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Never be too quick to judge

We understood each other,I was happy but whichever way everyone else chose to interpret it, they were and still are entitled to their opinion. But instead of having brothers hanging themselves before it happens, elope and see if they will and they didn’t. So we didnt get the wedding we dreamed of but are married and very happy just like we were in the beginning. Yes, he didnt change the way he looked at me, he just loved me more everyday. We didnt rush into getting babies we had a whole year until our first-born. You could say, things begun to change but sorry to prove you wrong, the love grew deeper and deeper and Soon she was born. We adored her very much. We started out at the country side and now are a family. Our son came two years after our first child, we still travel for vacations. I still sit out in the crowd and cheer my man while he plays.

I had been told it wouldn’t last, he was just a smart chap and i almost believed them by the way. But today i sit across the room and its been seven good years. (I still love to write each year i write him a letter and keep it safe some where one day he will find them and read them). It’s very cold outside,the children are away for the weekend, their jajja took them. I sit at the hearth in my rocking chair, a shrug over my shoulders and stockings on my feet. I sit with my notepad and a pen and stare at the man i was called fool for, he is trying to strum a new song. His beautiful legs revealed. His beard not groomed but he is still as handsome as the first time i saw him, his eyes havent lost the shine neither have his fingers lost the touch. His voice still soothing and calm but now also a bit aged . I get my notepad to my laps and start to scribble…

Dear world…..





I saw my world through his eyes. He always made sure we were better. I hope we turned out good. His vision and dreams, I hope its how we have lived.

Dear dad,
I hope we have turned out to be the children you desired, viewed the world through your eyes. I know we have fallen short many times. Many times we get ashamed but you taught us not to stay on the ground after falling. You taught us the power in resilience. I hope we have turned out like you prayed and envisioned.
The world of having enough and satisfied you lived. I hope when you look at us now, you see exactly that. Children that are comfortable with little and enough. You always said “Don’t know borrow” I hope we have all lived up to this because teaching us to manage little means we get comfortable with enough. I pray our children, your grand children take this on as well. Because God has trusted us with plenty through the years as well but we I hope you can say, we have fallen into your footsteps. Not for many things but we sure have tried.
I hope you can say we have made you proud. I hope you can comfortably say we are the children you dreamt of raising. Through your eyes…u didn’t see us lack and I hope when you say those little prayers you let God know that he hasn’t left your side. He has taken care of us as you envisioned.
Through your eyes. Life is meant to be simple and not complicated. Wealth is good but wealth that’s not tangible is the best. Silence resolves conflict better than war waged. The rod isn’t only a piece of wood, speech can be a rod. Patience is a virtue that the patient aren’t sure they qualify for. Honesty costs nothing. Integrity is something to hold and guard jealously. Faithfulness isn’t just a word. Love isn’t just want the internet gets to see, it’s what your heart rejoices about. Happiness is key even when sometimes you need to give it up for others to have a share of it. A few of the lessons you taught. You hoped you would see in us. I hope when you look at us we don’t have an equivalent in these lessons.


Dear M,

I believe you are fine and well rested where you are. I saw her yesterday and she spoke of you so fondly. She was sad and happy and Jealous. Yes,Jealous that she cant be where you are. But also very careful to make sure she doesnt rush. She is full of life. Ofcourse empty and sad on some days. She does miss you everyday and seeking counsel from everybody else not you has also taken its toil on her. But generally she is good, loved and we make sure we do not allow her room to lack. We try our best.

Its been a while but the wound is fresh like it was yesterday. The shoes are too big to fill but everyone tries. We be counting stars and looking out for which one shines brighter. We dance in the rain believing its you saying you are happy. We whisper to the wind hoping that you are listening some nights are longer than the others but most of all we know you are in a safer place and warm enough.



Letters to Dad

When a man loves God everything is solved.
Dear dad,

I didn’t know how much you loved God till I grew up. I mean some of us believe loving God and all is going to church every other Sunday. But I have only seen you do that once in a year. I have you study your bible daily and seen u mock us that go to church every other day. But I have seen your love and I don’t doubt that you are a man that sought God before anything else. The way you love us. The way you have loved us. If this is how Hosea love Gomer or better still How God loves His church. We surely don’t need to study the bible so hard to know what love is.

I have seen you love everything that is living and is non living. I have on many occasions told people I am a love child and they refused because love children are those made oba before marriage oba when simanyi. But yea you have turned me into one of them. I hope the rest feel the same. I am sure even kaboroga doesn’t want a new owner ever, she has been loved by the best. Selflessly and dearly. I hope and pray I never fall short in this area. I pray God never allows us all to fall short because it will be embarrassing to be brought up by love and yet we don’t know what the hell it is ourselves. Thank you for loving me(us), for being the example, the perfect one. Besides being a comedian. …..

