curfew and handcuffs pt 5

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i wanted to refuse but i really needed the help, i was burning and i need to put out the fire so i didn’t say anything, i handed him the Dildo and he walked from the back of the chair, knelt down in front of me and firmed his left hand on my knee as his right begun to work with the Dildo. I didn’t know this was turning him on as well but i wasn’t letting him in so after my orgasm, i gave him a hand job to help him get their and silently we sat on the sofa.

Can we talk? No. We can skip that part and make breakfast i said as i walked away. I picked up my phone and my boss had sent out a message of how we had gotten company car stickers and we will be working in shifts. Immediately i ran to the bedroom to check my emails on my laptop and my schedule and Thank God, i would have some space tomorrow. away from him and his drama. When i got back he was already fixing us breakfast so i told him i will be going to office the next day so he would have the house to himself especially to think and watch tv maybe.

Paul’s pov

when she left, i couldn’t go out because 1: i lied to my wife but also i need to make this work. so i called the boda guy, trusted him to go to the ATM for me, pick flowers, pick a bottle of wine, box of chocolates and some fruits (i wasn’t just doing it for the sex, i love this girl). I set up a date in the living room , lit candles (she always has some in the house. those scented ones) went into the kitchen and made chicken stew the way she loves it. The boda guy had picked up some groceries for me as well so we were good to go. But before she arrived she sent a text “maybe i should get a boyfriend” everything in me was turning. i even thought of divorce but i made sure i had put my thoughts together when she got home. I am winning her back no matter what it takes. She was so wet yesterday with that vibrator yet the last i tried makeup sex. their was nothing

Her Pov

i didn’t work. i spent most of my time thinking and evaluating this relationship. It dawned on me that i was being second best calling it love. Maybe i need to explore more so amidst my thinking i sent him a text. BTW i really need to get laid by someone else. i thought out loud. Luckily i was on the whole floor by myself so no one heard. I left work knowing well that we must discuss this arrangement and this is a perfect time. When the world is no longer on stand still, we will need our lives back especially mine and lost time and meeting would be on my terms. But when i got home, he was oddly excited with a table set before him in the sitting room, i wondered what occasion i had missed until i saw the balloon, i am sorry

i didn’t want to ruin the mood so i went with the floor until he said “i could divorce her and marry you” is he crazy? i don’t want to marry you i said, after that slap, as much as i forgive you, i know flags when i see them so don’t divorce MR. I am going to find a new man.

Curfew and handcuffs pt 4

I was in the bathroom when my phone rang and the foolish man couldn’t help himself but pick up my call on my behalf (i didn’t ask him to do so..) It was a fling i had and he wanted to know if we could hang since he was a DR and had a sticker to drive to my place. I hadn’t checked my messages for a day so when i didn’t respond he called. Hell broke lose. Paul was mad in a way i couldn’t explain, i saw a bitter man, he couldn’t hear me out even i hadn’t even slept with the DR (well, we were close) but nothing happened. The man quarreled like he had paid some dowry to my parents. But what made it worse is that when i tried to defend myself, a hot slap landed on my wet cheek that i staggered.

No amount of apologies were going to ever rectify this (now i know why we aint married). I cried and asked him out, at this moment i didn’t care if he had to walk home or make up another lie for his wife. From an epic sexy lover to a beast. I had so much spite in my eyes. i cried and cried and slept off. I was awakened by a bang on the door, he wasn’t gone and i could understand so we were still cuffed together until the flights were released basically. He couldn’t trust another to keep him and i also didn’t want him to be abandoned by his wife especially because i wasn’t going to keep him. We lived like strangers for a week and i was growing weary, tired and numb. we needed to talk, i missed him. However, i needed him to speak up first so i kept to myself as another week went by and the most i did was cook eat sleep and take strolls out. I feel so numb!

Paul and i haven’t had sex in weeks but my numbness didn’t start couple of days ago, it started after the fight. My orgasms had stopped and my happy spot had dried up like an old prune and no amount of foreplay could reinstate it. We were trying the makeup sex even when we hadn’t exactly straightened things out. I couldn’t look at him the same way, the fire on my skin that burned each time his fingers brushed against it no longer emitted, I was heartbroken (overrated) still disappointed in him.

stop, stop, stop, we need to talk for this to work and we need to build from scratch otherwise even the fingering will only get me bruised because this body, no longer sees you the same way so its not going to respond until in here ( i say tapping my chest,) heals

If you think Broken men don’t cry and they only cry on funerals, look for a man sexually starved!

Anyway we spent the rest of the time cleaning, cooking and making small talk. we of course shared a bed but now, it was that time of the month where my libido is sky high. I could swallow anything, i tossed and turned in bed and the heat from his body couldn’t help the situation. I got up, went to the kitchen poured myself a glass of water to cool down and just decided to watch a movie. But like , luck would have it, the one i chose had many sex scenes typically making the fire in my legs burn more. I tiptoed to the bedroom and picked my vibrator which had been charging, tiptoed back and decided, to satisfy my urge. Few minutes after i begun i heard a voice…You know i can help

Curfew and hand cuffs PT 3

We stayed in each other’s embrace for a while before we hit the bathroom and thought of food. We took turns at washing each other up but didn’t pursue it further until we got food. I picked up new underwear from my drawers and decided to leave my boobs free. The knicker was enough. I don’t know if it’s all men, or mine that enjoys being naked. Did I say my man, well Paul. I have his heart and body but not him anyways. I forced him into a vest and shorts before I went into the kitchen, put on my apron and got down to cooking as he organized for a movie.

