My dance partner

I think i finally found someone to dance with

someone to sway me on the dance floor

laugh with me when i step on his toes.

some one that will dance with me through the pain,

swing me through the joy

and hold my hand through the storm.


I think i found someone to laugh with.

someone to pray and play with

listen to and understand me,

Aaah, someone to watch the moon with and count the stars.

Ihave found someone i am not afraid og giving my heart.


I think i finally found someone that can ochestrate my sorrow

and turn it into a melodious song.

dance with me swiftly.

Ifound someone i can call my own

a friend i can hug and laugh with.


I do not wanna walk down the aisle if your not leading

I don’t want to wear a veil neither.

Not because it is too traditional,

but because i desire that you see my beaming smile

for you to see you happy and joyous you have made me

I desire that you see the sunshine in my face,

the stars in my eyes and

I don’t wanna hide it beneath the veil.


I think i finally found my rhythm.

my tune, my footsteps,

I think I finally found my dance partner

On a great polished dance floor.

i think i finally found someone to dance with

My music, my groom.

I desire to be a Bride all my life

and thats who you have made me.



Will you love me tomorrow as you do today

Will you love my worst as you do at my best

When am lost of words but overwhelmed at your choice of me

From the many hunters all armed in their majesty


Will you love me when i have loved you so much

Will you care when i over care for u

When i wait to satisfy yo desires in a rush

And my skin is covered with wrinkle


Will you still love me when the clouds are grey

Cover me with your jacket when the cold blows

Will you still hold my hand when the love is lost

And all we have is friendship to get us back to the start


Will you open your arms wide for me like when we first met

Whisper all the funny words to my ear

Watch the stars with me

Lay down at the beach besides me as the sun sets


Will you love me when my skin refuses to glow

When my smile has lost it light

And when my body has lost its youthfulness

Will you still sit and listen to me when the babies come

Will you still join me to dinner dates and parties


When my eyes are red from a sleepless night anxious to see you when the sun comes out

Will you hug and kiss me

Spin me round the dance floor

Laugh and cry with me

And most importantly



My beauty doesn’t lie in the way i sway my ass

Nor in the topography of my curves

Neither does it lie in the strength of my legs

Or in the great command of my heels

T doesn’t lie in the way i wear my hair or my smile,

Not even the stars may define it.

Nor in the strength of my voice.

Not in my esteem or confidence

T lies in a place far hidden

A world very distant

A creation so perfected

A place that defines all this as beauty.

An area that empowers me with beauty in every essence

Where joy becomes my strength.

My beauty sprouts from deep within my heart.

Like a rose in bloom it blossoms.

Beautifully, perfectly i open up to the world

From within my beauty spreads to the outer.

My candle doesn’t burn out in the middle of the night

But like my rose garden, it lightens up everything around me.

I am a woman in every sense of the word,

I am a girl by every definition

But mostly, a lady of valor

That is where my beauty lies.

Why i’m waiting…

i am excited

Life as i know it....

I posted this on my Facebook sometime last year. A friend introduced me to this talented Poet/Spoken word artist and i immediatly fell in love with her.

This poem spoke to me in so many ways and as you read these lines spread out with determination,sworn patience and an endearing desire to find cleansing both spirit and body, i hope you heart echoes with these very sentiments!

I will wait for you by Jeanette Ikz

So it seemed that it was cool for everyone to be in a relationship but me.
So I took matters into my own hands and ended up with him. Him who displayed the characteristic of a cheater, aliar, an abuser, and athief.
So why was I surprised when he broke into my heart?
I called 911 but I was cardiac arrested for aiding and abetting cause it was ME who let him in. Claiming we…

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My future Husband

Dear  husband,

I hope you are doing well for the lord’s grace is sufficient. I love you alot and please do not question why i refer to uou as future because my future could be now. So lets get down to the point….I love to dance very much, however i am not a club banger therefore club isn’t quite my thing unless it is a kasiki or some real deal. I therefore request, never forget how much I love to dance even within the four walls of our life to our small system, pick me up once in a while and swing me around.

I am passionate about writing, I adore poetry like short stories never walked the surface of this earth and just like poetry, I am that subtle. when you ever walk into the house one evening and hear crickles of paper or find paper thrown about, please do not get mad because it aint clutter but my heart communicating to you, our kids, myself and the rest of the world. it is me completely being me at that point therefore we might not need spa room instead buty me a collection of pencils and paper besides my laptop and just maybe, you can create me a poetry gallery within the house where i can do my business.

I might not always be on point because I am not perfect but please believ me when i say, I shall try my best to be perfect for you. I love art and photography so once in a while i might want to travel for the beauty of it,buy art because i am not sure a can paint and take a few good shots.

