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Nations -9


Today i felt movements while i sat at my desk. I surely have been worried about this because friends said by now i should be feeling some stretches. Truth is i still dont know if what i felt are movements or gas, i just haven yet learnt how to well distinguish every thing i feel but moving on….am excited. Yesterday i did introduce you to music, dont worry i will make sure everyday u have a musical session however am afraid to say it will only be gospel especially worship. (i know u know why)

Well, i cant wait to learn how to distinguish…Google said, first time it takes a while but dont worry about google…i am attentive.

Dear heart

Today I felt as low as I felt the same day four years ago. I felt overwhelmed but also I had hope. I always have hope but am wondering, is this hope affiliated to you or the soul?

Hope is one of those things I can’t live without. I just don’t know how anyway.

Today I played the same exact songs that I played then. Now, there’s a certain place this music sends me to. A zone I can’t explain. Is music affiliated to you or the spirit?

This kind sends me places and makes me feel a certain type of way, as if am staring deep at a child in worship….(oh there is nothing more humbling than this) the innocence, the honesty, the infancy…..

Worship is just another setting

Love is another zone

Dear heart, if this must be my drug, I wanna keep high forever. If all this is affiliated with you in any way, teach me how to stay in this zone. It’s a safe haven. In it, nothing else matters. They say, smoke weed and feel…..i say inhale worship and everything else will fall in place


Me…gracefully broken.

Dear heart

Do not grow numb against evil. Do not grow weary either. Do not tire from worry. May you always fight, for what is right. May you always be honest and full of integrity. No, refuse to suffer silently even when silence is golden. Be as loud as your worship and as fulfilling as a silent prayer.

I heard them worship next door and I love how you melted just before joining in. Always and always be outspoken either way there is no loss in silence or speech as long as you are satisfied. They fumbled with all those worship songs but at least your intention was pure, you stood for them even when expression faiked. Today you failed and went numb at their joy, tomorrow, speak as loud as you can get



Dear heart 2

Yes, I know you can choose to love or not but then, what choice do you leave me with?

All I have done is love the life out of you,

I loved you when you lied

Loved you when you hurt

Loved you when you smiled

Loved you even more when you were broken

Loved you when you were excited and happy.

In brief I have shared your joys, sorrows, the storm and the sunshine. But the heart wants what it wants and I can’t blame it. However, I don’t really know what gets it confused and it falls off balance even when all lights are clearly and boldly stating no “no future agead ”

Why do we ‘tie’ on things and give them so much power over us?

Dear heart, you failed me once, try be good this new season because these are the last letters I will be sending. We need some love poetry in-house, some flowers of course, a few scented candles, a beautiful set up, maybe an excuse to have an expensive meal one that comes with one single nacho for a starter(they call it food too), some good wine (I love it white) a beautiful dress and a person THAT feels the same and sends butterflies and caterpillars down my left, one with whom my Spanish isn’t foreign, lots of laughter and sweet music……..

We need a new season abeg



Day 4

So yesterday I was thinking about Christmas and how it was exciting back in the day when my dad would get his bicycle and the boys get the panga and i just followed and we went up to cut the tree and we would find my mother with a tin well sealed and full of sand with egg shells ready to place our tree. The scent of the freshness of the tree jeez….Then we would have toilet paper cut out in and use it for decoration along with gift wrappers, then snow the tree with cotton and tie sweets around for the night, then my mother would make sure we all have gifts under the tree (i don’t know how she managed to do this because we weren’t just two but seven. Then she would add the red father Christmas that we had to blow air into alongside the balloons then wake us up 3am to unwrap gifts the morning of Christmas. It was such a joy…

And while I was there wondering whether i could have this old Christmas back or if kids these days will see more than the artificial trees and know the joy of lighting a fresh tree on 20th (Oh yes, our tree was always lit by 20th with our strands of disco lights) then we had all the local Christmas songs playing the whole month. Anyway, as i was wondering, i saw an ML 350. I stopped to think. I always wish i could stop the owners and tell them to just give me a lift or let me sit for 5 mins or just tap on it just to get the anointing but then i also remind myself that they didn’t work for it in a day so i console myself and go to sleep for the lord knows my heart and he says, “whatsoever you shall desire….”


Curiosity Killed Me

So curiosity directed me to a restaurant hidden at some basement.. The pics looked nice and the guy with the flyer didn’t stop swinging it each time I passed by. today i was hungry and decided to visit.

the food I usually have at 6k was not less than 20k and that is beans all food. Eish i usually eat beans at hajjats at 4k and all food at that. I couldn’t even run out of the restaurant. it was not so occupied and the owner had ushered my friend and i into the lounge with a God bless you. “what kind of man says tha?” my friend asked. After we looked at the menu i told her, now i know why we needed the blessings 20k for beans and 10k for plain chips with no salad or gravy? and this isn’t serena or Sheraton or KFC Not even close to a 1 star. Since we couldnt run, i told my friend i wasnt paying 10k for fries i cant get at 3500k of 5k i would rather sit on a time bomb of chicken at 20k even when Madinah can give it for 10k and she would even add deep friend gonja.

