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Ny @1

Dear Ny

For everything i intend to say, i am not sure how to even place the words. it was a whole damn week of labor hmm+overdue+excitement+induction+real labor+pushing+emergency c and the you are here crying fwaa. Babes, do you have an idea the things my mother went through, the prayers see made, she even kwetisad for her next sins. Honestly i don’t know where my strength erupted from but even the Dr couldn’t believe you would be my first. After those back to back contractions that almost killed me, i whispered to God “Your will,God. Your will“. I whispered to you “Don’t give up on me champ” and at that pushing board, you had me and at that chopping board, you still had me and you have me till this day

Its one year since all the magic happened. Isn’t God such a beautiful faithful one? You have been all kinds of specimen, you have taught me much about life and i could swear you have turned me into a medic with your umbilical cord that didn’t close up like the rest, to your allergies, Babes i swear i have studied medicine. You have also taught me that all kids are different, you have had delayed milestones but God is till on the throne i have learnt not to run to baby center every month.

You make 1 today. 5 things i would want you to know at this stage:

1: sharing is caring, give give give

2: We are called to like everybody but love a few so do not exhaust yourself trying to love everyone some people are just hard to love no matter how you try

3: habits are like your ass, you carry them wherever you go so be wise while picking up on those

4: humility has never killed a cock. God calls you to be

5: and the most important, ASK GOD FOR ANYTHING AND NOTHING, WE WILL FAIL YOU ON CERTAIN DAYS BECAUSE WE ARE HUMAN BUT GOD DOESN’T FAIL DESPITE THE TIME FRAME. so seek him, hunger for him, thirst for him, know him, understand him, read by yourself, Your alter is as important as the ones u see others light and BE CAREFUL OF WHOM YOU INVITE TO YOUR ALTER/PULPIT its your sacred place and don’t let people stain it



I always wanted to travel but hadn’t seen myself travel alone. I used to say I will wait for the right one to travel with. But then, maybe when they arrived their urge to travel wasn’t as spicy as mine. Also Uganda my mother land charges Nationals like foreigners, I wonder how they want us to promote tourism on things we too can’t afford. I mean , my husband argues that we can spend a whole pay check trying to spend a night at emburura but also the cheaper places we have already exhausted.

Well, without further do..I would like to thank Muyaye,Naka,Sonia(am still looking for a nickname) for not bailing out after months of preping to start out on these adventures. Mr D for accepting that we don’t just live to work and sleep, my mini me for being so disciplined at Jaja’s (I mean for a first time away from mama u did good). My parents for the awesome job of keeping grand child. Thanks for the practice because we have just begun And our sweet nanny mbwenu God knew my heart and brought you along.

So we had been seeing good things about kansiime’s backpackers. NO. THE WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGES DON’T MENTION THAT I HAVE TO CROSS OVER BUNYONYI otherwise I would have never accepted this choice of destination. NO. The website doesn’t say that everything on the menu isn’t available at the venue otherwise I would have gone with the option of cooking. Neither does it mention that we have no van to pick her up people up. Haza Kansiime, Hillary is good but also a coward and a cheat. The price Charity agreed with him he wanted we top up by 20k now for people traveling on budget (it’s what our Uganda subjects us to) we need proper details of, 1: note we have no van so you will pay extra better still please get a van and include it on the packages so we plan easily. 2: please tell us when the buffet is served so that foodists don’t come counting on it. 3: tell us the hiking and zip lining prices ahead. These extra costs really disorganized us by the way.

Let me first go back to the water….(i can’t tell u that while I say on that boat I knew anything. I blindfolded myself and held unto my Naka Ho! (The Mzee is a good operator I guess) but crossing bunyonyi at midnight was really an adventure which is also very risky…mbwenu! Being water phobic and unprepared for the water adventure I didn’t cross again till departure. I am not about death hmm actually I thought heart attack would kill me before the boat. I cried. But here we are partly I am grateful u didn’t mention the boat because I would have never written it in my book of records. I crossed bunyonyi at midnight. Dear lord, thank you!