Great full


30 day challenge #13


How about you just read the poem in this link STRANGER WITH MY SECRETS. I dont think they are worth a letter especially because i am not hurt anymore. I reconciled and made peace with myself and wee, i did move on very very well.

So writing them a letter would mean i am so still about it and refusing to accept that i am. i nolonger have anything to say to them even



Love Letters-Valentines

Slowly I inhale your heart

taking in every pain

relating with every sorrow

understanding every depth

reciting poetry at every pump

Savoring your love.

inhaling your fragrance

soaking every tear

your voice sensation

making my words worthless

incensing thoughts

who am I with you

I get lost in the aroma of your love

I find myself drowning

slowly and willingly

hiding my heart beneath Your veil.

Love Letters-13


He watched him get impatient

he was waiting on her text with a pace


one addiction at a time,he said.

how did his friend get here

they enjoyed drugs till she came along

enjoyed friday night with the boys

now he hardly even picks their calls

I love you, she texted back

its like he had won a lottery

how did he even get to this point

he hardly slept if she wasnt home

hardly ate if she didn’t make it

he was sick every time she was away

he was addicted to her love,

her care and her affection

he wanted her each time

needed her daily

He called her Cocaine

because his mind never went to sleep away from her

called her “my addiction”

because they became inseparable

My Love,My sight,My Joy,My sorrow,My Strength

My Addiction.

Love Letters-10

You are the fire in me

Dear you,

My energy, my hope my strength my fire! How are you doing. the past few nights have been long. I cant wait to have you back home. Yesterday i tossed and turned early morning wondering why i felt so lazy to prep for work then i realised. My Rockboom(energy) is absent. I almost cried realising i couldnt twist and turn over to your side for a kiss and cuddle before i fully woke up.

When you are away my nights are cold,my days are long and my fire is out. Coming home to an empty house and just echoes of my thoughts bouncing back, is very anonying and tiring. I cant wait to have you back for you are my fire.

I was thinking abount the word “Consummate” and i was wondering, what consummates a marriage or relationship. Is it the vows or the Sex?

If its the sex, does that count for unmarried(church wedded) sexual partners and what happens when u consummated and the other cheated?

see whayt my head thinks when you are away, come home



Love Letters-8

My lover, looks at me in a way no one has ever done.

Like he wants my fears and pains transfered to him…
His stare goes deep down my intestines
He reads my soul out in a love alphabet
Like am that baby whose amblicord hasn’t fallen.

My lover’s touch like a feather teasing my skin

He says nothing yet everything

His love speaks louder than is kisses

He lifted me off the ground yesterday

Like he was picking flowers for his bride

Softly placed me on the coffee table

Peeled my little lavender dress off

His kisses…his breath against my skin

Sent me into silent musical mourns

And my body wiggling like he was strumming a Spanish guitar

Down to my stomach he went

His fingers tickling my hard nipples

My lover, makes me shiver

He causes me to have goosebumps

Softly he went down

His breath against my inner upper thigh

As if sniffing in the scent of my flower

Trying not to make sure he never forgets,

Causing me to want him more

I raised my toes to his waist

Separated his legs with my foot

I could feel how stiff how manhood had become

I closed my eyes expectantly

My lover, he is a very patient man

Slowly he cleaned the bowl he was about to feed in with his tongue

Faster and faster he cleaned

And soon the food was ready

He was too famished and just dug in

Thrusting hard and fast

Yet careful not to hurt

I played my music louder

In a faster temple

I leaned in grasping my waist hard

Stopping all my belly shake

He slowly and tenderly slowed pace

He was as happy as I


My lover is a man of manners

He caressed this body of mine

Thanking me for dinning with him

Placed my thighs together

Lifted me to the bed and lay beside me

My body still in his embrace

And drowning in kisses

He whispered under his breath

“We need to wash the dishes and keep the food warm. I will be hungry soon”

My lover, makes love to me like the 1st time

My lover, holds me like am his most treasured possession

My lover, still looks at me like its the first time.

Love Letters-5

I love my roses RED

No, I think i love them YELLOW. Apana! WHITE!

But I think BLUE

But maybe I prefer my bouquet all RED.

Yes I want it special

not attaining the impossible

I want no withered WHITE roses

but, I own a few petals

My BLUE petals have a fleeting beauty

my bouquet’s coy beauty when budding

and splendor when blowing make me complete

the rose that you all are looking at isn’t the one for me

My rose aint BLUE

miracles don’t happen often

platinum jewels arent every ladies favorite

art aint every persons dream

hold not my waist

just take my hand

not just today but even when my roses FADE

hold my hand

For maize is seasonal and Today, Today is special