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Murder,She baked 13

But death shouldnt come so easily

Yesterday I sent in my resignation. I am just cheating my boss honestly. My mind is too divided. His girl moved into the guest room and am glad my kids aren’t home and yes I got the admission so i don’t need the maid. I talked to her and she will be leaving, glad i have money to clear her arrears and transport her. She was a very good maid am just so sad that she had to come while all this had started to go wrong.

I want to frustrate frank to his grave, killing him will come so easy and I cant give him that satisfaction. I want death to eat him slowly just like he has caused me pain. When love hurts, it stings and stinks. it’s no longer love,its loneliness demanding,its depression, it’s not feeling good enough for anything else. Its emptiness that makes you feel like no one else deserves to be happy just because you are not.

Since Frank has a new wife, I am going to enjoy my sleep and only make my meals and chill..Phew feels good to have a helper. she better clean the house this evening and prepare his dinner because I will be going to the movies.

Murder, she baked 10

Journal 5

I wonder if all those women with kids are coming to move in and share everything i worked hard for while they enjoyed luxuries of hotels…

I need to eliminate frank and its got to be as smooth as no elimination has ever been. Maybe it should look like a political brawl but not so quick. Lets wait for his girl to move in. Am going to take the kids to Turi in Nairobi and make sure they stay out of the country for the rest of their lives. I  know of a slow killing poison.

Yes I am going to eliminate both because the lawyer told me he talked to him about dividing all the property and giving his mistresses who i don’t even think are entitled to it and despite the lawyers advise he insists. Well lets work on Turi first.

Murder, she baked 8

His touch still haunts my day dreams.

Journal 3

I can still feel the cold blood aligning my thighs. The way I shed skin, the way i sat after his awful act. I was (i am) his wife, the one he cheated on several times and raped just because i denied him sex. He said it was his right to have it so he took it by force, i wonder if he ever questioned my rights when he cheated on me. I look at him at the table while we have breakfast and the flash backs can’t stop.

Lord! I want to dig my fork into his throat as he swallows. Did the women get attracted to his deep force or this Adam apple? Was it the power and Fame that came along the way?. I can’t believe i still went silent and kept all this hurt in me. Does he feel guilty after that night or he just about getting whatever he wants no matter how? I wonder if he has raped others just like me. What kind of monster did i get involved with that he has turned me into a cold blood. I thirst for his blood and each time i get disappointing news about him (Okay nothing really surprises me anymore) but at every news about another cheat i want to stab him. He doesn’t learn.

I should leave before I find myself in jail. But how? After children and building all this with him, putting up with all the fame and stupidity, staying by him when he was nothing? How do i leave all the things i have worked for,for his whores (for the women he thought were better than i was) Yet they only met him after he became a house hold name……No, Way!!!

Murder,She baked 7

Has love ever felt uncomfortable that you can’t settle in one place?

Journal 2:

I thought he would learn from his mistakes but looks like he learnt nothing. His “Trip girl” the one that had audacity to call me,yes that one. I think she was the life of his life and I was just the other option that wanted to settle while she just enjoyed eating and traveling. She wasnt interested in making babies i guess. Anyway she is still very present. He thinks i don’t know but i see him when he seats down in the living room and opens his emails. He reads mails from her like he is reading newspaper articles of himself. I wonder if his clothes still fit because i realise my prescence bothers him but he cant displace me.

They could have changed thea schedule but that isn’t my problem now especially because we are only married for the public eye. I went silent and decided to work my life but somehow he still doesn’t learn. If I were him, I would try behave to make amends especially if i have a reputation to keep.

Celine and Mark have no idea we are fighting and I would love to keep it that way, Sometimes Mark asks, but as much as it hurts, I don’t mind putting up an act in front of the kids just to protect them. Maybe one day they will find out.


She walked slowly like she didn’t feel it

her clothes soaked and her hair dripping

her head bowed that she couldn’t see where she was going

it almost knocked her

and all he did was stop and scream at her through the window

she didn’t lift her chin even for a sec

she walked on

past the men at the bus stop taking shelter from the rain

she didn’t even hear the insults they made

how foolish and reckless she looked


just one woman


a lady almost her age

walked up to her and allowed to get wet with her

covered her with a shawl and led her to a chair by the road

she held her too close

like she was trying to offer some warmth

and when the rain stopped she said

“they took it all.

My dignity, her life

and I failed her once again.”d76ad978bccdd0bfe0d3b01b36c3a278.jpg

#UgBlogWeek. The Future of Story Telling #Day4

I was raised in a society that was never silent. It was unusual to spend the day with no Drama or have a silent night. It was either a woman screaming from domestic abuse, or footsteps thumping because a thief had escaped or a drunkard singing or loud music playing because someone bought a new radio. During in day it was policemen patrolling and drunkards trying to save the thief because its someone they grew up with, or co wives fighting. It was never silent as this morning.

