Heart for Rent


So, I would like to go straight to the point. I will re introduce myself. I am Joe, a single father of one, Heart rented twice and now i need to buy. I have a beautiful daughter named Kendra. She is five years old now and we live together with help of a house help. Her mum passed on. So i have a full-time job as a dad and as an accountant.

Aww, My name is Ella, Heart to let ad never responded too. Chief Editor, no children just myself  and my mother’s daily calls. And yes, healing from a broken heart. The waiter brought the food and juice as told. Joe put out his hand, can we say a silent, quick prayer? Holding out her hand to his and staring like she just got star struck, he bowed and muttered a prayer and together they said Amen. “I guess there’s a lot i am about to learn for you!”

So Ella, he said picking up his glass of passion. I don’t want you to rush, I dont need you to agree today and i dont need you to panic. I have laid my cards out and may i please ask……How much will it cost for me to rent your heart for a year maybe. But mostly i am more interested in purchasing it. The purchase will depend i guess on the landlord for now, how i treat and take care of the place entrusted to me. You dont have to respond now, lets enjoy lunch and when you have an answer please let me know…

(Ella, coughing) sorry. she picked up her glass and sipped some juice.

(in her head) *See lord what you have done to me

Well, Lets start with the rent it will cost you Honesty,time-respective dollars and a couple of dozen roses. Occupancy will cost you a heart and ownership will cost you a pair of rings and a Church team. Ella said with her eyes glued to her food like she was afraid of the many things he would read from her eyes if she raised them. They stayed another hour talking about hobbies and other things and she just couldnt wait to get home.



Letters -SA #ItWasAs

Dear sister,

Growing up with you didn’t just make me proud but some days (many days)I wanted to be like you. You have always been the inspiration or lets call it a making guide.So I just didn’t want to be like you, I have always admired everything about you. Sometimes i thought i was just another young girl and looking at her sister who has arrived, sometimes i felt like you let me down sometimes we cried, we laughed we talked but many times and for eternity the love i shall hold unto (what am i even saying).

I have always been afraid of letting you down. I have always worked to make sure you are happy and proud of this little thing. At some point I wanted to fall within you career because that’s how much u inspired me until that day i got to know we are different and love different things and you Told me “happiness is key,band wagon destroy.”. This is how far we have come so far and nothing much will change “little sister shall always be me”. Looking up to you shall always be. Loving you is our present,past,, future, past participle and continuous Tense. I hope, for all these years to this day, the disappointments and faults my end are less than the times i have made you proud. I hope the tears of joy u have cried over me are more than the sad ones u have shed over me. I don’t know why i cry writing this but i guess i just look back and am not exactly sure how to say thank you, i might even never say it enough.

Thank you

litrol sister

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Heart for Rent 4


That’s very nice, you finally get to go out. Penny said half excited, half anxious. So what are you going to wear?

Ella took the bucket and mop away she was done. silently walked to the coffee table where she had placed her phone to charge. picked it up and before she could type, where do we meet and time, a text from Joe came in. “Top Cafe in the next one and half hours.” She responded. “cool, see you then!” Anxiety building up on her, she turns to the friend who now sat down with a cup of tea in her hands. Asked her to help her pick out an outfit one not too revealing as she takes her bath. Penny immediately got up. She really wanted her friend to heal and this was good for her. Ella stepped into the bathroom as Penny stayed in the bedroom looking through the closet. “do you have a colour in mind?2 she called out. Not really Ella responded. Well, I think this yellow shirt dress and black strapped heels will do. she said getting them out and laying them down on the bed.

Ella Came out in a rush, cleaned up, wore her lotion and quickly dressed up without thinking much about the outfit. She touched up her make up and soon as she was ready to go, she admired herself. She hadn’t been nervous like this in a while. “i will be here when you get back.” Penny called out from the living room where she had returned . ella picked up her purse, placed some tissue and hand lotion plus her little wallet, wore her perfume and was ready to go.

All the best sis, Penny said as she hugged her. Ella picked up her car keys and phone and opened the door. Fina was at the door, “well, the clothes are in the basket, Penny will be around in case of anything.” she said and left. Got into her car and looked at her watch, she had 45 minutes and she hated being late. took a deep breath and was off.

Joe, clad in navy blue khakis a sky blue shirt and grey sweater sat across the counter. Ella got in and walked straight to the counter to let them know she was meeting someone and the receptionist pointed to the corner opposite. He was typing something on his phone when she walked up to him. “I hope i didn’t keep you waiting”. Joe stood up. “i just got here as well, its okay”. ‘You look bright’ he said pulling a seat for her. Thank you!