Other than those things, I love the hospitality, charity was amazing. Infact double her salary. Mzee was great. The boat guy hmmm how can’t I be grateful to a man that had my life. The plants, the green is so amazing just so you know, I borrowed some of your plants on request from the guy incharge.

I love what you did with those rooms and the two blankets came in handy, Cho! Embeho ekatwisire! The camp fire was amazing I wish the speakers weren’t dead because we honestly tried to entertain ourselves yet we weren’t able to charge our phones that well.

The food was great. Yes I met the chef too and Rachel served us very well mbwenu you have an amazing team. The only thing I didn’t get to feed were the rabbits basically but even the goats I was present.

Therefore I conclude that this adventure came in handy for me, I haven’t gone anywhere since I got preg and delivered. It was good rehab. The quiet was necessary (that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t repair our speaker please.)

We enjoyed our stay besides knowing all the corners of the place, mbwenu we toured it. We even went to Church. Thank you for the bar, we wouldn’t have survived without some wines and the colour and art bring life. On that note, on behalf of my team thanks to especially Charity and the team. Amazing! Unto the next

The Dream

She was two faced

a beautiful girl, well i hadn’t seen her with makeup

then her shadow, when she had a naked face

nothing godly about her even when she worshiped like the angels

she was a reverend’s girl

we all tend to think they are ruined

and besides her voice and humble demeanor

we didn’t see much

he was the Alpha male

his old smile didn’t match his youthfulness

like he was broken

yet he seemed very lively

he was manly and carried such a presence

that he wouldn’t leave the room unrecognized

BUT never came off as the hot guy that show-stopped

His look, made her feel owned

and when he kissed her,

he crickets held their breath,

the moon stood still

and the sun set out of his chest to his smile when he let go

She didn’t tame the Alpha male in him,

She made him a show-stopper

She didn’t dream alongside him,

She made him the dream

the Pride of lions

Taxi tales

I see him almost every other time that i take a taxi after work. Clad in his Kaunda shirt, his beard greying and unkempt. His eyes, his eyes….He clenches his green hankie in his right hand and pockets his left firmly into the front pockets of his Kaunda. He usually sits right next to the conductor even if the taxi was empty when he got in.

Thoughts in my head “he is old, he should be home resting while his kids take care of him or probably doing something that wont have him moving“. Once i was lost in thought when i saw another man probably in his late 60s. He looked famished and worn out, he was slouching but he was slashing outside an office. my heart sunk, my mind wondered again.

I saw the old man yesterday morning, around 7am. I am not sure if it was his son or grandson, he was in company of a young boy who looked slightly like him. The young boy who was wearing an old uniform and canvas without socks held his hand and led him to the Taxi and waited till he sat. At his usual sit, wearing his usual clothes. I found out this day that he was blind, i prefer to say visually impaired. At first i always thought he had squints but today i found out he wasn’t. His left hand was also impaired and in his pocket he was tightly holding unto 5000shs that he was using as taxi fare (guessing he holds it so he doesn’t have to be cheated by people he cant trust to tell him what exact note he is holding). I wanted to know his story, i was dying to see who picks him up when he gets to his stop, i wanted to be able to help maybe share my 1000shs with him. But i was at the back, i couldn’t even whisper to him and i got off before he did.

i hope i see him again, i hope i can have a cup of tea with him but i am afraid he might never want to sit down for tea with a stranger.

Nations 8


I would like that you know the things I love. Life should never be as complicated as the world paints it.

Today I will tell you about my grandma. Your great grandma at that. She is late and maybe I didn’t realize how much I had grown so attached to her until she took her last breath. I love very many people with time you will know.

