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Iam the violence in the pouring rain

Dear you,

Its been a while, A hot month like the rains will never come. I wait on them because I do miss your curdles,your skin rubbing against mine in the night. Sorry, i forgot to ask how you are doing but that’s because when my heart is fine, i know you are well.

So, I have been thinking about everything we discussed. I am so proud of you and looking forward to seeing you soon. The energy and strength u give me, the confidence i wear…I am the violence in the pouring rain yet you are the whisper in the storm. You compliment me so well. Like my favorite heel. I could go on and on but then, if i wrote it all, what will i have to say when we meet

That day, I just want to sit and do nothing. Just to lay in your embrace and listen to your heartbeat, your tingling breath against my cheek and yes, the notebook and popcorn, it doesn’t hurt to repeat the movie or does it?


your love