As everything cooked, I called the Boda guy and sent him mobile money (thank God for mobile banking). I shared my grocery list and I knew it would take him a couple of hours to get back to me. I served food, took off my apron and carried both plates to the sitting room. We were to eat on the sofa because we had a movie to catch, I got the drinks and sat next to him, pulling a fleece blanket over the both of us. We caught up on some Korean Drama, the only thing Netflix has entertaining, and ate in silence until the Gate bell rang.

It was the Boda guy, he knew him because we have used him on those weekends. I have a gate man for the night and he hadn’t arrived so since He was better dressed he attended to him.And after stacking up everything he returned for the movie. I dozed off and He switched off everything and carried me to bed. All the sexing had exhausted both of us and when morning came, we were awakened by the rains hitting the window. The gate man left a note since we were up late and after reading it I ran out to pick the clothes that have been on the line for one and half days. I had a white tee slipped on when I left bed and when I got back, through the garage Paul was waiting by the car with a shawl to cover me but his eyes didn’t leave my chest. I was dripping wet, his touch didn’t it sent goosebumps over my body, hardening my nipples. He grabbed the clothes and threw them unto the bonnet, opened the passenger seat door and he spread my legs and ate me out right there…could I say he took me, no he carefully sat me, took off my panties, spread my Legs and licked on my Clit. The soft man was back, the one who makes love like the mills and boons define. He ate me out till my mourns turned into screams, lifted me up, grabbed one of the sheets, lay it on the floor next to the car and he lay over me. Missionary style, taking me like a virgin. Careful yet aggressive. He made love to me, with every thrust, came a soft mourn, my nails dug deep into his back, his grip on my waist tightened you are so sweet peaches,he whispered. His speech cutting in between breaths, he lifted my legs to his shoulders, planting himself firm on his knees for a deeper thrust, a fast paced one at that……that’s how the unplanned morning glory sermon was taught.


Empty isn’t a feeling

Empty is going to bed numb

Feeling like your breath is on paused

Waking up feeling like a tin

Zero emotion

Zero feeling

Empty is when a pinch doesn’t hurt

When the heart feels silent

and the body feels foreign

Empty carries no feeling

Empty is empty

No feelings, no smell

It’s just a very unexplainable vacuum

A heaviness of everything

Curfew and handcuffs pt2

Yes, I love sex, but mostly with him because he isn’t just physically attractive. But he understands my body and we get to adventure. I stripped slowly because I know he loves the beads on my waist more so when I do another of belly shaking. I stripped and climbed up the pole. I saw the fire in his eyes, he couldn’t hold his horn for long he Looked like he just wanted to devour me but I wasn’t done. I wanted him to want me, to beg to have me. To look and not touch. And when I climbed down the pole finally , I sat at the chair across the room, my legs spread wide,I touched myself and I could hear silent whispers of please don’t do this to me. I was only started, I dug into my drawers for the vibrator he brought me on my birthday. Turned on the tv in the room, volume low to Tyrese’s on top of me jam. ( I needed a bed for my mourns)

I sat back at the chair, made sure he could see directly what my pussy was up to, I wanna show you everything before that baby I took my vibrator and deeper it into my already wet pussy, don’t look away baby look here I could see his throat swallowing like he was thirsty, his erection killing him, but I also I was immersed in my mourns I wanted to make sure I squirt on his face thereafter. Eat me up, I demanded squatting on his face. It’s like I had let a dog off the leash, he ate me up until another squat, and just when he thought he was off the cuffs, real action was beginning. I crawled down until I was positioned in between his legs ( never leave a man hungry) tore his boxers off I worship his penis. It’s dark and long and with the erection, you can see every vein aligned. It’s the right size for me too. I took him in into my mouth, almost choking on it. Sucked the tip and swallowed every juice like it came, he tasted like a ripened plum ( guess it’s the weekend fruits). When he cums, it’s like swallowing a sample shot of protein shake with a bit of fruit flavoring . I have tongued this cock plenty times and I know it could have been worse so I remind myself not to bite on him, as I get off my knees to uncuff him.

Hardly had the cuffs on the other hand gone off, than he grabbed me. An alpha male, his blood shot like he was a wolf, immediately bent me over for a doggie. A swift move that gets me giggling wow slow down, I am yours whole lockdown sir. Don’t rip apart the same uterus that needs to Carry your child. Well I was shocked when he instead said he wants no child no more I don’t think I can share your body not even with my child, let’s rethink that. He humped…no he fucked me until his name sounded like a broken record on my lips. I ran out of breath, got thirsty and the only water I got was the sweat that dropped off his body to mine. Because I am petite, he can easily swig me from doggie to cowgirl, to the makeup table….my best position the table which ever table it is. Coffee table, dinning, dressing table….. jeez I feel him deep inside me that I don’t know if I want him deeper or deeper. The fuck boy side of him is so sexy, that his sweat is all I wanna breath in.