He came alone on a police motorbike. The mob was furious. “Are you going to carry the corpse on your head?” Yet in the beginning they were all afraid of making the police report because they were afraid of being called suspects in the murder. He came with a notebook and after the hauling, he sent for a patrol and police dog. But like you know our societies, they had already stepped over the place but luckily the chairman had come quick and told them they were tampering with evidence incase they brought a police dog and even told them its easy for the Dog to report them when they are innocent (not sure how true that is). Anyway, she had been murdered, undressed and packed into a sack. No one recognised her so we couldn’t tell she was from the same village. But when the police dog arrived, it quickly took turn into the neighboring village. We have been watching these murders on news, hearing about them and as much as my society used to have drama, murders were never part of it. Rape a couple of times and just because we know each other try to have each others backs doesn’t make all our sins justified for the law. However, I was told about “Mayumba Kumi”. It’s hard to find a fenced house in my society, those fenced have no gates, so they are still accessible. It’s easy to tell who is new on the village because the village Drunkard will announce, The people’s chairman (we choose one just for just nothing political) Is always alerted. The water collection centers know because we don’t have many so either way one has to fetch from either of the five and the owners will tell the face is new.

Anyway, its #UgBlogWeek and the theme Whats your vision of the future of story telling. The silence on my village this morning wasnt because they were in shock, They were actually scared. They were afraid to speak. The Future will have more of these, media will be censored and people will be afraid to tell their stories. how does one tell the world they were raped? As much as its okay, the stigma is real on certain things. we have got all these talks about HIV/Aids and the stigma is still not dead even with positive living. We have stories of friends disappearing for political reasons but no one is quick to question. we are afraid, we shall be more afraid. We shall tell tales and stories only in the comforts of our homes due to fear of being misheard or judged or misquoted. We shall go back to times of sitting at fires and telling our children what the media never got courage to let the world know. We will write/blog and still refuse to detail because we are afraid.

Who will go for us?


Who is the owner of the motor bike that the men/man who killed Felix used? Was it the same bike that was used in Kigunddu’s murder? And that madam that was shot at, at the market with her kids watching…anha joan is her name she came before Kirya anyway I think the Ghost rider owns so many in town and parks them at the cemetery after every target then waits for the day to pass and when night falls, he is back on the road. Does the Watch man at the cemetery know him or he is a Ghost too? Does the Ghost Rider even have a list because…. So if the Ghost rider is alive, does that mean those arrested are actually innocent because i mean, unless you are part of the prison break cast,there’s no way you are in prison and free same time. Speaking of Prison Break i Can’t Kent CANT wait for April. But well, even if the ghost rider was normal during day and bad news in the night. They attached it to religion, but well, the list sounds not religion bent to me. It Seems Like Teabag actually was arrested for a reason, isn’t that why he has no hand in the movie?. The only innocent man could be Lincoln which i doubt because, you don’t allow to break out of Prison when you are a church boy yet you can hire Olivia Pope really! Even Scofield’s girlfriend seems too innocent, you can’t be a doctor that treats Convicts that have escaped and stay lip sealed and say you don’t need prison. Olivia would put you in prison for helping the convicts escape and then the best way to come out by law you would need Harvey,Micheal Ross and Jessica or become a Break out king…What am i even saying back to the ghost rider.

So the Rider is a good film actor, he spots prey during day.Now, he transforms into a fiery, avenging agent of justice(oba injustice because murder is a sin)at night wherever evil roams (difference is, this Ghost Rider murders in broad day light.he must love his sleep). This dude rides through the district like he is the governor in charge. His helmet with fire and a bike that leaves marks. You basically know he visited the city that night because you all wake up to a dark cloud, road blocks and press trying to find out who, what, when,why, how, which….As the only one who can walk in both worlds, Ghost Rider is led by Ghost-unknown, a demon that wants to overthrow the unknown and create a worse hell than the one that currently exists. Does Ghost rider know God even or Rider lives for money and blood. Speaking of Blood, Is Ghost rider a Vampire too (palms face) because seems that’s all he feeds on. So What is Ghost’s story? What happened to the law and scripture and Grace? Ghost was raised badly not to know the sixth commandment. Thou shall never kill. Even Nick Caffrey and his best friend Mouse know how best to find the Ghost rider you people! It breaks my heart. hmm . Do we need to Hire Annalise Keating and her firm really when we have Olivia pope and her team ….oh they all do well covering up. Nick Caffrey, Mouse,Judge Judy and Alex Parrish is all we need but payment terms hmm well the team wont be complete with poor media coverage we shall need Lee child on this one.  If he can find fake lost art pieces, he surely can’t fail on this. And Chaka demus and Pliers sound good for a radiao bulletin.

Soo these are my questions:

1: Who is Ghost

2:Who is the Ghost rider?

3: Why hasn’t Wes Gibsons played his part on the team?

4:Why hasn’t harvey given us details on the case?

5: Does Lee Child work alone?

6: Everyone knows hat the cemetery is for the dead, has anybody tried to find out if any graves arent occupied by ghosts?