fail you. I really want you to be a proud daughter and a friend. Someone that isn’t afraid of opening up to me. Yes, we can gossip about them boys, i had my days too but i will await that age. For now i am glad i have all the help i need raising you and mostly i am soo glad i know God because with you alone i pray for twin mothers Jeez… mental health is a must. Anyway, i pray this new year comes with all the constants i have prayed and told God about since day one.

Did I tell you about the covid-19 pandemic? The world stopped. Yes the whole world. Economies scrambled, people died, people lost jobs … basically we were living because of Christ. Isnt it amazing that we (your loved ones) survived the pandemic. Those are the kind of things we dont take for granted.

Lets do this year thing together as always my champion. No giving up on each other. We are in this for eternity! God being our guide

Puzzled lines 1210k

The best is yet to come

And that may not be quite fun

You have seen the sun

But its yet to shine

With souls entwined

Candles lit under the moon light

With silent tears and loud memories

A glowing heart and distance.

Thirty years under the sun

Couple of empty years

True love is worth the wait

Not with absence , that bitch makes the heart go crazy

Continue counting stars, another decade is yet to come.

Gratitude notes #4


Love (read God) has defended me in battles I even dodnt know about.

It’s in the connections I cant explain (mothers know this)

It’s not being able to stay angry because the warmth of that blanket cant let you-love

It’s more than the butterflies and late night calls but love makes sure you are happy

It’s all unexplainable things. I am grateful for the love that broke me, that caused silent tears that made me sing broken hallelujahs, that made me praise in the hallway as much as I am grateful for the love that turned me into a battle hymn, a loud song if praise, a silent worshiper, a thankful soul, a mix of emotions. A love that lifted me when nothing made sense.

A love that made me dance because I am too thankful to forget.

Gratitude notes #3

So thankful for home.

Once I met a lost lady, you know they say home is where the heart is?

Her own was empty, she was suicidal. She loitered the streets with her son. Sought for shelter with friends so her son knew many houses but had no home too.

I asked about her parents and she said they had thrown her out when she got pregnant. So did the baby daddy.

Anyway, some things that we dont find of importance others yearn to have. I am grateful that I have had and continue to have a place I call home. A place that hugs when when things fall apart. A place that gives me warmth on rainy days and serves me tea with a smile.

A place that will not judge me, well if it does it’s not to my face so I always feel welcome nonetheless.

Home! I am grateful

Gratitude notes #2

I am so grateful for family in all its capacity. Family of blood and of not.

The pandemic taught us that you always will not be around people but also you will not always be lonely.

And thank God for phones and internet. Many people wouldn’t have survived the pandemic mentally without all the social media.

Back to family. Whether you are two or one and theres that part of a person you call family blood or not, you were blanketed (I really hope you were like me.)