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Winter ABC 6

1:The followers always think they know you personally by the engagement you have with them online. They actually don’t but we sometimes post too much that the followers know almost everything or assume.

2:Don’t let your children be groomed by social media

3:Everyone posts their best life so don’t be on pressure to catchup with trends. The pressure is real so don’t get depressed or addicted. Yesss, social media is a bad addiction

4:Everyone behind their keyboard is a professor, judge, court, master, chef….

Winter ABC 5

Nothing: i don’t like to teach, i am a bad teacher but maybe we would be having a discussion on humanity (UBUNTU) and etiquette.

Or we would be doing some random conversation about sex and growing up. Maybe about early child marriages and how i want to join an NGO that has the Busoga side of the country at heart

Maybe we would be discussing love and everything weddings and relationships.

But i cant teach, i accord teachers a different kind of respect. The patience is over the moon. I am a silent student most of the times and visual, not the engaging one


MAIN GOAL: expression

Others: Therapy, sharing stories, relating with someone out their. freedom of speech and writing.

I don’t know if i have a goal even but one day i want to see 1000 followers, get paid by advertisers, heal a heart out their because they wont be alone. speak. But also this is my stage, there’s room to rehearse and to act and to perfect.

Day 1


Its my birth month and i am so excited especially for this year…..Last year ended on a high …Yeeeeeaaa i got a new name and a new title/status and the journey so far has been amazing.  God has been faithful as he is always and we are pressing on the upward way, new heights I’m gaining every day, Still praying as I onward bound,
“Lord, plant my feet on higher ground. So yes, @Beaton of https://becomingthemuse.wordpress.com/ suggested a September blog Challenge and i have been trying to blog more this year so i felt like why not?its a good opportunity for me to get to write on a daily.

I dont know what i exactly plan on doing this time round, not sure if i want to write letters or poetry or some short stories but i am excited. I hope you stay on the road with me and enjoy this as much as i will be enjoying it and like i said its so far been an amazing year and i just cant wait to see what the rest of the months will be like. I am always hyped when it comes to September because i expect lots of food and cake and some pampering jeez….lets wait!

30 Day Challenge #30



You people praise God! We have come to the end of this Challenge. Thank you for staying with me.

Now, my Favorite song. Now, my favorite(s)

Well, i dont have one. my favorite comes with a season. I will Say my top 5 Favs of all time. so please allow me

1: Just as i am: This hymn reminds me that i was never the best neither am i the best. Never the less, he has loved me just as i am

2: Have you ever – Brandy: I aint sure why i loved the song but it related so much and it still does, it spoke to me. Its better to have lost than never to have loved at all.

3: Austin-Blake: Haaa when love speaks it speaks, sometimes love breaks you but it feels God when someone u love is waiting on the other side

4: My faith has found a resting place: Hymn. i love the Runyankore version it lifts me “Nkabon;oburuhukiro, omuri yesu kristo. Niwe wenk’ou nyesiga ahabw’enkojo ze. Tiiyine ki naakuhayo,kuunyihah’orubanja,kureka mukama wangye, yes’owambambiirwe.”  I was four when my father taught me the song, i have grown to understand the meaning and we are inseparable

5:Waters run dry Boyz 2 men: This i dont know why but i can listen to it over and over again

Every DAY Track: Pour my love on you and Midnight oil by Phillip Craig&Dean These are Anthems

Local Favs Nategedde by Kenzo and Kankwekumire by Angela Kalule

You realise i listen to lots of oldies by now i guess. Thank you for loving the blog keep reading. Thank you.


30 Day Challenge #27


DAY 27

Ask me no questions, I will tell you no lies. Even me i don’t know. I was busy on pinterest, i landed on the challenge and i thought why not. It seems like I needed to give some of me to you, the questions you want to ask and haven’t asked or never will ask. Here we are

30 day challenge #25



In my bag (first i really hate handbags) I prefer cross body bags

1: ear pieces


3;note book

4; pen and pencil bag


6; lipstick/lip balm


8;rubber bands for my hair

9; spect case

all the rest depend on day. things like make up bag, hand lotion and those other girly things

30 Day challenge #24


DAY 24

Three books on my bookshelf.

I have a mini library but since you ask for three i shall give you three

1: Americana – Chimmanda

2:The Lady, her lover and Her lord – T.D Jakes

3:Legacy – Danielle Steel


Since this is about books. Dear all my book borrowers, return those books you took before i hunt you down. Thank you