LETTERS TO MY P**** Pt 9&10

He smiled, placed his fingers inside
Hmm it was warm he said
He got down with the shaving
And there he felt my clitoris
I was so wet, the waters kept flowing
The spring never ran dry.
He sat me in the tab
Placed my legs apart
And his head in between
I now knew you were crying in agony
Probably it’s the waters that were flowing
But I still couldn’t stop this time
I never listened to your cry
At this point I was lost in his heaven
I felt his tongue touch your lips
He tried to suck you dry
But you could not just dry
I mourned with pleasure
And forgot about your pain
I wanted to feel him inside of you
Up my lower stomach
When he slid his cock inside of me


I felt you contract
Am not sure whether it was in rebellion
Or pull back from the pain caused
In no time you poured out
It was like a fall of water
I did not know if you were crying out loud
My pussy
But I felt so good at the warmth of the water
Like tears it tasted
Salty but sweet
I did not ever understand your message till now
Maybe because I have not made you feel that way
For long or you were angry with me
For letting you become so wet…
I do not know if many look at you like I do
Some of my friends think you are ugly
I think they are right since we are different owners
Others think you are disgusting
Quite right because you need cleaning
And worse because you are always wet
But I’ve learnt to keep you beautiful
Like lawns in my granny’s compound



You gave me your last name when i didn’t ask for it 

but you willingly christened me and added yours to mine

few days i will be meeting my prince

but please walk me down the aisle..

my life as your daughter taught me how to be a bride

and my life as his bride, will teach me to be a wife and mother

I didn’t spend my whole life waiting for a storm

because all you did daily was shield me

but today am going to enjoy the sunshine

I am going to smile and let it kiss my skin

walk me down the aisle to my prince please

for you have grown old beside me and the best is still yet to be

If i cant see the fog, then i can’t do much

the sky will fall down on me

but if i have you by my side

the heavens will scream Hossana

and my cheeks will create space for my tears

walk me down the aisle please

for deep within me burns a flame

to dance with you

but most of all to take the a blessing of my king

and the warmth of my prince

I feel a storm of JOY coming

an everlasting HAPPINESS and

I don’t wanna go through this alone

Please walk me Down the Aisle Daddy.



I remember the one time

The night with my boyfriend

When we took a shower together

He ripped my dress off and underwear

Joined me in the bathroom

There’s no pussy without far

Okay at least non I have imagined

Maybe till its shaven.

Though to very many

They are like lawns

And need to be kept

Just like you level compound lawns

For passerby’s to admire

He got scissors and designed my compound

The touch of the scissors

And the feel of his fingers

As they placed shavings cream down my lawns

Got my inside burning with desire

I felt my lower stomach with butterflies

My pussy got wet

The waters were sticky and milky

“Am wet”, I said to him


They all left.

But you stayed here with me

And because of my greed

Another came and left

But you still never left me

Am now old to do all I please

But am guilty

I never appreciated you

Yet you still never let me downImage

You still wouldn’t mind

If I opened my legs to another

And some weird face looked at you

Forced you to swallow a rat after another

All because I was ignorant of your strength

My p***y….

I thought you were weak,

Undetermined and I needed to prove

I know it was stupid



I remember celebrating womanhood at eighteen

I did not think of the sorrow I caused you

The suffocation and choke of the rat

You loosened from the tear

Yet you were intact to hardly get a finger through

But I fed you with a rat

As big as my foot

I did not mind the pain

 It was sweet happiness

My pleasure overcame my tears

I wanted the rat so badly

I was very hungry and thirsty

Inquisitive of the feeling

I wanted to taste it so bad

My friends had laughed at me so long

I needed to prove them wrong

I needed to keep my man

I exposed you to embarrassment

Deprived you of your pride

To satisfy my selfish motives

Ask me where those friends are

Or for the man I wanted to keep



Have you ever wondered what the 1st dance means or really is? Many times i go to weddings and the relatives are dancing their way to the reception and later after the bride has changed and darkness has fallen she and her groom go to the dance floor and the MC announces “the 1st dance”. Well as for me i would prefer having a last dance. that is my dad and I  hitting the dance floor and killing it just after the giving my speech and i would i shall have a first dance with my groom as soon as i enter the reception because then i believe it will make more meaning anyone else that wants to join the celebration can join the dance just as the second song is about to be played.

