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25 Days of Christmas

well, its 20th!!!

I love fashion, but you might never catch me wearing a piece that is trending. i love to watch, read, direct, put together, maybe dress up other people or collect for other people and i love to critic fashion so hit me up when you need a fashion critic.

I love to pick out unique pieces or things that are pleasing to my eye. But i am currently into colouring my hair so wait on a post about it. basically i am going to adventure with my hair this new year. So help it God! but cutting isnt an option yet.

I however love the plaid dresses, in all styles


i am also in love with the dresses that have a bit of perplum below


and more than anything the jumpsuit and shirt dresses will not go out of style for me.

i love bridesmaids in tuxedos and pant suits

I loathe the biker shorts, Lawwwd

I hate the caped everything, dress, jacket,

I think the kitenge wont go out of style but too much of it is bad.

25 Days of Christmas

Day 15: Being today is my anniversary lets just conclude this. I met my husband hahaha and i wasn’t told that i would look for things i didn’t keep when i was being told of marriage but well. I met my husband and we met our child and we met each other…

My word today, i read somewhere and it made sense;

Nobody will tell you not to get married before 30 At 30 you won’t know yourself. Unfortunately marriage isn’t an institution where you find yourself. It’s unfair to the other party. Of course you will be heartbroken. At some point.

But also MARRIAGE IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE AND A BEAUTIFUL THING WITH YOUR FAVORITE PERSON, YOU WON’T JUST BE HOME, YOU WILL HAVE A FAVORITE PLACE. So while you set out to find yourself and also enjoy this beautiful place (which i always picture like fall…i love the beauty of dried leaves over the street with some sunlight reyale and this is my beautiful place, my fall season) take the journey together. And he also blogs here https://bartlettdaron.wordpress.com.

Together is a beautiful place

Also he is a cool photographer so hook us up for the small shoots, when we get ready for big weddings above 100 people we will let u know but 100-…affordable prices

25 Days of Christmas

Day 14: Lets just say, My bloggers for the year are…..tulululu (drums roll) @ Josephine of https://joseyphina.wordpress.com/, Particularly, If i were a boy series @Beaton of https://becomingthemuse.net/ and then Bikozulu i don’t know the author but i am enjoying the relationship things here and in awe at how much people suffer https://bikozulu.co.ke/. The author is doing an amazing job!


DAY 10: News story….I actually think its 03/11/2019. I was reading online papers and our president was asking people to join him for a match against corruption.https://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Museveni-s-anti-corruption-walk-shows-commitment-IG/688334-5367228-dwwdkl/index.html .

I am still waiting to see what happens after government sues Government