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I always wanted to travel but hadn’t seen myself travel alone. I used to say I will wait for the right one to travel with. But then, maybe when they arrived their urge to travel wasn’t as spicy as mine. Also Uganda my mother land charges Nationals like foreigners, I wonder how they want us to promote tourism on things we too can’t afford. I mean , my husband argues that we can spend a whole pay check trying to spend a night at emburura but also the cheaper places we have already exhausted.

Well, without further do..I would like to thank Muyaye,Naka,Sonia(am still looking for a nickname) for not bailing out after months of preping to start out on these adventures. Mr D for accepting that we don’t just live to work and sleep, my mini me for being so disciplined at Jaja’s (I mean for a first time away from mama u did good). My parents for the awesome job of keeping grand child. Thanks for the practice because we have just begun And our sweet nanny mbwenu God knew my heart and brought you along.

So we had been seeing good things about kansiime’s backpackers. NO. THE WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGES DON’T MENTION THAT I HAVE TO CROSS OVER BUNYONYI otherwise I would have never accepted this choice of destination. NO. The website doesn’t say that everything on the menu isn’t available at the venue otherwise I would have gone with the option of cooking. Neither does it mention that we have no van to pick her up people up. Haza Kansiime, Hillary is good but also a coward and a cheat. The price Charity agreed with him he wanted we top up by 20k now for people traveling on budget (it’s what our Uganda subjects us to) we need proper details of, 1: note we have no van so you will pay extra better still please get a van and include it on the packages so we plan easily. 2: please tell us when the buffet is served so that foodists don’t come counting on it. 3: tell us the hiking and zip lining prices ahead. These extra costs really disorganized us by the way.

Let me first go back to the water….(i can’t tell u that while I say on that boat I knew anything. I blindfolded myself and held unto my Naka Ho! (The Mzee is a good operator I guess) but crossing bunyonyi at midnight was really an adventure which is also very risky…mbwenu! Being water phobic and unprepared for the water adventure I didn’t cross again till departure. I am not about death hmm actually I thought heart attack would kill me before the boat. I cried. But here we are partly I am grateful u didn’t mention the boat because I would have never written it in my book of records. I crossed bunyonyi at midnight. Dear lord, thank you!

Other than those things, I love the hospitality, charity was amazing. Infact double her salary. Mzee was great. The boat guy hmmm how can’t I be grateful to a man that had my life. The plants, the green is so amazing just so you know, I borrowed some of your plants on request from the guy incharge.

I love what you did with those rooms and the two blankets came in handy, Cho! Embeho ekatwisire! The camp fire was amazing I wish the speakers weren’t dead because we honestly tried to entertain ourselves yet we weren’t able to charge our phones that well.

The food was great. Yes I met the chef too and Rachel served us very well mbwenu you have an amazing team. The only thing I didn’t get to feed were the rabbits basically but even the goats I was present.

Therefore I conclude that this adventure came in handy for me, I haven’t gone anywhere since I got preg and delivered. It was good rehab. The quiet was necessary (that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t repair our speaker please.)

We enjoyed our stay besides knowing all the corners of the place, mbwenu we toured it. We even went to Church. Thank you for the bar, we wouldn’t have survived without some wines and the colour and art bring life. On that note, on behalf of my team thanks to especially Charity and the team. Amazing! Unto the next

COMING HOME #UgBlogWeek(3)

I sat alone in the single room house

playing some soul and carols

taking to God loudly in my head

wishing i could take the next flight home

christmas passed unknown.

i didnt bake or have dessert

just portage made in my rice cooker.

the day was lonely and the nights were cold.

I stepped out to the bar a few miles

just to share some love in a strange land

i simply sat alone at my table

raised my legs to the sofa,

clung unto my knitted shrug

looked up to the beautiful fireworks

but i wasnt home. It didnt feel like Xmas

their was no fire, no trees, crackers.

just the snow,a penny of love and dull streets

no loud carols playing from the church next door

no family to eat turkey with.


light the tree for i am coming home.