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Nations -9


Today i felt movements while i sat at my desk. I surely have been worried about this because friends said by now i should be feeling some stretches. Truth is i still dont know if what i felt are movements or gas, i just haven yet learnt how to well distinguish every thing i feel but moving on….am excited. Yesterday i did introduce you to music, dont worry i will make sure everyday u have a musical session however am afraid to say it will only be gospel especially worship. (i know u know why)

Well, i cant wait to learn how to distinguish…Google said, first time it takes a while but dont worry about google…i am attentive.

Nations -2

Dear nations

As long as mummy has air(never take it for granted so when pride kicks in, remember who lendest you breath)

I was saying, as long as mummy has breath, hold unto these hands mahogany…i however can’t wait to tell you about whose hands hold us all.

I won’t promise to stop the storm for you, but will always try protect your eyes from the dust( for your eyes are far more precious than diamonds) and be your wind breaker

Always keep the stars in your eyes and dreams in your heart. Jeremiah was sent to prophecy to nations….you are Nations



Nations- 1

Dear Nations,

I have been meaning to write to you and many times i contemplated but here it is. I don’t know you yet, but i was sure of that very first day. I wasnt anticipating but I just was too conscious. Any way Dont ask why u are nations. I knew way back that this is what you would be called until God puts a name on my heart for he knew u before i even thought of it. All i know u are going or will be a body. One individual with too much.

I often told myself that if u aren’t a minister of the word in whatever way u choose don’t be the first because that is a promise I have made to God and i intend to keep. And since u are here and you are the first am sure you know u are ready. I am very excited to have you.

I know one day u will be able to read this blog. u will have questions and I hope i will be able to answer each one of them.

And the LORD said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.[2] (emphasis mine) Genesis 25:23

Worry not. Am not sure how many are thea but whatever number. He mantains my lot


The Choir

So today I felt like sharing the song list I had for my church wedding. It was too lit i still go can’t deal. I had Mr John Osire and band play for my church choir and gracious God, if it wasnt Justice, i ask that you contact them as well or talk to me nicely for the contact. It’s an Only christian band. Meaning they only play gospel songs so even if you want them to play at your wedding reception, make your gospel list known to them and let them handle the rest. And yes, he is the best Violinist I know in Kampala.

groom entered Church to “great is thy faithfulness“.  You will realise I chose a lot of Old traditional church hymns for my day. But for each of these hymns speak closely to my heart. And this was a perfect song because morning by morning new mercies I indeed see.

maids entered to “flesh of my Flesh“. Now, the first time I heard this song it was at one of the many weddings I attend but i didn’t know the lyrics. Thanks to google i got to know the lyrics…They are vows….

Bride(that is me): I entered to “just as I am,I come broken“. Now, all my childhood I knew this was the song I was going to walk down the aisle to. However, the traditional hymn is what i had in mind until Tomlin, pimped the song up. It’s deep for me.(god,only God and i know how deep) I see My husband as Christ and i as his church and all i was saying is “just as i am” i come to thee so just take me in. I am not perfect but that is why christ died for a sinner like myself to be mended. So dear husband, maybe you didn’t know this but i am the way i am, not perfect, always under construction.

After the vows: Beautiful in white was played yes the one of westlife, because my husband has his attachments to it. He didn’t care at what point they sang it, but he needed the song and yes, I was in a lovely white Gown.

the Offertory and thanksgiving. one of my favorite Luganda hymns “Ekisa kyo tekitegerekeka” (your grace is unfathomable). His Grace is indeed nothing I can explain or describe. its unfathomable and indescribable, its overwhelming. Because every day I still fall short and yet everyday he loves me harder…nowonder Brian Lubega questions…Kisa nabaki ekyo?….

It was accompanied with “he has made me glad” and indeed The lord has made me glad. Everyday am blessed. Everyday I sing a new song

Signing the certificate we had “To God be the Glory“…..If I don’t give him the glory, then am a big thief. That man has done me good…so good.

