Am On Fire

My life like a simple symphony,

that I compose note by note.

Not that i have a tarnished version of myself

fashioned by approval of others,

ardoned with my own insecurites but,

she lit a flame in me that can never die out.

It burns like cinder that it has quieted my spirit

to only listen to the notes she plays.

Its the raw beauty of a flower that captivates the heart,

and its that beauty that leaves one in awe.

I bled from the thorns tryin to pick it,

but i still care enough not to stain the petals.

Rythms of my heartbeat Vs my heartache

as she sees the light in my eyes i have never seen.

Am ablaze, she lit me up! Am on Fire.


Letters to my P**** pt 36

I want to apologies my dear friend

For all the names I let everyone call you

For the words I let people say about you

For thinking you were worthless

The virgins do not lack opportunity

But want to kip there wells overflowing

Not just for the dignity but once she goes dry

It will be another season

Of pain and tears

I write this as a confession

My dear pussy,

I was scared my very first time

Not about the pain

But the world

About how every man would look at me

I was scared for you

I was giving away your wealth

He was too big

And you were just like a hole in a sewing needle

I was positive not ripping you apart

I wasn’t sure what to expect.

It took me weeks

Everyday in two weeks he touched you

Everyday of the two weeks I cried.

Atimes I was hit hard

The clap sound wasn’t in your head

It was real and hurt

The screaming was not because I enjoyed

Sometimes it was because he dug too deep

And he smiled

He thought it was the G-spot speaking

And you smiled with him

Yet you felt your uterus hurt

Sometimes you felt him touch the womb

He smiled at his size and length

And you smiled hoping for satisfaction cum

And you were ignorant of the damag

Letters to my P**** pt 35

If he won’t make you a wife then

He shouldn’t dare make you a mother

Am sure you’re tired of being the bridesmaid and never the bride

Because many times I was the bride

And you have been a loyal maid of honor

I want to give you chance

To say those vows

And simply not have a ring like I have

I want you to have a marriage

A commitment.

Dress in the white Cinderella gown

And have him for once

Not only want you

But look at you with admiration

Respect you and hold you with high esteem

Not take for a ride because you need pay

But because you need to be loved and treasured

Like the woman proverbs 31 talks about,

You price is more than rubies

You not only give pride to me but to him.

Letters ton my P**** pt 34

Looking at her she is one creation.

Like lawns she beautifies the compound,

Yet not so many know how to trim and design her.

Not many know her purpose in the compound

But think the owner planted because he wanted

But it’s like a house with a beautiful family

But the children have no where to play

She is like a companion

Like lawns are for the house

They complement and make it whole

But many will walk and stumble on them

Get them dry and do not know to re-plant

Or make them beautiful again

To many you are like lawns including myself

God planted you for a purpose to accomplish his creativity

I used you for all that I thought you were worth

Damaged you and yet I had no idea how to undo the damage

Letters o my P**** Pt 33

I will not let you work 24hrs like an askari

At campus I did because I was desperate

I turned you into the man

You will not work day and night

just a few days in the week.

But am very sorry

Even if tradition demands

I will not subject you to any kind of pain.

The one of child birth is enough

At campus I got different ways of handling it

But in marriage

Birth is part of the union

It’s a painful process

The ripping of the cervix

Will never be comparable to the first time he entered

It will be very painful

It could lead to a few stiches

The bleeding will be different from the monthly one

Allow me apologize for that pain before it comes

That is if you promise not to let me down in marriage

Because even a dry well gets cracks from too much heat from the sun

The bruises will be like a gonorrhea

They will itch and make you uncomfortable as well

Valentines Day letters

Dear Valentine,

I do not wish that we dress in red and paint the city with love, i would prefer something white so we could paint it with peace. The comfort of our house will be a good choice so we could maybe cuddle at the sofa as we catch a romantic series or our own Pirated %0 shades of Grey especially because UCC doesnt think us cuddling in theatre on such a day will be too practical.  You know i love flowers but do not blow your head looking around what present to get me i will give you a few clues besides flowers, Cake, you, you, you and you, i will be fine.

I love atching rain but the season is hot baby cupid is abit distant this time so when we stay in the serenity of our bedroom, we could stand under the shower and just dance away to the rythm of our heart beats. Later we could go to the game park maybe for a quite dinner in the woods, giggle to the swaying sound of the trees, the crickling of the dry fallen leaves, watch the stars to the taste of wine cuddling on the floor. i wish our night to feel like Autum.

