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both men

He is rugged where jack is finely cut,

scurfy where my jack is smooth

he is a body builder where jack is just chubby and sweet

yet both men awaken something different within me.

i am a spread eagle before him and only a night bat to jack

Jack is a shy monster in bed while he is a beast in daylight

he watches my body like a desperate worshiper

one looks at me like a recovering alcoholic stares at a cold beer

and the other, wears the look of an angry parent

yet i cant stop to compare both men


he was trying to walk away and hold on at the same time,

because the same thing that made him happy
made him sad
he had no clue which spoke loudest,
the stars in her eyes or the venom on her lips
the music in her heart or the demons in her mind
he could walk away easily but was it in his thoughts or feelings?
he was confused.
that’s a mind at war with the heart


she likes him
he likes her
its obvious to everyone except them
“just Friends” don’t look at each other like that
even when she looks away his eyes are on her and he is smelling her hair
when he isn’t looking,
her eyes are on him with smile on her lips
does she know how her face lights up each time she sees him
or is she ignoring the leap of joy in her heart.
does he notice the way, he speaks to her and holds her hand and every split second we aren’t watching,
he is staring deep into her eyes


i think i like you more than i planned. Maybe i love your more than i thought.

I wonder how many times i have to forgive you even when you don’t deserve it but just because i don’t want to lose you.

Maybe i am indecisive and find it hard choosing my favorite things but this i know with no doubt, you are a favorite.

you have beautiful eyes and i got lost in them because every-time you look at me, its like we are about to kiss.

Kiss me today, kiss me tomorrow, kiss me forever and every other second of our eternity.

Kiss me like you have never kissed anybody else in this world. Kiss me like your are pouring your soul into mine.


i saw you at the tea shop and i saw you again at the florist.

I was too shy to say a thing or maintain my glance but also i was thinking the woman on his hand must be a perfect one. Then i noticed, you didn’t have any at the tea shop but probably you are buying the flowers for her.

I saw you again across the street at corner holding a bouquet of sunflowers and lilies and i am thinking i love those too. She must be a darling and I went back to sipping my tea and reading my book.

I almost spilled it when i saw the shadow of you. I stuttered, i would never have thought i was the woman.

When you told me why you came to the tea shop often and walked by to the florist just to learn of the things i like so that you have a perfect introduction, i was humbled and here we are. I loved you even before i knew your name just like you did


i was told to love like the sea or was my mother crazy?
instead of letting me dream, she shook me awake
She said go all in, love crazy, when it hits hard and calm, when it soothes
But she didn’t tell me what to do with the fire
the sparks of light that kept going up like a log had been adjusted
She didn’t tell me how to love when the fire burned out and smoke filled my eyes and chocked me that my breathe got short

she said, it will hurt but also it will be fun. It will be happiness and butterflies when its right but also it will make you cry.
she Just told me, love like your life depends on it.
that’s what i stuck with.


yes you have become my tears, yes you have become my laughter,

yes you have become my sky and my entire world so don’t let me go away because i am scared of the strangers arms.

I am scared of lonely hearts.

Yes you have become the sun in my eyes and the fire in my chest.

Yes i will die for this love and Yes i will still love you.

Just promise that you will wait for only me


A quiet heart doesn’t fret over its worries but then,
what should i do with the voices in my head

should i ignore my head for the memories it plays back or should i ignore my heart
should i burn the photographs,
erase all the good times and the sad
how do i deal with the memories we made together
how should i let go of you
to live like i have never known you
to walk past you like i had never run into your embrace
to wince like my smile had never beamed at the sight of a text from you
tell me, how to go on without you
do these thoughts confuse you too?

Dear heart

Today I felt as low as I felt the same day four years ago. I felt overwhelmed but also I had hope. I always have hope but am wondering, is this hope affiliated to you or the soul?

Hope is one of those things I can’t live without. I just don’t know how anyway.

Today I played the same exact songs that I played then. Now, there’s a certain place this music sends me to. A zone I can’t explain. Is music affiliated to you or the spirit?

This kind sends me places and makes me feel a certain type of way, as if am staring deep at a child in worship….(oh there is nothing more humbling than this) the innocence, the honesty, the infancy…..

Worship is just another setting

Love is another zone

Dear heart, if this must be my drug, I wanna keep high forever. If all this is affiliated with you in any way, teach me how to stay in this zone. It’s a safe haven. In it, nothing else matters. They say, smoke weed and feel…..i say inhale worship and everything else will fall in place


Me…gracefully broken.