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Murder, she baked 12

Journal 7

Two bodies, one funeral.

I saw the therapist and I seriously need help but i cant promise i will go to my next appointment because while i finalised to move the kids (with his money) i played a role in him acquiring it, i got home only to find Frank had moved his “trip girl” and her child into my former bedroom. It’s however still my marital bedroom and his excuse is “we are just ceremonial”. What kind of sugarcane does this man smoke? Couldnt he wait for me to move the kids at least? And his mother, is in support just  because “i am no longer a wife because i don’t do the wife duties and as a man he needs to feel like one” What nonsense is this.  I felt like slapping her but i still respect her a little. Tomorrow both families are going to seat to try settle us but i wonder where they were when everything was still raw and i was trying to tell them while they said “Omukyala aguma”

Now I have to kill 2 humans just to make sure no one takes things that belong to me (so help me God) Did i say God? didn’t that guy leave me alone already?… Now 2 women in the same compound, one a young girl who thinks she will be happier here. She better hire her own maid because am going to fire mine and also resign from work, i cant focus even at the job that should pay my bills so before am fired….

Murder, she baked 10

Journal 5

I wonder if all those women with kids are coming to move in and share everything i worked hard for while they enjoyed luxuries of hotels…

I need to eliminate frank and its got to be as smooth as no elimination has ever been. Maybe it should look like a political brawl but not so quick. Lets wait for his girl to move in. Am going to take the kids to Turi in Nairobi and make sure they stay out of the country for the rest of their lives. I  know of a slow killing poison.

Yes I am going to eliminate both because the lawyer told me he talked to him about dividing all the property and giving his mistresses who i don’t even think are entitled to it and despite the lawyers advise he insists. Well lets work on Turi first.

Murder, she baked 8

His touch still haunts my day dreams.

Journal 3

I can still feel the cold blood aligning my thighs. The way I shed skin, the way i sat after his awful act. I was (i am) his wife, the one he cheated on several times and raped just because i denied him sex. He said it was his right to have it so he took it by force, i wonder if he ever questioned my rights when he cheated on me. I look at him at the table while we have breakfast and the flash backs can’t stop.

Lord! I want to dig my fork into his throat as he swallows. Did the women get attracted to his deep force or this Adam apple? Was it the power and Fame that came along the way?. I can’t believe i still went silent and kept all this hurt in me. Does he feel guilty after that night or he just about getting whatever he wants no matter how? I wonder if he has raped others just like me. What kind of monster did i get involved with that he has turned me into a cold blood. I thirst for his blood and each time i get disappointing news about him (Okay nothing really surprises me anymore) but at every news about another cheat i want to stab him. He doesn’t learn.

I should leave before I find myself in jail. But how? After children and building all this with him, putting up with all the fame and stupidity, staying by him when he was nothing? How do i leave all the things i have worked for,for his whores (for the women he thought were better than i was) Yet they only met him after he became a house hold name……No, Way!!!

The Man with whom i share my Bed(3)

Today we step out – Family planning.

He got the things from me and placed them wherever they needed to be. He handed me the ice cream and turned on the TV so we could get started. I sat down my legs raised into the sofa and begun to dig into my icecream as he connected the DVD player to the TV. He joined me and I offered him a spoon. We watched “Woman thou at loosed”. I love movies. i pay attention to everything from cast to music to the costumes to criticising the plot. At some point my eyes were filling up with water from the emotions awakened by the movie. When it was done he went off to the bedroom to catch some soccer as i continued with the movies. I watched gifted and when it was half time of the match, he came by, warmed and served lunch. I paused the movie and followed him to the bedroom to give him company as he watched the game. (i know eating in the bedroom is bad). I kept scrolling through my phone once in a while and when i was done taking the plates to the kitchen. i cleaned up and took a nap. He stayed trying to work on something on his laptop in the living room. Before i knew it was night. Thank God he purchased enough movies. So while he slept off i made myself busy.

Morning was here and we all got dressed to head to the clinic. We drove singing to Eric Wainana(yes, he took time to appreciate the music I like). At the Clinic we met a male attendant who took us through the family planning methods and when we were done, we agreed i would use the IUD. We had it inserted before we left. Then we headed out to the mall. We picked up a few groceries. Next week, honeymoon would be done so we needed to stock up some things. At the mall, he pushed the cart around and carried the bags to the car (isn’t he a gentle man!). We had lunch at the food court at the mall before we went back home.

All I can say the first year of our marriage was bliss. It was like we were in the movies. Like fine wine. A few misunderstandings but most of it, we laughed and enjoyed each other. I didn’t scream about the sex no more, i learnt to walk about naked, the IUD was Taken out and was taken on a second honeymoon on our wedding anniversary and it was time to add another member to our huge house.

I conceived and when I was sure i was positive and was ready to share the news, i came up with a dinner plan and that’s the night my fairytale ended…My phone rang before i could hatch the plan and bake it and the voice at the other end was of a woman. “i am looking for my husband?” Wrong number i said and hang up. She called back. i picked again. “Madam, aren’t you called Tracy Sendagire?” i agreed.’Is their a problem?’ “It depends on what you call a problem, well, i am looking for Mr Sendagire, your husband. I can’t reach him but please tell him, his son is very ill so he should call me back.” She hung up and hang me……