The recession song was Big Godo by Dee Jones: One, I wanted to dance my way out of Church. Two, I wanted to praise my lungs out. three: i just needed to remind myself that He has never left me alone.  I tell my Matron that i am a modern-day Esther because the Favor upon my life overwhelms me as well. And knowing i have a big God by my side, i can never fail! i have a team of Mordecais because its not just a single person. My “A” team. My family. eish kambateganise! kamunkunzire!

Now, did I mention that Mrs Ziki Banga aka Saidat Catcazazza (fb names) was on those Vocals? Gwe…this babe can sing….If I had her vocals i would never ever shut up.

All in all “to God be the glory” he has made me glad. My heart is full

NB: Kano Kalango, Just incase u want a choir that will do Runyankore hymns for you,My siblings and I are like the open hymn book or that we have the kitaguriro within us that the book wont have. we Also know English but see some times vernacular tastes like heaven!

Conversations in my head

eyes (read): Summary of 2018 prophecies by …. Prophet.

north korea, trump, japan, UK strikes, plane crash,investments,two parliaments,,fallen soldiers,  Oscars………(reckoning……oscars……reads…)……demonic entities…..

Brain to Heart: has god been reduced to this. Is he this cheap?. Okay, so if its demonic and all, what has it got to do with christianity? What does the winner have to do with the gospel?  (continues to read….) “No one has done this before”….

Heart to Brain: You mean u cant predict this? (they laugh…back to eyes)…”any prophesy that has no purpose isnt prophesy at all I think”…(the sender says)

Eyes continue:…..Google had these predictions

Brain to Heart: see…. we can do this…But wait..back in the 90s we had mchaka mchaka compulsory for all youth. So that looks old, they will just bring it back. In fact all my siblings did it. I just came too late to find it. Do soldiers ever fall out with each other?

Heart to brain: I didn’t know mahn. I thought its like mother and daughter…But doesnt God reveal to redeem? so What are we being redeemed from?

Brain to heart: everyone knows Corbyn Jeremy Kavuyo.

Heart to brain: Well, I don’t even know what that is…

Eyes to text: I feel Pessimist at times but I know God isn’t Purposeless.

(heart and brain nod in agreement).

Heart to brain: Boss calm down. God has never asked that u fight his battles. he can manage. sip some tea. you even over working me

Brain to heart: you have a point. If they don’t come to pass we shall edit the document.

Heart to Brain: am worried. Finances, relationships, God….Life generally. Growing up is a trap. Am trying not to be perfect yet perfect. Best yet same usual me….eeh!2721d191cd693980e0cebf7365fdf016

Brain to heart: boss, pump what u need to pump. channel your energy there and do it well. Focus on what you know best how to Do,Let God do the worrying for you. I mean, eyes told me that he read somewhere and God said, Rest in only me…

Heart to Brain: U donkey first focus. If u didn’t have all these things stringing, i wouldn’t have felt.

Brain to heart: Calm down, cant u hear, ear has already tuned to Anthony Evans, am focused!

Heart to Brain: Well done, now I can work and smoothly at that.



What do you think heaven looks like?

Well, this was the most interesting question of the week. I liked/loved the answers.

On Facebook, One person took me back to the bible. He said, “The kingdom of heaven is inside you…so heaven looks as clean, dirty, beautiful,ugly as ones mind.” This had never crossed my min but then i thought, some people’s heaven will be too dirty. He told me common people (not sure who is common) call that hell.