So Finally, its got to be us because every day is a date night, everyday is valentines.

yours overheels

your Val

letters to my P**** pt 32


I do not want to feel like a spring

That each time the rains start am abandoned

Left for the cattle and goats to drink from

I want to be all seasons

Even when the rains fall

Or the sun is scotching hot

Only the villagers from my area should fetch water from me.



I promise to love you and treat you like a bride each day.

Prepare you for my wedding night

I do not want to run to herbalist and my friends

Telling them my well is running low or dry

I don’t want to embarrass my mother

People blaming her for not training me

Or teaching me well

She had no idea what I was doing

I do not want you to be the discussion of my husband and friends

As much as I will be humiliated

I do not want it fall on you as well

I prefer they say my well is full

But the owner knows not how to wiggle her waist

Her well is like a water fall but I have no idea how to fetch water

I want you to be like a stream

Where all beautiful village belles gather to gossip

And the village lads come to hunt for them

Adorned with a beautiful string of waist beads

I will not let you down pal

Letters to my P**** pt 30&31


That’s not enough little girl

Had you kept me intact till the right man came along

You wouldn’t be pleading with me

You wouldn’t be so worried about what would happen on your honeymoon

So don’t sit there and tell me nothing

I would be more definable with my natural scent

More appreciated

I have no clue why am talking to you

But I think you wouldn’t have spent on herbs en feminine

Just to get me smell good because that was naturally given

You only spoilt it with your selfishness


Go visit the bush

Or have mutilation if tradition demands?




All those are very painful.

I cannot subject the lips that speak for me

They are meant to market me

Mutilation will only cause me pain

Each time I lay with my husband it will feel like circumcision

As much as its culture

I promise to protect you

Visit the bush.

As much as it hurts I will do my best

Especially if my partner approves of it

To give pleasure not only to you, but to him too.

Paint me #APoemAdayValentine

You painted my Heart,

With a new and bold colour.

From you, i know men cry

and i also know tears have colour.

You painted my smile,

With warmth and tainted it with beauty.

You made me more concerned with my life

When the world was concerned with my life style.

You brought me light and made sure it was bright.

You smoked the blood petals and scented them with honey.

You painted my dreams, my world, my life,

Not just Red but Pink,yellow,white.

you gave me love,Gratitude, friendship & new starts.

You painted a rainbow within me.


Relationships, Soaps, Sextapes…..

Relationships, soaps, sextapes….

This is not a debate Ugandans should be having honestly. these have become songs like there is nothing more developmental to discuss. The book of proverbs states that where there is no vision people perish and clearly since the vision is blur many of us have failed to notice the destruction. (truth is i avoided saying a thing about this topic till now).

I am very disappointed in media who very well know they shape society to be the lead distributors of this rubbish. They have given it the forum to keep ciculating like they have no news to talk about. As much as we live in an obscene life, it doesnt have to become an order of day to give a raised platform to things that bring pity, well sometimes i am forced to question the brains of editors in news roo. I know that kind of news is on demand but my question is ‘Doesnt it ever get outdated, does it have to run year through, is it of much importance to keep in news?’

We all know these things exist wat makes famous people different is because they are in the public eye. Its like prosititution or fornication but as much as ts preached against, its not burried in our faces and nobody is pretending and talking about these. People should style up especially Men who redicule women. you shou style up. Its not women’s fault that culture dictates certain things in our lives and that doesnt make us less human.  Men are also victims here but if they think exposing such privacy makes them more of men than human then i pray it never catches up with them.

Stop people from doing what satifies them is like telling a goat to stop eating grass. If i love soaps, thats my business do not judge me for that, if sextapes are something women enjoy to make then i donot know how that becomes a state address debate. Its not like its gay sex so its bizzare, they make them with men who they trust enough to keep there privacy and thes donkeys disappoint them like it will make them more of men. I stand to be corrected but you become as used as the woman my dear even when yo peers support you just know behind your back they are wondering how one can walk around with a head but no brain…

Note: If you want to comment and have a pumpkin for a head, i beg do not bother. When i want your opinion i shall borrow your brain.