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What kind of music do you listen to?

Practically everything. Western African, western, local anything as long as it sounds good to the ears. Sometimes i will listen to music in a language i dont understand but connect.

Other times i will do Country,gospel especially when i am working or thinking. But music is music for me as long as its good, the genre or artist doesnt matter. For Example am lately listening to Amel Larreiux,Angel Benard,Carol Nantongo,MBdogg.


I saw men mourn

the district covered in silence

the veil had been slit apart

Darkness fell

the silence was defeaning

too many questions, no answers

the glory of the women dimmed

the authority of men shuttered.

ophans wept

Blood creating erosion

I saw my country men mourn

wome covered in fear,

paupers and beggars in hiding

the crown had been stepped on

shadows had been created

hope was erased

my country was raped.

The nation was deflowered.image110