I want to tear on my fathers jacket as i rest my head on his shoulder through the dance, whisper to each other say my last words as an unmarried little girl. then share giggles with my king as my prince looks on. and i also desire and look forward to my first dance with my prince as a married couple probably to our favorite number played live, look into his eyes and smile, smile back at him and rest on his shoulder and dance the night away. Yes i shall attach emotion and passion and equal value to both dances and i expect my crowd to give the same respect. So these dances that we call 1st dances last dances are actually crowd dances if you have missed out on one i think you need to take your spouse for a date and have a DANCE because that’s a Dance you don’t want to MISS ever

Three things every girl dreams of doing before they die # feel like a princess  #walk down the aisle  #DANCE yes they may not know but they don’t want to miss THE DANCE Image



From the discomfort of the red sea

It will never stop flowing

That’s Gods creation

That all females appreciate

You are and have been ice cream

They lick and taste you with eyes closed

Sad how I do not know your taste

I cannot bend down and

Place my tongue in between my thighs

Wish there was a way

I won’t wash you to discomfort

Just to get you ready for my man

Kill you with all sorts of gels

Because you have been a best friend

No single day did you ever let me down

But I do not know how till this day you survived

Disease from all kinds of cocks

Bleeding from the shaving

How you never wore out from the washing

Am so sorry my friend

For not having thought about you

Even for a single day


Today I come with apologies

Of never thinking about you

Of never worrying

Never feared for you for disease

I want to pledge

To use you purposefully

If you survived mutilation

And never let me down those times

I took you for rides

Had any one dip there hands

Heads, lips, cocks

Why should I let you down?

Now that I am grown

Ripe for marriage

I will make sure its fair

As I enjoy his manhood inside of me

I will make sure you also do

Feel the excitement

The warmth, sweetness

Of the man inside of you

I promise to package you

In the sexiest lingerie

Make you feel loved and worth

I will not promise to keep you from the pain,

The tear of child birth

Because you really have to experience it

Neither will I protect you from suffocation

Monthly suffocation on sanitary towels

But like every day will make sure you are clean

From the wetness of my river……………….



Marry you friend. Not just any one because they are wealthy or they have a name or because your father believes its the best partner for you. Gone are the days when we were match made for marriage and we were not even allowed to court or date. Marry someone you can not only make a fool out of yourself for but can also cry with. Marry someone who doesn’t simply make you smile but can as well understand you. Do not just marry your friend but your confidant someone you can share you deepest secrets with someone who will not just understand you but correct criticize and advise you.

Marry someone that will hold your hand even when the clouds become dark, play with you as friends, love you deeply like you are part of their lives. Marry happiness, marry the heart not the wallet not the body not the looks all these simply come like a package. Marry your best friend and you will forever live like a princess because you have someone that completes you, understands you and believes in you.Image


Every night I lay

With my legs wide apart

Exposing you to the sight of my man

Not my husband

But one who would give me pleasure

You never locked up the penises

Never rejected any

But I wonder why you welcomed all

Just in the name of making me happy

You swallowed all juice

Worked so hard and never wore out

Sometimes I thought

You were wearing out

But for my love to make love

I wondered if I could renew you

For I couldn’t borrow

The times I lay

Wanting a man to lay with me

Had my nipples harden

My blood pump so fast

You never made me a laughing stalk

You were never dry

My cup was over flowing

I wondered whether you refilled during the day

Or kept the juice you took in from my man

My well never ran dry