The menu was at the table. “we could order before we get lost in conversation.” They both took the menu’s and Joe raised his hand for the waiter to come and take their orders. Ella, looking at him doing this swiftly she thought, “suppose he doesn’t do rent and prefers to purchase”….


#ItWasAs 1yr ago today

I do recall texting my girls like 2hrs after and going home in silence. My body shaking and I was actually hiding my fingers the whole time. It happened over a late lunch and as much as i was hungry, i lost my appetite. Well, yes. I went home called my mother out of the kitchen we got into her bedroom and in my hands i had a proposed date and on the other a ring and still shaking after our chat i went off to my bed.

On this day last year I said yes.

That might be all I shall say for now. But maybe one day soon I shall tell you the details.  However, it has been an amazing journey full of happiness and joy. Fights and arguments but most of all, full of gossip.

Don’t be one of the many that ask why the 💍 is on that finger. Because the answer will be not what I shall think about but what I have rehearsing thoroughly well.

#OkayBye let me go back to my things. At least now you know why I haven’t had those stories in a while. I am still “covering my face with my palms” (like those instagram proposal pics I mean) and don’t argue I know it’s a year later but yes, I had a delayed reaction that day I didn’t until I realized (from all the FB and insta pics and videos of others) that I had to cry, scream, hold my breath and cover my face with my palms and over blink so am doing exactly that now.


Heart for Rent 3


Zero sleep. Out of bed. Turns the music on and in her short pyjamas and mess burn she starts to dance. Goes to the fridge and takes out milk, pours herself cornflakes and lets it all out at the sofa infront of her TV.

Beep, Beep…Text from Joe. She quickly grabs her phone and opens it. “i cant sleep but i guess you are on mars and will see when you get up”, it read

typing…… i am actually awake thinking of you….backspace

….well couldnt sleep either…..backspace

……just got up to eat….back space

……Well, i was still up trying to finish up a series…she sent.

Joe: Oh, what series?

Ella: Handmaid’s tale

Joe: i love some gun action. I dont know what that is even

Ella: I love some guns too but this was recommended.

Joe: let me let you finish as i try find sleep. Goodnight

Ella: Good night

She held her phone like she was hugging memories from the past. After she was over with her thoughts she picked up her bowl and finished her cereal before she could go to bed again.

Saturday morning and the ray of sunshine that hit brightly at her window is what got her up. Lazily she woke up and the clock was reading 10am. She walked out of her bed straight to her leaving room, picked up her remote and turned on the TV, dropped it and walked back to her bedroom into the bathroom. Washed her face and brushed then she picked up her phone to call her laundry lady. She went in into her kitchen to clean up and suddenly it hit her again. She was alone. He had left her after 2 years of staying together and four of dating and he left like they hadnt been together even for a single day.

Dishes in the sink, water running and tears flowing down her cheeks. All the beautiful nights and days spent together suddenly came back. It had been eight months and she still didnt know what to do with herself. some days were okay and merry and other days she felt like crap. Closed doors and a bowl of candy. No amount of wine could wipe her tears or heal the broken heart. No amount of music would numb the pain. So she put up an ad in her head that no one ever read “heart for rent”

slowly she washed the dishes. trying to deal with all the thoughts. Keeping busy not to think but it felt like yesterday. The dishes were done and just before she could start to mop, a knock at the door. ‘It must be fina, the laudry lady’ she thought. She went over to the door and it was Penny, her bestfriend. She had been checking on weekly just to make sure she is okay. Peeny feared her friend wwould sink into depression. “hey..how are you? you look terrible this morning” she said pulling Ella in for a hug. “I am tired” Ella said drawing in as tears started to collect again. Penny held her for almost sixty seconds before she could let her go. ‘So how has the week been? Penny asked letting herself in. she threw her bag on the sofa and went into the kitchen to make some tea. Ella shut the door and walked back to wear she had left her bucket and mop. She picked them up as she narrated the bar events to Penny who stood with her body against the wall that divides the living room from the kitchen. ‘Actually, we are having lunch together this afternoon’.

Heart For Rent 2

img_2011She came early today, dressed to impress, in her orange flared pants and brown croptop. ordered drinks for both of them, a captain Morgan and martini. The bar man smiled. She pulled out her phone and saw a text from him. “I shall be late by thirty minutes but will join you soon”. She flipped through her social media, occasionally looking at the side of the entrance and checking her watch.

