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of the things that trouble hearts

lets think about the pandemic we survived

but the unemployment that troubles us

the dying economy

and the fat politicking

my heart bleeds for Italy

for my country men

for the medics

for myself, for the creatives

will they have a table laid today

of will they go hungry yet again today

will the infant have breast milk

the mother is starved, how will she lactate?

let me cry

for nothing

for the emptiness i feel

for nothing

but for the disappointment that aches my heart

for nothing

but for the empty alters

for nothing

but for many hopeless knees

for nothing

she needs to pay a geek!

no they are too expensive, she has no income

For nothing

i need therapy

no, i need to breathe!

But why Am i crying?

for the unexplained pain?

for the fake speech

for the corruption

or for the hungry family

and a man who has lost his sanity.

Let me weep in fact

for the man that has lost his esteem

he cant feed his family

for the woman that has lost herself

for the individual that has lost sanity

for the anxiety being brewed

and the served depression!

Allow me mourn

for a selfish state

selfish individuals



a failed economy

a sad generation and a coward one

fuck comfort!

we cant even afford it now

the pandemic went with it

yet you still prefer comfort to your rights


Goodbyes hurt hurt

Especially when the story hasn’t been finished

And the book has been closed

Goodbyes hurt when closure is just a word

And silence is speaking Spanish

Sometimes you think you have forever but you don’t

The love is birthed

It’s tendered and watered

And just when the bloom blossoms,

A plague attacks

And just like that the whole bloom withers

No harvest.

A plot twist,

A dead garden

Then a river or flood running with all your secrets.

#puzzledlines 22

She could have stayed

But he said she was too much

And not enough at the same time

She was overly ambitious

But he loved the passion and ideas

She was too beautiful but

With a body of a goddess

She made him happy

But she was too selfless

She smiled with everyone and was a chatterbox

Yet he never spoke one word to start a conversation

He was cold and warm

She thought he was bipolar

One moment sweet and in love

The other angry and silent


First we adhered

Then hunger attacked us

The same men that sent us to exile

And promised to feed us

Abused and called us ungrateful

What if it was all a myth

A scramble for power at the expense of the citizens

What if it never really existed

And you just needed to withdraw money from the masses

What if it’s just a super game plan

First they got scared

They prayed silently for God to rescue the land

Then they noticed it wasn’t going anywhere

And a lot of politics was being played

At the expense of their survival

Do you know how hurt they are

How many lives are lost to hunger not covid

Or how many the security men have battered

Curfew was okay,

But how do you support a cause you know nothing about?

If they could all turn to the streets

If they could all have courage to sue you

If you could reach out once and know the pain

They have suffered with the economy

That to some, living is better than death

But here we are

Jobless and hungry

With loads of work but no money to pay support

With decaying goods no one is buying

Because breath isn’t a luxury,

Food and clothes has become a none basic need

We are struggling to see the next sun

Watching news daily waiting an address

Weeping due to domestic violence and child abuse

Trying to understand the panic media caused

Believing it wasn’t politics being played

Praying that we still have jobs

Even with salaries cut

Geeks are as expensive as mental health

Yet we have no choice but to survive

It’s not survival for the fittest.

It’s just SURVIVAL


of dried withered wild roses
the death scent stinks
they lay symmetrical as if they were on parade
and today, they lower yet another heart afar
next to the dusty concrete on my left.
i hear someone weep
she sat down her head laying on the concrete
she tries to dust it but her tears stain it
besides her are fresh wild roses
i want to walk by but
my tongue is tied and my legs frozen.
I simply look up to the skies and a thunder roars
a twirl plays and lifts the scent of death and grief with it.
far right a family sings kumbaya as they pay last respects
My thoughts run to hospital
i see the patients in ICU and emergency unit
i walk through the corridors and the smell death.
death, death

Grief the thief

I was thinking of coming home today. Suddenly my head rushed to presidents house and I was excited to come see you and tell you of our progress then grief that silly thing hit.

I forgot you are gone. Maybe that is what love does, never lets you forget. My thoughts still speak to me of you like you are still here. But this kinda heartache I feel even in my bones.

It will heal, someday but also maybe I need patience. I know it will get better,I will be fine but just not today. Maybe not soon.

I was smiling telling Nations of you and boom, stupid grief paused our moment for a few. Maybe grief is the price we pay for love. But also these are just my maybes.

I think I will miss you forever , like the stars miss the ☀️. Time only can tell.

I still do cry when I miss you. Sometimes I cry out of the blu….I can only hope

The day of this pic, you were “happy”.You said you wanted a full pic if you were to get an ID and no you still didn’t register.

All I have is my heart and in Thea I shall live with you.

Months gone but feels like yesterday!

Fuck grief

Fuck death

Fuck pain.

