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Nations -9


Today i felt movements while i sat at my desk. I surely have been worried about this because friends said by now i should be feeling some stretches. Truth is i still dont know if what i felt are movements or gas, i just haven yet learnt how to well distinguish every thing i feel but moving on….am excited. Yesterday i did introduce you to music, dont worry i will make sure everyday u have a musical session however am afraid to say it will only be gospel especially worship. (i know u know why)

Well, i cant wait to learn how to distinguish…Google said, first time it takes a while but dont worry about google…i am attentive.


today, we heard your heartbeat while doing the genetic scan and we laughed at how loud it was. Your father said you would be a noisy child and we laughed about it. we missed recording it (your father was too taken up). But he managed to do some recordings of your movements.

you are healthy and i have put on 6kgs this month alone. I am enjoying the journey. Slowly but surely and everyday i say Thank you to God because he has made us Glad!



Omanyi Katonda asobola Okukyusa eriinya lyo n’ovamu eggwanga Ddamba?

And I will make you a great nation, And I will bless you, And make your name great; And so you shall be a blessing; 3And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”…

I think i somehow mentioned i dont remember how i concluded at calling you a “Nations”, well, i got it. this was it. Genesis 12:2-4:

I dont Know if i told you about how Dr John laughed at me when i told him i didnt know how to be pregnant or even how to do this thing. But then i neither dont know how i breath, so i answered myself when i went home. God will teach me. this is it.


Nations -2

Dear nations

As long as mummy has air(never take it for granted so when pride kicks in, remember who lendest you breath)

I was saying, as long as mummy has breath, hold unto these hands mahogany…i however can’t wait to tell you about whose hands hold us all.

I won’t promise to stop the storm for you, but will always try protect your eyes from the dust( for your eyes are far more precious than diamonds) and be your wind breaker

Always keep the stars in your eyes and dreams in your heart. Jeremiah was sent to prophecy to nations….you are Nations



Nations- 1

Dear Nations,

I have been meaning to write to you and many times i contemplated but here it is. I don’t know you yet, but i was sure of that very first day. I wasnt anticipating but I just was too conscious. Any way Dont ask why u are nations. I knew way back that this is what you would be called until God puts a name on my heart for he knew u before i even thought of it. All i know u are going or will be a body. One individual with too much.

I often told myself that if u aren’t a minister of the word in whatever way u choose don’t be the first because that is a promise I have made to God and i intend to keep. And since u are here and you are the first am sure you know u are ready. I am very excited to have you.

I know one day u will be able to read this blog. u will have questions and I hope i will be able to answer each one of them.

And the LORD said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.[2] (emphasis mine) Genesis 25:23

Worry not. Am not sure how many are thea but whatever number. He mantains my lot


Murder,she Baked.5

He didn’t care to explain or say a word. He just walked off.  she silently ate her breakfast deep in thought. Wondering how else she will handle this. Was it the wrong approach?. While she cleaned the dishes, he came out, he was leaving. “am out. Will be home for dinner.” She nodded and turned her attention back to the dishes. She thought through divorce even when she knew that no one would support her neither would he allow to sign the papers because he had a reputation to maintain.  She thought through just walking out, denying him sex because she was no longer sure of her safety. “this sounds like a plan,” she said out loud.

She went about her day as usual, talked with her new maid, made sure they bound with Celine. Mark would be returning soon. But for a while as they watched cartoons, she forgot about her problems but just only for a while until they were preparing dinner when her former maid came in. the gate man came running…. “mama Celine, Naki ali ku gate”. she went out to see what Naki had come to do. She looked tired, with her stomach protruding through her thin blouse. She carried a suitcase. Mama Celine stood at the door her arms akimbo waiting on her to speak. Naki placed her suitcase down from her head. She looked weary, her eyes swollen like she had been crying. “my mother has told me to come back. (her husband hooted and the gate man rushed to let him in) she can’t afford to take care of me while the one in charge of the pregnancy does nothing“. Soon as she finished the statement, mama Celine collapsed. Naki stared helplessly at her, the gate man ran over to help. The husband didn’t even turn off the engine, jumped out and carried her into the car straight to hospital.