I pull his head to draw him into a kiss and I can see it In His eyes….He wants to come and I need to get paced with him. Alright baby boy….faster faster faster….oh boy oh boy..yeah yeah I.a.m.cuming…………

Puzzled lines…

I have written so many poems

Not just about you kiss or your touch

Not just the pain, but every sunshine

Not even about me

And my hopelessness

About us

About our hearts ,about our love

In every stanza and lyric

In every puzzled line

I have painted your name

In every poem

Tattooed your name on my heart

Swaddled every memory of you

Of us,

Hoping you read every word.

Curfew and hand cuffs

We were upcountry when the president declared a total lockdown. In fact I was seated besides him, typing away on my phone, telling my girls about my weekend and boom! The headline from the nation’s address at our secret apartment read. ” the country will be under total lockdown ”

As a side chic, I should have been excited but our contract stated that he only gets to sleep over one weekend a month and for the rest of the month, he only visits for the sex and other things but never sleeps over. He wasn’t amongst the few entitled to car stickers because he is a business man, but well, he had told the wife he was leaving the country for a week before he came to mine. (I think she is dumb) but maybe not. He immediately roamed his line and didn’t text her until his “flight” landed. She told him about the lockdown and he said he could stay until the flights are lifted and told her where to get money in case of anything urgent.

Now, I was stuck with this 40year old, sexually very active man. I was wondering what to do with him an my head, my stupid, brilliant head suggested that I would need cuffs because he paid my bills for exactly that and now I have to wife him for couple of months or more.

I always had a few sex toys kept somewhere for days I need extra spice to this our affair. I mean besides the sex, he likes me on his sleeve because I am petit. I loves my round us too, but mostly he loves to get lost in my waist. I got up and hurried to the kitchen as he switched to watch one of those weekend matches. I don’t love the kitchen, but I sure know my way around. I got to my petite self over to the kitchen. I surely don’t enjoy clothes indoors so I only had my grey crop top exposing my waist beads that sit on my waist perfectly and grey thong. Well, I didn’t plan to match but what was I saying…. yes…so when I get to my fridge ( that he stocked up for the weekend) I made mental note to ask my boda guy to help purchase more since they were allowed to transport food and medicines.

The cold of the fridge hit me hard that my nipples stood erect behind my top and as I looked down at them, there he was, watching me from the back. I fumbled to find my apron so I could fix some bacon and spags but he didn’t let me.

He grabbed my waist from the back, pulled me closer to himself and his penis was already ready for parade to my shock, ( lord, how does his wife handle him). In a swift move, he turns me around to face him that I almost stubble. One hand firm on my waist another fondling my boobs and his lips had already found way to mine. He kissed me like I was the last female on earth. Like he was scared yet, beastly. He had never kissed me like this before, he bit unto my lower lip that I gasped giving queue for him to kiss me deeper. After a couple of minutes, he breaks the kiss to breathe and as I look into my eyes wondering what has come over him, he usually makes love to me and now he wants to fuck me senseless ( well, according to body language) he whispers…. please have a baby for me.

Paul, is tall and dark. He works out so his abs are a well defined six PAC. He is my childhood sweetheart but because of family status and religion, he was never allowed to marry me. He is the love of my life but we both know here, at our apartment is the most we can ever go public. I never married because I couldn’t love any other person and I am okay with our arrangements. He has been married for six years and no child ( I wonder if he is intentional about this) we have not discussed it in detail before.

My boobs are still as perky as a sixteen year olds that he never gets tired of suckling on my nipple. I have an idea I say. I lead him out of the kicker, his penis still erect, walk straight to my wardrobe and collect my box. Yes, the one with sex toys. I ask him, to lay down and I cuff him to the bed. Well, my love, before we make a baby, let’s get wild. I have a pole in my bedroom, well, I like the tease and did I mention, how much I love sex?


Silence said no
but speech couldn’t utter either
the heart and mind battled
argued but
whispers were in the eyes
noise raided the mind
tears of the soul rolled
as the spirit smiled to victory
the best was that nothing was said
no lips moved
peace was maintained

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She Changed

She lay next to me but

Her touch was foreign

Like she had forgotten who I was

Her embrace belonged to a stranger

She changed

I could see it in her eyes

They were full of emptiness

I could hear it in her tone,

It was blunt and cold

Her speech bore no emotions

She isn’t the same

And she isn’t coming back

I lost her long way before I noticed

She was rehearsing life without me

But I was too occupied with my own emotions

Crowned by my ego

I lost her and I will never be me agains



The eyes are willing

In fact they have conceded

To just shut for a while

But the mind,

The mind says no.

The board meeting must go on

Even when the heart says time out.

Hey, stop shouting in my head

I don’t want to listen even to the heart beat

Leave my tired soul

Shut,dear eyes. Shut

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