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I saw men mourn

the district covered in silence

the veil had been slit apart

Darkness fell

the silence was defeaning

too many questions, no answers

the glory of the women dimmed

the authority of men shuttered.

ophans wept

Blood creating erosion

I saw my country men mourn

wome covered in fear,

paupers and beggars in hiding

the crown had been stepped on

shadows had been created

hope was erased

my country was raped.

The nation was deflowered.image110



GRIEVING FOR MY NATION (lost love) #UgBlogWeek day 3

Who are you?

Yes, you so don’t turn your head.

I am speaking to you state

What happened to my nation?

To the freedom you promised,

Did your manifesto die?
Look at me when I Speak!

Yes, I am speaking to you my government.

What happened to democracy?

To the freedom of speech,

To my education,

To my health?

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Your manifesto didn’t entail bullets and tear gas

It said you were a people’s president

But yesterday my father was dying

You tucked earbuds into your ears and drove off.

It didn’t speak of poverty

I had to close shop to avoid looters

Looters that say are your people

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See what you have done to me

I am full of potholes

Overflowing with sewage

My patriotism runs dry.

You have suffocated me with tear gas 

For twenty years I have been proud till you.

Are you trying to kill me?

Do you prefer corpses to humans?

Do you prefer a cemetery to a nation?
My freedom could be two Saturday nights

But my vote isn’t worth a one night stand

My love is worth a blood shed  but only at the love cross

I can’t have you throw it right back at my face.

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