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Are My Country Men Idle or Simply Bitter?

Are My Country Men Idle or Simply Bitter?

I need ideas on how to get to the top page of the nationals news paper. Do you guys know what means? I am lying. I never want to get to that part I think. Anyway, i havent watched news in a long while or even read papers as much as i used to. I think our media lost it along the way, we are afraid of the truth and then a times you have one useless story running whole week or one big story being dragged when they can just come out straight with the truth and close it.

Are my country men idle? I don’t know. I dont even have the answer to that. When the AIGP was murdered, we all had opinions, analysis and ideas. Then the story just refused to die (i think the murderer is also as tired as the soul of the deceased). I feel for the family because they will never forget. Each time they try the name is back, stories are running, images are being flashed. Healing wont come easy. And whoever came up with social media, we appreciate as much as we abuse it but Jeez, these platforms never rest cases. (Did the late Mayombo attract the same attention in media? i dont remember). I am a Journalist. Well i did go to school for this and know prominence makes news but Jeez, Do these cases ever rest?.

While the nation still mourns Kaweesi (it might never stop) The Don, passes on. Now, I don’t know when the dead stopped to have privacy and when posting the remains of the deceased on social media became right, but many people badly wanted to see. (I wonder why they didn’t go to the vigil since no formal invites were sent out). Have our morals died or we simply idle. I know very many people who have lived publically and still had a share or their privacy. Actually most of the complainants for example have a public relationship, when they break up, they dont care to give us feed back(i mean we were in your lives. You included us so u owe us explanations as much). So if the deceased’s family didnt want the pictures out there, i wonder how that becomes a national problem! The national problem in all this should maybe have been the Currency being buried because it’s a legal tender and still i know we aint too patriotic so that is the Central banks problem. (the things we choose to sweat over though).

Are my country men bitter? Maybe. I mean only Nalongo had the courage to express her feelings, the rest of you suppress them and after one individual comes out, you all act supportive (maybe because you feel after her) but when things get complex, you all go back to making money and posting pictures of food and clothes. But you all are bitter. When the people’s president is on strike, you join in but if he asked to be the one that joins you, you wouldn’t even leave your house. So why bite what you can’t chew and swallow?. continue with your baby showers, and birthdays and hiring photographers to take pictures for your instagram. If you don’t carry the Balls to speak. Do what you can afford to do best. Dont tire us with complaints you aren’t willing to address.

You want change, what have you done. Be wise, Be vigilant. If you didn’t attend the don’s vigil, why ask for pictures because he lived publically? Did he know you even? Dont lie to nalongo if u cant walk besides her when it rains. We are all hypocrites.


I saw men mourn

the district covered in silence

the veil had been slit apart

Darkness fell

the silence was defeaning

too many questions, no answers

the glory of the women dimmed

the authority of men shuttered.

ophans wept

Blood creating erosion

I saw my country men mourn

wome covered in fear,

paupers and beggars in hiding

the crown had been stepped on

shadows had been created

hope was erased

my country was raped.

The nation was deflowered.image110