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Dear M,

I believe you are fine and well rested where you are. I saw her yesterday and she spoke of you so fondly. She was sad and happy and Jealous. Yes,Jealous that she cant be where you are. But also very careful to make sure she doesnt rush. She is full of life. Ofcourse empty and sad on some days. She does miss you everyday and seeking counsel from everybody else not you has also taken its toil on her. But generally she is good, loved and we make sure we do not allow her room to lack. We try our best.

Its been a while but the wound is fresh like it was yesterday. The shoes are too big to fill but everyone tries. We be counting stars and looking out for which one shines brighter. We dance in the rain believing its you saying you are happy. We whisper to the wind hoping that you are listening some nights are longer than the others but most of all we know you are in a safer place and warm enough.



RAY G Music-Ninkwesiga

Ninkwesiga by Ray G – Have you listened to this?


Once upon a time we had toniks and we i was proud to have music not just in English Luganda and swahili and Lusoga. (these are really many). Then one day Toniks with all his vocals disappeared. And then Ray G appeared.

He has dominated Ankole and very soon you’ll be having him all over. He has mastered the runyakore and branded himself and his vocals, my, oh my!. So, one of my favorite is the Ninkwesiga, i love everything about this song(not just the lyrics). You can however, check out more of his music. U need to listen to



3: Nyamurungi

Besides the Ninkwesiga  those three catch me fineoooooo