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I saw men mourn

the district covered in silence

the veil had been slit apart

Darkness fell

the silence was defeaning

too many questions, no answers

the glory of the women dimmed

the authority of men shuttered.

ophans wept

Blood creating erosion

I saw my country men mourn

wome covered in fear,

paupers and beggars in hiding

the crown had been stepped on

shadows had been created

hope was erased

my country was raped.

The nation was deflowered.image110




She was ashamed of love
How could she explain to her dad
That he was a batterer yet a lover
Rude yet a soother
Love had betrayed her and led her to a devil
A man she had never met
He was an angel in courting
One slap led to another
But love is patient they say
She waited for him
Hoping he will change
They say when your heart is sick u don’t get rid of it
But when your heart is ill u suffocate
I can’t treat a disease I can’t touch
How was she going to tell her friends
That love her side was selfish and kept a record of wrongs
She was so ashamed of saying she was in love!


I wake up today feeling lousy but then i pick up my phone as usual to scroll throught my emails and social media time-lines and the headlines are;

1: #FreeJoyDoreen –  I didnt even know she was arrested because instagram the other day said she was having her traditional wedding. But yes, being a journalist i think she was curious (i would also be). She heard gunshots and chaos so she decided to let the rest of us know. And then she is arrested, what for i do not know. So maybe i dont know the story well but what happened to freedom of speech or expression and those other freedoms that democracy promised?

2:Kasese! – The images would force one to throw up. if felt like a genocide partly then a massacre, then i dont know what. Question is did we have to wait for this to arrest some people because its not like we started knowing about Kasese Yesterday? Funny thing no citizen knows the exact cause we keep guessiong from tribal conflicts, to political to the kingdom wanting to have a state..and still no one has clarified but people are being slaughted.

3: Major and his Escort shot dead – According to the media (since i wasnt present) they say the murder happened in the morning, broadday light a busy town and the killers were not even noticed by the police and traffic that keeps arresting vendors and young boys playi Matatu. So the killers had time to shoot the major almost the whole gun magazine(if its that they call it) 30 pullets, get into the car and pick whatever they needed and left. hmmm indeed God saw we needed grace

4: Evidence lost –  Now how on earth do you arrest Kanyamunyu and his team with no evidence? and how does evidence get lost and witnesses too. What are the people in intelligence doing? Because if there’s no evidence or witness, let the guy walk free of lets have the mob decide if he is guilty or not.. But how again i ask can evidence be lost. you do postmortem and the would is a bullet wound and then even the type os bullet isnt questioned?

Now, i want to know, what is most important? the naads money or the lives of the people?

The opposition Chaos or finding the cause of all these killings that go unjustified?

Either Christ is finally returning and has reached Kyengera or the Devil is winning

the people who should protect us are the ones destroying us and we are dancing because we have never known better.

But who knows,Maybe tomorrow the Sun will shine bright again.

GRIEVING FOR MY NATION (lost love) #UgBlogWeek day 3

Who are you?

Yes, you so don’t turn your head.

I am speaking to you state

What happened to my nation?

To the freedom you promised,

Did your manifesto die?
Look at me when I Speak!

Yes, I am speaking to you my government.

What happened to democracy?

To the freedom of speech,

To my education,

To my health?

Google images
Your manifesto didn’t entail bullets and tear gas

It said you were a people’s president

But yesterday my father was dying

You tucked earbuds into your ears and drove off.

It didn’t speak of poverty

I had to close shop to avoid looters

Looters that say are your people

Google Images
See what you have done to me

I am full of potholes

Overflowing with sewage

My patriotism runs dry.

You have suffocated me with tear gas 

For twenty years I have been proud till you.

Are you trying to kill me?

Do you prefer corpses to humans?

Do you prefer a cemetery to a nation?
My freedom could be two Saturday nights

But my vote isn’t worth a one night stand

My love is worth a blood shed  but only at the love cross

I can’t have you throw it right back at my face.

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