Mukya, I called her. We shared many things. When I went to the village my grandpa (lord bless his soul) would leave his bed for us. I did love him but maybe God took him before I got to understand him or spend so much time with him. I didn’t frequent the village because the environment change didn’t favor my health a lot and I am my dad’s little wallet. Well, when mukya came to Kampala, we shared a bedroom. Our mornings began with a sleepy long prayer that would wake you if you hoped to continue after and they ended with a prayer that got you dosing but made sure the Amen was heard. Our days were full of hymns in Runyankole. She spoke English only she and I understood. We sang rock of ages till the words stung deep, called Yesu until he said here I am, complained of pain and naked women in music videos, questioned why almost every tv soap had crying women but most of the day we were thankful. Oh yes, we were very thankful that I forgot how to ask God for certain things and be thankful for every small thing because every day was a blessing. We talked about boys and makeup and made jokes about ministers wives because she was one. Oh, she hated lazy everything with her whole life. She liked to work that even in pain she grabbed a hoe. I don’t know how to dig but I promise to pass on everything I learned. (God as my strength)

Am not perfect. Everyday I will fall short even as your mom. But I promise to be on your Team always.

Nations -2

Dear nations

As long as mummy has air(never take it for granted so when pride kicks in, remember who lendest you breath)

I was saying, as long as mummy has breath, hold unto these hands mahogany…i however can’t wait to tell you about whose hands hold us all.

I won’t promise to stop the storm for you, but will always try protect your eyes from the dust( for your eyes are far more precious than diamonds) and be your wind breaker

Always keep the stars in your eyes and dreams in your heart. Jeremiah was sent to prophecy to nations….you are Nations



Nations- 1

Dear Nations,

I have been meaning to write to you and many times i contemplated but here it is. I don’t know you yet, but i was sure of that very first day. I wasnt anticipating but I just was too conscious. Any way Dont ask why u are nations. I knew way back that this is what you would be called until God puts a name on my heart for he knew u before i even thought of it. All i know u are going or will be a body. One individual with too much.

I often told myself that if u aren’t a minister of the word in whatever way u choose don’t be the first because that is a promise I have made to God and i intend to keep. And since u are here and you are the first am sure you know u are ready. I am very excited to have you.

I know one day u will be able to read this blog. u will have questions and I hope i will be able to answer each one of them.

And the LORD said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.[2] (emphasis mine) Genesis 25:23

Worry not. Am not sure how many are thea but whatever number. He mantains my lot


Murder , she baked #end

This man must have nine lives like a cat. he refuses to die and they plan on bringing him home. I hope they pay up a nurse because all his baby mamas are gone and i am not going to take the place of taking care of a vegetable every single day. He has delayed all my plans basically because i don’t want to leave the country before his burial. It will also not be as good if i don’t get to bury and hear the will and i wouldn’t want to return just to do that.

I know what to do. I am going to quicken him. probably cover his face with a pillow and wait for the nurse to announce him dead. And the newspaper headlines Front page will read “Mayor Dead” And then I will finally have my peace and get away from all this for a while. Nope, i aint guilty

Murder, she baked 17

I want to laugh so hard but also cry…He just slipped into coma. So he thought after everything I would welcome him home, lie in his bed, make his food and nurse him to health? I asked for divorce not his sanity so why the hell did he slip into coma even before i could finish.

This man doesn’t want me to prosper. All his side girls have now left, they can’t handle everything that is going on yet here I was thinking they are determined. All he has is his family by his bed now, i still wont go to hospital however, they asked for the kids so i will have the driver take them and return them to my mother after. what would i be appreciating being by his bed? if only he listened while i still had a heart, Right now am so empty that i cant even recognize my shadow. In the mirror all i see is a tainted image of someone i used to be and i am not that woman anymore (it hurts that he has turned me into such a monster) Should i blame myself for holding on or blame all the people who told me i didn’t have reason enough to leave him. I am so lost But again. i am not sorry. Lets just wait for the news that comes from hospital, i am not sure if i want him alive or dead because at the end of the day, both situations do not matter. In my mind, he was already killed and buried