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Everywhere & No where

Even if you undress her,

It’s me you are searching for.

I am not sorry that I taste so good.

When the two of you make love

Still it’s my name that rolls off your tongue

Nope! Not by accident.

I became every sweet scent you smell,

I am the ghost of ghosts,

Everywhere and no where

love like a hurricane.

You became the tree,

bending beneath the weight of my wind that,

You have become so unaware of the afflictions of my absence.

Oh! How she loves you…

But you have shut your eyes to everything that,

She tastes me on your lip with every kiss.

Has she realised that everywhere she goes I have visited first?

You were wrong when you thought you could love me at your convenience

Leave when you wanted and return when it felt right.

It’s sad you are unable to rewrite the wrongs

Valz Aftermath

i woke up with all the women in me tired. My body ached and my bones cracked. My head hurt? No, My head was just…..I don’t know what was wit but it didn’t hurt nor spin. Then i remembered. The Weed cake from dinner yesterday. The had served it as dessert and because he wasn’t exactly the type i am attracted to (i am attracted his wallet not him) But he wasn’t going to give me his monthly easily so i topped it with a glass of red wine. So, we left with my heels in my hands after the restaurant and drove straight to his house. I don’t exactly remember how bad my makeup looked when we got home, but i was surely tipsy. (don’t judge, i need this tipsiness all the damn time).

We don’t live together okay maybe not yet and no he isn’t married like i said, i am attracted to his wallet (i was once told and ugly man is a poor man). Okay, so when we got home, we went straight to business, now weed brings horn so does wine (for some people anyway) i am some people the two hours drive was enough to let all the things sink in and when we got to the door my nun was gyrating in my knockers…ha!, i almost raped him but he was excited that for the first time in four years i am initiating this sex thing between us. However, (i am explaining the reason for the body ache) We didn’t stop, he was tired and i wasn’t , i drove him rounds. I wasn’t i count and while at it unlike before i was screaming on top of my lungs. Did i say the house has caretakers? Anha, they heard but the weed on my head said Yes! go Girl you are doing it! I gave him the chaw of his life. I was no porn star but i am sure i was very close. Then, we slept. I was awakened by the scent of coffee brewing and when i came down stares, there he was, watching news. He looked at me grinning like a young adult that just lost his virginity, i shied away but that wasn’t the worst part, the maid came in looking at me with the “i know what you did last night” she was an older woman who made my walk of shame from the kitchen to the living room seem like two miles.

You want to know the worst part , Okay the best part for some ladies, later in the day he proposed. (imagine all my thoughts on his looks but i still said yes and silently asked my future kids for forgiveness because i was getting into this for the money, While for him, i guess for the sex.

this wasn’t 2020 because 2020 gave us too many public holidays that valentines came and left without notice. But Cupid, did it have to be this old guy? Is my match this ugly, is that what you destined for me?

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My love language is music

If i was your man, i would love you forever like Joe says but each time i tell you i have seen a lot of pain and make all these Vows like Timi Dakolo you think am playing the Rihana- Chris games. But i just shot a man down for you and now i want to come home to you because with you is where i would rather be but stuck here.

well, i don’t know about the author for the five love languages but there’s something music does to me. I love it when we listen to the same kind of music, love the genres and we can just listen and swing to songs that we didn’t write but we understand them deep. But also that could be because i am a writer, i pay attention to lyrics, i have a favorite genre but also i just listen to music basically, the language doesn’t matter, the lyrics have to be more than just ratatatarahhh . So what do we call that kind of love language because i hate to seat down with someone who will not understand why i prefer Brian McKnight to Lydia Jasmine or Eminem to Fik fameica BUT that doesn’t mean i don’t like them, i mean Fik’s tracks sound like life in the disco. However, i prefer to listen to music so there’s a genre you wont catch me listening to unless i got to dance or I am at the bar.

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Now, forget the 5 love languages. Besides money, what is your love language?

Love Letters-15

She was fierce.

walked about with confidence of a possessed

like she wore a fire fence over her head.

I stared deep into her eyes

they were blank.

she walked out and returned with him

the man who broke her heart.

the man she loved most

she wasnt willing to give him up.

They sat down to tea

and for the first time in a month she spoke

If I can’t have you, neither will she

he stared blankly at her

like he was searching for something

like he had kept something hidden in her chest

she drew in for a hug

and said

“baby this is home”

he stood still and for the first time

I saw his tears.

I wasnt sure which they were, joy or hurt?

he still didn’t move.

as soon as she let go

he ran off, like he had seen a ghost

and when he stopped, he fell on his knees

and let out a very loud scream

its then that I knew,

they hurt each other so bad.

he wasnt sure it could be mended

he had grown so weak,

he didn’t know how to start over

she slowly took her seat

murmured a prayer

and got up.

she walked home in silence

the rains fell,but she didn’t feel them

I tried to pull her away into a shelter

she resisted.

Its been another month and she hasn’t said a word.

I havent heard from him either

all she does is wake up and stare in silence.

apart of her died

apart of her left

apart of her is burried.