You have my attention

You have ghosted me enough

I have run enough

I would like to come home

My house is empty

and I am tired of the lonely nights,

radio silent evenings,

Movie fantasies,

The streets are staring hard at me

The unanswered voices.

Did I grieve you?

Did you forsake me?

See, you have my attention

I wasn’t ready for the altar call then

How was I supposed to believe a stranger even?

Me, a prophet

Speaking in tongues?

I wasn’t made for that life.

Please don’t forsake me.

You have my attention.

I am ready


Hold unto his love

Broken and heavy burdened

She carried her tears to his feet

Unable to question why

Unable to pray

She reminded him of his promises

I am holding unto love” she said.

My faith is on the line

Before I give up,

I know your answer is yes and amen

Not trying to question you,

But why?

If love covers it all…

Why, why I’m I holding unto a love long gone

Evening of marriage

….and we are in bed

together laughing

caring about nothing

As we lay in each other’s arms,

and sleep in each other’s dreams.

No one else but love.

We have made love,

raised the children

and yet, the house has no one

No one else but love.

As we lay on this bed we made

as the prime years go by

May our guests always remember

just like it was in the sunset of our love

when we just started out

so it is in the evening years

our coffee is still brewed with love

so are the doors to our home

May all those that walked with/alongside us

always remember it was nothing,

no one else, but Love….

Spilling over me

your perfect heart spilling over me

With an unsuspecting urge to let go

My eyes giving in

As we begin to sway in the love we hold together

As we promise to mend collapsed souls

And heal wounds from past

mindful that love stains,

and careful of how we redress it

Without holding back

Art piece

She had a whisky licking,

Skinny dipping smile.

Sea calm but deep

A maze with no titles, just vibes.

When she danced,

She moved like fire flames

Her smile coloring her face

Her eyes,

It was all there.

Everything I needed to know

But they were in competition with the moon

Instead, I was confused.

She stirred and steadied my emotions all at once.

An art piece

Abstractly hang up

Empty without his touch

Its not like i was naked or anything but i was empty without his touch

Peeking at his eyes i thought i saw lust in them. The same look that no doubt was filling mine

He looked at me like i was his life line.

From the day we met i knew i was in trouble

Those brown eyes stared at me with such intensity, it almost knocked me off my feet

Only that i destructed myself before they could dice deep into my soul.

The sun itself warmed my smile noticing the blush on my face.

I knew i would burn if i inched any closer. Yet without his touch, i was naked

The man sleeping next to you

We had been together for seven years, mostly in a long distance relationship but as much as it was tricky, love is the only way to define it.

We had those pillow talks many times,planning our future, painting our house, the number of children we would have when we finally settled.

It was always electric when we got together over weekends or holidays. I mean, we had to account for all the time spent apart. It was both fire and water. We were loyal but one thing I didn’t know, that I would turn out to be the other woman only that, I wasn’t .

He said he met me first yet he was married to her. They had children which made her the main woman, only that I was the love of his life.

Don’t get it wrong, there’s no single day I suspected he had another even after the days went cold and we held unto love . The heart is a foolish place but anyway, I don’t know what happened or when it did happen.

Communication was cut off and as much as we held unto the promises, we held unto nothing. Love, I no longer can define it because sometimes it’s a stupid place to be.

We moved separate ways and two years later, we spoke again. It’s like we never stopped. By then I found out about the marriage. He told me of the two children and how it all went down but we still spoke. About everything , anything and us. Oh yeah, we still planned the future we envisioned and built it only without the children and wedding and of course,less nights at mine.

But seemed like she was the other woman while I also was the other woman.

As much as i sound like the villain in the story, or she could be but I’m happy to accept that role because it makes it easier for her to kiss her husband good morning each day. It makes it easier for me to cuddle with him like its good. But, never forget the real villain in both our stories – the puppet-master pulling both of our strings: the man sleeping next to us.

I hide you in my eyes

I hide you in my eyes

Because in my heart another sits

I have set my body a blaze

Wanting you, attracted to another

I am hiding secrets, not worth it

Because it’s all in the eyes

That my passion is lit

That my fire burns

That the stars have refused to shine

With you I see beyond all limits

They are loud about how much I feel for you

Sometimes the memories sneak out of my eyes

Down the checks they roll

But only my soul, knows the secrets