I love to speak, I mean talking and I can not promise to shut up every night because I have for sure had a very beautiful growing up so there is alot to tell and lastly my lingerie. Do not question each time i come hopme with a pair even if its on a daily because trust me, you shall come to know the secret. Now I am sure we share some of these likes and yes the insatiable hunger for success. looking forward to a fun forever where we will live like friends, cry like siblings, take care of each other like lovers, add vodka to our lemons and have a party.

yours with love

future/current wife


The music of the ocean played in my head.
The musical woman I knew
Sat down hands tired and bruised from the strumming,
Her vocal code dry from the singing,
Her songs never went unheard
But her message was ignored .
Clad in a purple sweater She dozed off,
But her guitar tightly cradled to her chest
Her mind soaring like an eagle in hunt.
She whispered to her heart,
Because her guitar strings broke from her strumming.
She woke up to her tears that escaped from her eyes
She tried to hold them back in vain.
Helpless she felt her heart drown
Ooh!she is a coward lover!
She failed to notice her fingers where tired
And her mind was low on lyrics
Her heart was out of rhythm
So she bleed to bring it all back,
Because it was all she ever had.
The only thing she loved patiently and passionately
It was no more
How was she yet to purchase a new one?
How else was the inspiration supposed to return?
She was broken
OoH! She was a coward lover!
Helplessly she sat with her head leant back to the tree trunk
Searching the musical waters for an answer.
But even nature’s beauty faded in her eyes
Her world was pale and grey
But the sun never stopped shinning in her eyes.
In denial she lived, It was all gone.
She tried ooh yes she tried
But she is a coward lover
She still clang on like a mad woman to her empty bottles
Ooh! She was empty, she was broken.
All she needed Was to remember why she was created.
Her heart thrums From every pluck of the broken frets
Her heart bled through the notes
She was a coward lover
There is nothing in this world
That could ever do What her touch could do.


You didn’t take me to my first date

not did you practice prom dance with me

but today I long to have this dance with you

to sway away in silence in your arms..

for once I want not to gossip with you but

to enjoy a silent musical with you.

i can’t say that I will have you forever

for  just a dance with you

but I know I shall have you for ever to gossip.

I want to see the stars in your eyes twinkle

i desire to feel the shiver in you voice as you whisper #goodbye

i desire to share this dance with you.

you were my first and their will be no other

you are my Abraham, superman, batman, Jacob and Job.

daddy, please dance with me as I walk into my new life.

daddy dance with me to this ocean music,

to the singing of the birds in the woods.

lets enjoy this silence once as we listen to each other’s heartbeats

i won’t promise no tears but I promise to always be your baby girl.

when he took his hands down in mine at the alter

after the melodious strums he made as I walked down the aisle,

made me realize the most beautiful things come from what hurts us the most..

Daddy dance with me because you will always remain true.


Silence that covered her was grave

her words were never understood,

there was no guarantee for her silence.

It was just another rainy season

with disorganized chords playing in her head

the tears run down her face like running erosion

Rage filled her eyes like a fire.

rhythmically her heart beat

like drums from the Far East

the sweet melodies she wince heard return to her head.

the strums of the guitar,

the whispers of the flute,

the smoothness of his voice,

the smoothness of his fingers against the guitar

nothing ever felt as sweet as him laying besides her,

being the love of her life, nothing ever made better sense.


It was another song with no vocalists

lyrics with no voices

unseen performances on the stage of life where she had been dead so long

outside her house she held her head high

on the inside of the four wall she bowed her head in disgust

she closed her eyes in pain

but her smile screaming on the outside of her house

she rested her head against her knees

and imagined how she would feel forever with him

she raised her eyes at the portrait of him, with so much passion.

papers rustle and crinkle in her palms as she fold it

tears run down her face like rain drops from the top roof

the emptiness in her heart,

the desire  in her eyes,

not even a single echo bounced back from her mummers .

her soul grieves

the smell of fury surrounds her like smoke

though you can hardly hear her breathe.

LETTERS TO MY P**** Pt 20-23

Am apologizing today
For having blamed you
Even when you had no control
For having strongly believed
It was your fault
I promise it won’t happen again
I was young and effortless then
I couldn’t defend you
But now that I have gained some weight
Grown to understand it was not our fault
I have learnt to defend you jealously
I thought you had let me down
Betrayed me
I almost under went mutilation,
None the less commit suicide
I never believed in the blood you shed
I mean every month the womb does so
I never believed in the pain
But today I say am so sorry.
Just before I forget
When I was very little
I published you
I always put you out for everyone to see
Dressed you in cheap knickers.
That I won’t call them lingerie
I will call me knickers
“Tajiri” they were known by many
They never grew old
Even when they lost their elasticity.
Woven they were
In a material similar to sisal
Hard and skin ripping
Am sorry for having put you through this
These knickers were my best then
It’s why I never changed them for years
But as I grew
I realized the risk I put you to
But you still never left
You have sunk under all difficulties
Even to those of not wiping you
After a short call, I ran off
To the sand sat.
I was a pathetic lover
Please accept my apologies
I was ignorant
I didn’t know how to take care of you then
How silly being a child is!
Yet so enjoyable.

When I grew up
May be am still trying to grow up
But again it was no excuse
For me to trade you
It was never my intention
But my friends influenced me
Especially when they used you for the same “things”
That I used you for
But this time round, they earned
They were paid.
Questions in my head ran,
Why do I open my legs to no pay?
Yet I can with lots of pay
It never had any emotion attachment
Because I never asked names
I never asked names of all the influential men
I knew they were big in government
But I had a boyfriend
That I was so attached to
That just gave you out to for no cost
Not because he couldn’t pay
Not because I loved him.
With the rest I didn’t have to have an attachment
Some were harsh,
They went down on you like hungry dogs
Others were soft and tender
But it was all my campus life
I didn’t come from a poor background
But something strange inside gave me force
The urge to look and smell good
To be a fierce rich girl on campus
Of course my family didn’t know
But you my dear friend did
And still never let me down
I was never scared of offering you
But lived with fear of pain
Pain from wounds caused by the men
So many things have happened in my life
But you’re my best secret keeper.