The food did take a while after we decided to do this and NEVER be curious again for such places. Then very loud Old school jams were played that we hardly heard each other talk. The food came and the tables were meant for pillow guys because they were too low u would get tired of bending and carry your plate. In this Uganda where the least paid earns 3.5m and the cleaner isnt paid but tipped 150k and has rent and tax….why would i eat food of 20k for lunch…..I just wasted lunch and transport for two days. I have learnt my lesson.

The Choir

So today I felt like sharing the song list I had for my church wedding. It was too lit i still go can’t deal. I had Mr John Osire and band play for my church choir and gracious God, if it wasnt Justice, i ask that you contact them as well or talk to me nicely for the contact. It’s an Only christian band. Meaning they only play gospel songs so even if you want them to play at your wedding reception, make your gospel list known to them and let them handle the rest. And yes, he is the best Violinist I know in Kampala.

groom entered Church to “great is thy faithfulness“.  You will realise I chose a lot of Old traditional church hymns for my day. But for each of these hymns speak closely to my heart. And this was a perfect song because morning by morning new mercies I indeed see.

maids entered to “flesh of my Flesh“. Now, the first time I heard this song it was at one of the many weddings I attend but i didn’t know the lyrics. Thanks to google i got to know the lyrics…They are vows….

Bride(that is me): I entered to “just as I am,I come broken“. Now, all my childhood I knew this was the song I was going to walk down the aisle to. However, the traditional hymn is what i had in mind until Tomlin, pimped the song up. It’s deep for me.(god,only God and i know how deep) I see My husband as Christ and i as his church and all i was saying is “just as i am” i come to thee so just take me in. I am not perfect but that is why christ died for a sinner like myself to be mended. So dear husband, maybe you didn’t know this but i am the way i am, not perfect, always under construction.

After the vows: Beautiful in white was played yes the one of westlife, because my husband has his attachments to it. He didn’t care at what point they sang it, but he needed the song and yes, I was in a lovely white Gown.

the Offertory and thanksgiving. one of my favorite Luganda hymns “Ekisa kyo tekitegerekeka” (your grace is unfathomable). His Grace is indeed nothing I can explain or describe. its unfathomable and indescribable, its overwhelming. Because every day I still fall short and yet everyday he loves me harder…nowonder Brian Lubega questions…Kisa nabaki ekyo?….

It was accompanied with “he has made me glad” and indeed The lord has made me glad. Everyday am blessed. Everyday I sing a new song

Signing the certificate we had “To God be the Glory“…..If I don’t give him the glory, then am a big thief. That man has done me good…so good.

The recession song was Big Godo by Dee Jones: One, I wanted to dance my way out of Church. Two, I wanted to praise my lungs out. three: i just needed to remind myself that He has never left me alone.  I tell my Matron that i am a modern-day Esther because the Favor upon my life overwhelms me as well. And knowing i have a big God by my side, i can never fail! i have a team of Mordecais because its not just a single person. My “A” team. My family. eish kambateganise! kamunkunzire!

Now, did I mention that Mrs Ziki Banga aka Saidat Catcazazza (fb names) was on those Vocals? Gwe…this babe can sing….If I had her vocals i would never ever shut up.

All in all “to God be the glory” he has made me glad. My heart is full

NB: Kano Kalango, Just incase u want a choir that will do Runyankore hymns for you,My siblings and I are like the open hymn book or that we have the kitaguriro within us that the book wont have. we Also know English but see some times vernacular tastes like heaven!

Heart for Rent 3


Zero sleep. Out of bed. Turns the music on and in her short pyjamas and mess burn she starts to dance. Goes to the fridge and takes out milk, pours herself cornflakes and lets it all out at the sofa infront of her TV.

Beep, Beep…Text from Joe. She quickly grabs her phone and opens it. “i cant sleep but i guess you are on mars and will see when you get up”, it read

typing…… i am actually awake thinking of you….backspace

….well couldnt sleep either…..backspace

……just got up to eat….back space

……Well, i was still up trying to finish up a series…she sent.

Joe: Oh, what series?

Ella: Handmaid’s tale

Joe: i love some gun action. I dont know what that is even

Ella: I love some guns too but this was recommended.

