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Love under the rain

what would making love under the rain feel like

wet and soaking but immersed and drowning in love.

sweat and passion cooled by some drops

silent mourns and mud

oh the mud

what difference will the pattering on the roof make

on a cold horny evening

lying in bed cozy and warm
the poetic sensation
rhythm after rhythm

i wonder what it would feel like,
making love under the moon
near a water fountain
with Dave koz blowing the sax
and the stars twinkling silently

soothing jazz and the babbling of the water resonating

leave the Indian movie kinda love
its the chemistry and no action

cringing unto the sheet, legs shaking at the explosion

his tongue strumming your inner thighs
fast pace breathing
and then a silent moan

Another silence with the fore play from the tingling sensational ripples of the fountain

the pavement

the pavement
of secret places
where the secrets get buried and thoughts are birthed
the only space that has strong winds, strong enough to blow tears down the chin
the place with power to tell on her but she is glad its just concrete
a none living thing full of life
they argue and fight
but also make peace and laugh.
She sat again today, in the same spot i see her often for the last couple of years
her knees to her chin and eyes bent
maybe half closed
she hardly hears the hooting of the cars
nor the yell of the traffic officer.
She was drenched by the rains but also she enjoyed it, because today she cried.
she needed it
she looked lost
but each time she stands up from their, she looks refueled
i wonder what conversations they have
Its her secret place
i wanted to walk up to her to ask
why not her pillow or bathroom,
why not ink, paint or maybe a human. She could drown in music or prayer
but the rains ,before i knew, she was gone

Seasons Of Love


winter is no match for the warmth of love,she had said
whirling winds,
ravening clouds,
the roar of the sea waves,
wrecking of the boats.
She didn’t think she would see him again
yet she still couldn’t stand in the rain
covered in his shawl
she sat at the fire place
rocking impatiently.
later she wrote;
“sometimes love is frozen another its as hot as cinder
Every season has its impact”.

soon as she had penned down,
long after the sun had refused to shine,
she had him breathe at the door.


She walked slowly like she didn’t feel it

her clothes soaked and her hair dripping

her head bowed that she couldn’t see where she was going

it almost knocked her

and all he did was stop and scream at her through the window

she didn’t lift her chin even for a sec

she walked on

past the men at the bus stop taking shelter from the rain

she didn’t even hear the insults they made

how foolish and reckless she looked


just one woman


a lady almost her age

walked up to her and allowed to get wet with her

covered her with a shawl and led her to a chair by the road

she held her too close

like she was trying to offer some warmth

and when the rain stopped she said

“they took it all.

My dignity, her life

and I failed her once again.”d76ad978bccdd0bfe0d3b01b36c3a278.jpg


Dear M,

I believe you are fine and well rested where you are. I saw her yesterday and she spoke of you so fondly. She was sad and happy and Jealous. Yes,Jealous that she cant be where you are. But also very careful to make sure she doesnt rush. She is full of life. Ofcourse empty and sad on some days. She does miss you everyday and seeking counsel from everybody else not you has also taken its toil on her. But generally she is good, loved and we make sure we do not allow her room to lack. We try our best.

Its been a while but the wound is fresh like it was yesterday. The shoes are too big to fill but everyone tries. We be counting stars and looking out for which one shines brighter. We dance in the rain believing its you saying you are happy. We whisper to the wind hoping that you are listening some nights are longer than the others but most of all we know you are in a safer place and warm enough.



Love Letters-3

Dear Cupid,

You know how I love handwritten love letter, teas, smell of coffee and the smell of dusty old books…i hear some people use the word rustic not sure what they mean. Well, i hadn’t planned on a cold love month. In fact i cleaned out my closet because weather forecasters said there will be no rains till march. They lied. I am here at my work desk freezing. (thank God i wore tights) but even the tea i made didn’t seem to keep me warm nor did the cup of coffee.

I sit legs crossed under my desk while i try not to expose my fingers very much to the cold. (eissh i wonder what would have become of me if i were to be born inĀ  winter country). I hate cold and well, Boo (the word i hate to use finally come out). He is far, i cant carry him to my office anyway so, while u bless me with gifts this season, Kindly think around sweaters,boots,trench coats, scarfs, gloves and coffee because i will need that very much this season…ooh and good books i can cuddle with on saturday mornings in your absence.