What had happened. She had promised not to wait on any man ever again like this. why was she anxious. Her palms were sweating nad she didn’t know why her heart was betraying her again. she convinced her mind it wasnt what her hear was whispering. He came in. Clad in a pair of black khaki pants and a pink shirt. Brown belt and a brown pair of loafers. Today he looked more fresh. No bugs of tiredness under his beautiful eyes. She stood up to receive him, adjusting the shrug she had thrown over her shoulders she hugged him and they both sat. “you look beautiful,” he said. Thank you she said trying to hide the speech in her eyes. I did place an order for your drink, i guess the bar man can bring it. Allow me pay for your drink today’ she said as she signaled the bar man. He asked for water as well today. “how was your day?2 she asked. Almost apologising for beginning the conversation. It was okay. A few meeting here and their but generally okay. But i refuse to discuss work on a friday evening at the bar.” sorry she said quickly.

You don’t have to be he said. How about we retire early and since tomorrow is Saturday, how about we sit out for lunch and get to talk without music distracting our hearing. “okay, that will be great.” Just let me know place and time. Once the drinks were done, they left. it wasnt even midnight yet. Ella spent the night trying to figure out what she will wear and what he exactly wanted to talk about.




She sat in the same corner every night. Her lips red and her outfit always turning heads. She ordered drinks and pulled out her phone every other night like she was waiting on someone to join her.

Joe sat across her at the counter every other day. He came by himself and simply found it right to always turn his chair, lean against the counter and gaze at her. The first night he was caught by her sly smile over something she was reading on her phone. Second say she kept staring down at it like she was expecting a call anytime. He kept coming back  hoping to see her after then. She saw him gaze at her every night but she was quick to retreat her eyes each time he raised his.

Friday last week he didn’t come. She felt so lonely, wondering what had happened to him, She went over to the counter and asked the bar man about him. “I don’t know his name  neither do i have his contact. I am not sure why he isn’t here today”.  Thank you she said and went back to her corner, pulled out her phone and scrolled through the gallery. She had taken pictures of him without him noticing on some of those nights. She went into her notes and wrote ‘its been three weeks, and i noticed his eyes first time. They looked tired yet still beautiful.’

He came back the next day and as he ordered his drink the bar man whispered something to him before she came in. He ordered for her a glass of captain Morgan and slipped his business card over to the bar man. When she arrived, she first looked at the counter and saw him. He was facing the counter today, looking down at his glass of Jameson. Her heart smiled as she walked past him to her corner. Hardly had she sat, than the bar man came over with her glass. “he has paid for it.” he said sliding the business card over. ‘Thank you,’ she said. the bar man left.

she pulled out her phone and opened her Messages, happened new, copied the number off the business card and typed. ‘Sitting all by yourself could have been the reason you didn’t turn up last friday, care to join?’ she tapped send.  his phone beeped. He opened the message from the unknown sender and soon as he read it. He turned his head, looked at her, turned back, ordered another glass and got up.

she stood up to receive him.  “hi Joe, Am Ella”. Beautiful name, thank you for inviting me over. He said as he sat down besides her. For the first time since he saw her, she kept her phone away and shifted all his attention to him. “so what brings you here every night all alone?” She asked.  His head slightly bowed he said, “to numb the pain in this class of Jameson (staring down at it) A heart for Rent and now a beautiful lady (he raised his eyes towards her and she blushed).

she quickly turned away because she had seen her face betraying her mind. “well, what brings you here every other day. The bar man mentioned how you have been coming here alone for almost two months.” he said.  ‘A heart for rent, Empty apartment and I need to feel alive but am willing to wait.’ Her heart skipped before She could even finish because it knew how empty she was. They sat down and talked about heartbreak and past experiences and neither of them noticed how fast time had travelled. It was 3am, they both had work. They left and Joe walked her to her car. “will you be coming again tomorrow?” she asked. ‘sure’ he said. Will you keep me a seat besides you again?. She nodded as she got into her car. see you tomorrow….


The ate in dateThe art in smart

The pray in spray

He puts the man in romance 

The one in money

The age in marriage

The ease in disease

The heal in health

The arm in harmony

He puts the If in wife

The rave in travel


I was asked to bring a parent, she said.

but my mother had warned me about the henna I wore

am afraid of what she will say

‘is it why you were crying ?’,the other asked.

she stared away

like her thoughts had travelled far south

held her chin in her palm and nodded in agreement.

I wish i could be punished at school

she is a single mother and I haven’t helped

she spoke with guilt

her thoughts travelled far again

the pain in her eyes





So allow me pitch this love to you

am not even sure in which language to love you today!

but I will love you still

through the seasons

through the years

through the months

through the days I will love you

more on some days and much more everyday

in spanish, in luvale, in Runyakitara, in Swahili

even if it’s the united nations, I will love you

in red, in pink, in white, in orange.

Allow me pitch this love to u

because you have stayed true to your word

time has never limited you

your promises you have kept

and today I am the happiest lady

I don’t care about others they dont know my story

but I pray i always make you better

I pray i always make you proud

I choose you, everyday

I love you and every other day i will.

thank you.