Joe: let me let you finish as i try find sleep. Goodnight

Ella: Good night

She held her phone like she was hugging memories from the past. After she was over with her thoughts she picked up her bowl and finished her cereal before she could go to bed again.

Saturday morning and the ray of sunshine that hit brightly at her window is what got her up. Lazily she woke up and the clock was reading 10am. She walked out of her bed straight to her leaving room, picked up her remote and turned on the TV, dropped it and walked back to her bedroom into the bathroom. Washed her face and brushed then she picked up her phone to call her laundry lady. She went in into her kitchen to clean up and suddenly it hit her again. She was alone. He had left her after 2 years of staying together and four of dating and he left like they hadnt been together even for a single day.

Dishes in the sink, water running and tears flowing down her cheeks. All the beautiful nights and days spent together suddenly came back. It had been eight months and she still didnt know what to do with herself. some days were okay and merry and other days she felt like crap. Closed doors and a bowl of candy. No amount of wine could wipe her tears or heal the broken heart. No amount of music would numb the pain. So she put up an ad in her head that no one ever read “heart for rent”

slowly she washed the dishes. trying to deal with all the thoughts. Keeping busy not to think but it felt like yesterday. The dishes were done and just before she could start to mop, a knock at the door. ‘It must be fina, the laudry lady’ she thought. She went over to the door and it was Penny, her bestfriend. She had been checking on weekly just to make sure she is okay. Peeny feared her friend wwould sink into depression. “hey..how are you? you look terrible this morning” she said pulling Ella in for a hug. “I am tired” Ella said drawing in as tears started to collect again. Penny held her for almost sixty seconds before she could let her go. ‘So how has the week been? Penny asked letting herself in. she threw her bag on the sofa and went into the kitchen to make some tea. Ella shut the door and walked back to wear she had left her bucket and mop. She picked them up as she narrated the bar events to Penny who stood with her body against the wall that divides the living room from the kitchen. ‘Actually, we are having lunch together this afternoon’.




She sat in the same corner every night. Her lips red and her outfit always turning heads. She ordered drinks and pulled out her phone every other night like she was waiting on someone to join her.

Joe sat across her at the counter every other day. He came by himself and simply found it right to always turn his chair, lean against the counter and gaze at her. The first night he was caught by her sly smile over something she was reading on her phone. Second say she kept staring down at it like she was expecting a call anytime. He kept coming back  hoping to see her after then. She saw him gaze at her every night but she was quick to retreat her eyes each time he raised his.

Friday last week he didn’t come. She felt so lonely, wondering what had happened to him, She went over to the counter and asked the bar man about him. “I don’t know his name  neither do i have his contact. I am not sure why he isn’t here today”.  Thank you she said and went back to her corner, pulled out her phone and scrolled through the gallery. She had taken pictures of him without him noticing on some of those nights. She went into her notes and wrote ‘its been three weeks, and i noticed his eyes first time. They looked tired yet still beautiful.’

He came back the next day and as he ordered his drink the bar man whispered something to him before she came in. He ordered for her a glass of captain Morgan and slipped his business card over to the bar man. When she arrived, she first looked at the counter and saw him. He was facing the counter today, looking down at his glass of Jameson. Her heart smiled as she walked past him to her corner. Hardly had she sat, than the bar man came over with her glass. “he has paid for it.” he said sliding the business card over. ‘Thank you,’ she said. the bar man left.

she pulled out her phone and opened her Messages, happened new, copied the number off the business card and typed. ‘Sitting all by yourself could have been the reason you didn’t turn up last friday, care to join?’ she tapped send.  his phone beeped. He opened the message from the unknown sender and soon as he read it. He turned his head, looked at her, turned back, ordered another glass and got up.

she stood up to receive him.  “hi Joe, Am Ella”. Beautiful name, thank you for inviting me over. He said as he sat down besides her. For the first time since he saw her, she kept her phone away and shifted all his attention to him. “so what brings you here every night all alone?” She asked.  His head slightly bowed he said, “to numb the pain in this class of Jameson (staring down at it) A heart for Rent and now a beautiful lady (he raised his eyes towards her and she blushed).

she quickly turned away because she had seen her face betraying her mind. “well, what brings you here every other day. The bar man mentioned how you have been coming here alone for almost two months.” he said.  ‘A heart for rent, Empty apartment and I need to feel alive but am willing to wait.’ Her heart skipped before She could even finish because it knew how empty she was. They sat down and talked about heartbreak and past experiences and neither of them noticed how fast time had travelled. It was 3am, they both had work. They left and Joe walked her to her car. “will you be coming again tomorrow?” she asked. ‘sure’ he said. Will you keep me a seat besides you again?. She nodded as she got into her car. see you tomorrow….