One of my girls says its white and gold like her wedding will be. (i keep puting these colours together to see the glamour)

I have never dreamt of what heaven looks like,like some people have. This isnt something i could say i ever imagined as a child. Even when i studied my bible the visual was  omitted. Even when i watch the movies about heaven i never have had a visual but recently i was reading something online. The writer said she had visited heaven more than once. Sometimes she dosed off in the taxi. Her story was alittle bit different from a couple of others i had read. She had seen the angels that envied her because they didnt have priveledge like she did. She had seen the throne of Gold and the son shinning like the sun that you could hardly see the face. She spoke of the gold gates and the white, the worship, The book of life. But what caught me, she said everyone in heaven wears a clog of humility. This particular blog (read here)has too many of those stories, but as for me, Am still waiting for my turn before i can imagine. But if its to Think, i still have also failed to create this thought

That Day…

I sat down and thought about my flag.It was at half mast when I passed Kampala road. Dirty and abandoned. It looked very orphaned. I went home and switched on my father’s television. The headlines read “Baganye Okuwozza” meaning they refused to go to trial. Any way I wanted to know more so i looked for Bukkedde and read. It so happened that they had reason to refuse. Some were in Jail the day the clouds grew grey and the days were dark for our national security, but they were however, suspects in the murder. The Members of parliament and ministry of Internal affairs summoned the head and were questioning how that happens, why suspects were paraded before media before, why some religious leaders have more security than those that ought to have it. For the first time, i notices our MPs have a bit of sense okay.

The #6billion made news and one person said there was a conflict of interest in the case therefore the results we all expect could not come the way we expected. A professor was denied bail. A month later the application was tabled and she came to court sick. One soldier was wondering why a soldier heads police when police and the army are trained different.  Children became the target to get parents hurt.  I read about one who was burnt with Acid(I am still puzzled at how ruthless the world gets). Internet has ruined us. You know that part were the bible says, “you don’t continue to sin because grace abounds” I think we should behave the same especially on social media. Do not step on people’s rights Just because it’s a democratic state. Speaking of the state, I wonder why and how……(I was warned. I never want to be on the state’s wanted list. so back to things i don’t understand. Religion is to politics as politics is to religion. I hope our church leaders know the impact. (give to God what is of God). Learn to separate salt and water i would say. Speaking of politics…What is the difference between a leader and a politician?. Artists are joining politics but they are leaders not politicians. True they could have the bigger voice, But where does this get us as a country to. It means some people have failed at what they need to do or signed up to do so others have to do it for them (who even came up with this whole legislative thing.) Anyway, Do not let language take you off the Grand plan. Preach Christ’s death and resurrection. Let Politicians preach the politics. After all these Headlines, i received a forwarded chain text about the Rapture (Game Over).

The Rapture, the Rapture, The Rapture, I want to be among the number but the standard is Perfection when it comes to things that aren’t of the world. I thought and Thought and later rested my head. I have been hearing about the Rapture 2 months in a row.

Once upon a time I was in a relationship, one I didn’t have a lot of voice in, one that was of the law and rod and…..Their was no way out. It was a blood covenant or something like that and once a wise man said to me, “There’s no covenant if blood isn’t involved. Convenant=blood shed even as a drop”. He took me back to the bible covenants and all had a blood element. Now i sit down at the window seat of my favorite coffee shop, admiring flowers at the flower shop opposite as i  sip slowly on my coffee, waiting, watching and praying. Eno Uganda Y’ani!!


30 day challenge #6





Well, Does God count because i dont watch those batman movies and the like. Number one super hero is God, he always comes through at the rightest of times. When he promises he fulfills. He isnt human that he will lie. Basically, i have a father. He can never and has never failed me. He is very right on time and ofcourse if he hadnt bought me that Patience stilleto, i would never know how it feels like to have such a hero by your side always. The Humility clog….wuuuuuu… thats like the bestest attire any designer can ever make.


So i was scrolling through my fb and landed on “Cece Winans new album” it called LET THEM FALL IN LOVE.

HMMM  this madam and brother never disappoint. my fav on the album is Why me, lord. it speaks to me

Why me Lord?
What have I ever done
To deserve even one
Of the pleasures, I’ve knownTell me Lord
What did I ever do
That was worth loving you
Or the kindness you’ve shown

i do however enjoy the rest. Like Cece never disappoints this worship thing, she has mastered