New: Love – ing you ft KadaliBlog

New: Love – ing you ft KadaliBlog.


New: Love – ing you ft KadaliBlog

Random responses to @Josh Agaba

Unsaid Feelings

Introducing the amazing poet at KadaliBlog.


Me: “When the sun don’t shine
Can I be your shine?

When the lights are low
Will you let me hold your hand?

When everything don’t make sense,
And in times when the storm is too heavy,
Will you let my embrace be enough for you?

My ears will always be open to hear all your doubts.

Will my lips be enough to remind you of those things we always dreamed of together?

Will my eyes be enough for both of us when yours are heavy with tears?

When your heart’s heavy, will you remember that it has a home on my shoulder?”

Every time you say, ‘I Love You’, your eyes keep asking me these and many more questions. And in that moment I know. I just know you will always be here with me!

I have no choice but to say, ‘Yes…

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U have my Attention

You caught my attention.

With the sparkle in your eyes,

the joy in your smile,

did i mention you have a vibrant smile?

And then you decided to walk with me.

Even when i still prefered to walk alone.

You held my hand and i still pulled away,

shared my tears and i still called you a joker.

I was hesitant, you pulled away.

The joy in you smile faded,

but i still paid no attention


the sparkle in your eyes is no more,

the warmth of your laughter is gone,

my ink is dry,

you are radio silent,

my art, very abstract.

I can’t forever live in fear.

I have dodged,

I have danced around in circles. but now…

My eyes are fixed on you

Your taste is my attention.

Not my Novel fantasies,

I am off my writing and paint boards

You have my Attention

#Puzzled thoughts

My heart with fear

I cant seem to see myself better

My knees weaken

yet i can’t tilt my cup as yet.

My thoughts!

A lettered alter ego of what they used to be.

My knees have  collected dust from hours of kneeling through prayer.

Rythms of my heartbeat vs my heartache.

Melodies in my heads fade.

my heart aint fickle,

its like whispers of the sea.

Iam burning, Iam waiting for a sign


Tear the Veil that covers my eyes.

lift me up and make me lay down.

the passion in your eyes,

ignites a fear in my heart.

Its Tonite baby, tonite.

I bow my eyes with pride,

my mind lingers,

Yes, am scared but,

the sparkle in you eyes has consumed me.

The fire in you touch blinds me with smoke,

I am burning on the inside

yet cold on the outside.

*whispers….Take me down, take me down.

My fear lays over me like thousands of men

your touch, comforts me. its magical.

Finale.Letters to my p****

Like roses in the garden I will forever be

I do not know how I smell

But I promise it won’t be foul like jackfruit

Or pounded yam with beans

But like strawberries,

Better still, chocolate.

Lubricating creams will only make me old

Allow me use my own

I am not dry and cracked like you think

I’ve something left

Just make sure you eat right

Forget about the Guinness bottle

Let me blossom

And like a flower water me

I will grow into beauty you have never seen

Like a bouquet of red roses I will compliment you

Like sunflower I will light your face like a smile

And like the Nile I will never stop flowing.

My twins danced

Before my lover

My waist was shaking

His arms rejected the pillow

But preferred the waist of his lover

Not because it was so soft

I sang sweetly in the arena

And that was never my making

Letters to my P***8 Pt 37

I forgive you my dear friend

For your ignorance and selfishness

Like an employee can’t make company rules

But the boss thinks of the company’s progress

Am glad you came around

Realized how much I hurt

How tirelessly I worked

But my salary never grew fat

My accounts just kept the same

Am glad you realized.

I forgive you and will not let you down

If your keep your promises

Then lets make this home

Tell our story and wait on our husband.

We need not the bath soaps and local herbs

Not even feminine to get me fresh

#Bedchronicles2 (My Man)

I stood staring down At my feet,

Not in fear,

i only shield the burning passion in my eyes.

I hid it from all men till your smile weakened my heart.

The fear to confess my love.

But my body betrayed me,

My heart was screaming

My soul demanded i raise my eyes.

But i am just a girl, an african girl.

Tradition and culture over power me,

even with when the whisper in your voice demanded

but i bowed in respect as culture states.

Just for you my love,

Just awaiting to raise them that night,

the night i will fully be yours.

#Bed chronicles 1

Feel my hardened Nipples.

My saddened eyes demand.

Like roses wet with dew drops,

your breathe tickles acroos my skin

like the breeze sweeps across the ground,

kisses the rose petals ,

the beauty of your smile touches my soul.

Your voice weakens my knees

I mourn in agony

I want you desperately

Please do not leave me begging

Do not let the fire in me consume me.