If love could have saved you


How I see love

I watch it like I watch the sunset from top of a hill

I could stay up whole evening

I see it when I stare back into eyes

In my husband’s touch I feel it

I see it when people hold hands

And smile and hug,

I feel it in speech. When they don’t just say “I love you”

Or “I care for you” but also in the affection and action

I hear it in music, in every slow song, RnB & country lyric

In every saxophone played and every guitar strummed

Inside jokes and thoughtful gestures

I see it at restaurants when a plate of fries is shared

And a glass of white wine is twirled

I watch it in movies and read about it in every novel at my hand

I feel it in the innocence of children and their little warm hugs

I see love in matching outfits and poses taken during photos sessions,
in shy smiles, strong feelings, and acceptance of flaws.
I See Love……from my heart in my Ink

One heart, many songs

Queen of my heart

I don’t know which was queen that westlife meant but heart and queen in same sentence was just too poetic…too lyrical. The yellow and black. The foolish mic…. that looked hot by the way. The smile….jeez…let’s melt away. The green writing paper pads tucked away in my school bag

And if anything ever beat this, it could have been breathless.

Shayne wade just had my mind at heart while he wrote lyric by word by jam. The eyes were indeed mine and the babies are still mine but then that red dress and that dance couldn’t just sit down otherwise the mind would be jamming to kyomisinga

Eddie kenzo that boy…how exactly did you come up with these lines because. I was only not mature in love but also I just wanted to be a soul provider but with a fighter each time someone winked uselessly. I mean I was a queen and even when I was breathless I stayed alive because I was loved by the best at all times. I must have done something write…sorry right.

I have been loved by the best...Don Williams, you must have see him before the song was written. Because from him the love flows. And he calls me beautiful like it was my name. He picked me up every evening, turned on the radio and each day at 7am and pm,it was “Good morning beautiful”.

Steve holy, I wasn’t anything close to beautiful every morning but then, when you are a breathless queen being loved right and by the best, the favor and words come to you like a magnet…

It was very magnetic until the radio stopped playing and the electric dances became slow dances because the only promise came with a soul provider...

Romain Virgo must have know that my radio had no electricity and knew exactly where my heart found solace and my soul thirst. He gave me a soul provider to replace the lost soul and we started talking about love and trust and forever…

This is me

I wore my first pair of cool trousers at 13. (Maybe earlier) but that time flares were trending My sister in law bought me a flared black. I wore it with a company shirt of where my brother worked. ( I was a moving billboard). I was going to attend a school party. I loved the trousers but also I have big upper arms so I hardly wore spaghetti tops or tank tops. I always wore a sweater or sleeves. Well, I have plenty brothers so, those were plenty.

I adopted buggy clothes later on because I was a tomboy (maybe I still bounce even as a mom and wife). I feared the attention my body drew. See, adolescence gave my hips mass. My hips grew wide and my waist cringed and my chest wasn’t as full. Let’s say it’s what they call a pear shape. I got very comfortable, because that way I didn’t take compliments I didn’t know how to deal with. Then, one day I join a single sex school. My mom insisted I carry girly outfits so I had all the body hugging outfits that hugged the right places. In an all girls school, I didn’t expect attention like it would be with opposite sex. I was wrong. I attracted all kinds of attention, I got advances. Talked to my mom and before it was long, I was accused of being lesbian. I moved schools. Wearing makeup has never been my thing but once in a full moon I glam up. I didn’t wear body hugging things till campus ever again. But till this day, I don’t know how to respond to compliments about my body.

I love buggy

Sometimes I just want to dress up, glam up and show up.

But the younger me, was not made comfortable. Like my curves were an issue.

Buggy might no have done much but saved me a bunch.

Today I saw a young girl, about thirteen years of age. She wore a crop top and hot pants. She was adoloscenting. A male vendor shouted at her mom “give your daughter to me for marriage”. She had curves in the right places. Just like I was. But unlike me, she was comfortable dressing her body in whichever way she pleases or her parents are very okay with the way she dresses

Well, we ain’t defined by our clothes.

But I feared for her. I feared all the compliments and words that would be thrown at her. I fear of the things she will be accused of. I fear that she won’t be able to take it.

But maybe, just like me she will strike a balance. Dress for herself on many days and for comfort on others or for the public.

I have big legs but once someone tried to convince me I had elephantiasis. I didn’t show them off often, because I was comfortable covering up. Then my mom told me about my legs….. for whatever chance now, I show off.

Hi , I am Sharon. I will not apologize for God being a perfect sculptor.

nations 10

So today I went in for the usual check and the pressure was too high so they retained me. I don’t even know why it’s up hmm..way up. I have to be admitted for a night so that they can monitor it and if all goes well, we go home or it goes bad and we go for the options that i don’t exactly want to think about.

I lay down here with Kaka (God bless mothers) and My dad on phone calling every hour and Papa seated out waiting. Medication is being given but I am very hopeful we will go home. i like how calm and active you are in Thea. Don’t give up on me, because i am determined to carry this sheaf of grain till proper harvest. I have called Dr Apollo and he says the same for other options but here we are. God knows our hearts…Kemmy came by and told us to drink Hehe so we are going to drink..

10am next day

The pressure is stable (thank God) we are going home. Am not sure I will forget the screaming of all those ladies in labor, i pray we don’t get screaming too *hides face* My Champion, dear nations, we are going home. Papa is worried so we will go to Kaka till harvest.