At the hospital first aid was done. Mayor handled the bill, She was put on a 2 days bed rest and she requested to do it at the hospital. she was afraid of returning home to her life. The mayor had to call her sister to stay with her as he went home. He found Naki waiting on her and when she explained her ordeal, he told her to abort. “Are you mad? How do I abort a foetus this old?Am not leaving here until u find a better plan. She Exclaimed and sat at the veranda. He told her he would sent help, let her return to her mothers but she declined so he had to figure out another way. He asked her to stay in the quarters until he figures out a plan but he knew that he had to figure it out before his wife was dismissed. He went in up to his bedroom and kept pacing,called up a few friends and one suggested he gets her a one room rental, pays the whole year for it. Gives her some money and that’s it until further notice. He stormed out. Told her to carry her bags, called a few other people, a house was provided. A Self contained one room, he made immediate payment took her shopping for few things and gave her pocket change of 500k. One problem solved, he exhaled.

The man with whom i share my bed(4)

The woman with whom I share his body with.

I sat Down at the dinning table for a couple of hours and when I got up, I went ahead with my plan. I prepared Spaghetti and minced meat. Sent the boda Guy for wine(One last sip before the days get longer) and baby shoes (i told him they were for a friends baby shower). Prepared the fruit salad and placed it in the freezer and made Jacket potatoes. That phone call wasnt about to ruin my plan for such news. I laid the table and placed the shoes over the TV. I gave him a call at 5pm and he told me he was on his way so i cleaned up and waited.

Hi love, welcome back. I said as he stepped out of the car. He came out received my hug and walked inside the house in hand. I asked him to go clean up then join me. “is anything wrong?” No, love. I just missed you. Well, he grabbed me and before i knew, i was back into the shower for the third round. We showered and made love in the shower (its our house, our bedroom, our rules). We moved to the bedroom and i think my perfume bottle broke then because he just cleared the dressing table without looking. One hand supporting my body against his while the other cleared. he just threw it all to the floor. (he loves diving into my NIN) And he was at it again. We shifted to the bed and he flipped me over. I took control and drove my Benz like it was at zero mileage so i need to explore its potential. Time check: 7pm and we are both lying down naked, eyes to the ceiling. I got up, just grabbed my rob and ran off to the kitchen. (i hope i didn’t leave anything burning). All was clear, i placed the food and called him out. (as always a boxer and shirt) we sat down. Had dinner and soon as it was done. He helped clear the table and do the dishes. Then we moved to the living room to catch the news @9pm. Soon as he sat down he noticed the shoes. “whose are these (getting up to take a close look)” ‘Ours” i said. You mean we are? Before i could answer, i was being swung in the air. (and here was a phone call that wanted to ruin it.)

that night we went to bed happy and in the morning as we prepped for church i called i asked him “Do you have a son, you havent told me about? He could be of a friend or sister or stranger but in your care?” ‘No. you would know if i had one. So none i know of. We went off to Church (my new church). While the sermon went on, the lady called again. I went out to pick her up. She told me the same thing she said yesterday. I said well, my husband has no child he is aware of, we are expecting the first child now so please don’t call me again.’

Listen madam, she said calmly. My name is Freda, I had a one night in with your husband a week before he got married. So He has a son and he has been taking care until recently. (everything in my stomach was rotating, my feet trembled) so I asked that we meet. I said i would call her back. I went back in and smiled at my husband. I looked at him and wondered Was he lying or she was….But i guess my answer was staring right back at me…

#Puzzledlines Rainbow Babies

She stood still

like paralysis had hit her

and her legs had been mutated

her low lip dropping slowly

she tried to bite on her tongue

but she feared, her worst nightmare had come to pass

she let out a loud scream from the back of the class

all faces turned like it was a mannequin challenge

silence filled the room

just before she could speak

her neighbour shouted.


The teacher quickly ran to the back to her

asked around for wrappers and a quick car

Just before night fell in her eyes,

she whispered like she was drunk with sleep

My angel is gone

She didn’t wait…………..