#Day 17


well, my week just begun. My father and husband make me smile everyday so we aint even choosing which one of them to write to. bye


#Day 16


But wait! why do i have to write to someone that hurt me? That means am giving them audience and satisfaction. Nah, lets move on from such things

Murder, she baked 17

I want to laugh so hard but also cry…He just slipped into coma. So he thought after everything I would welcome him home, lie in his bed, make his food and nurse him to health? I asked for divorce not his sanity so why the hell did he slip into coma even before i could finish.

This man doesn’t want me to prosper. All his side girls have now left, they can’t handle everything that is going on yet here I was thinking they are determined. All he has is his family by his bed now, i still wont go to hospital however, they asked for the kids so i will have the driver take them and return them to my mother after. what would i be appreciating being by his bed? if only he listened while i still had a heart, Right now am so empty that i cant even recognize my shadow. In the mirror all i see is a tainted image of someone i used to be and i am not that woman anymore (it hurts that he has turned me into such a monster) Should i blame myself for holding on or blame all the people who told me i didn’t have reason enough to leave him. I am so lost But again. i am not sorry. Lets just wait for the news that comes from hospital, i am not sure if i want him alive or dead because at the end of the day, both situations do not matter. In my mind, he was already killed and buried

My Grannies #Day 13


If i had met them all, this would be a long one. I only was fortunate to meet my maternal ones.

Dear Grannies,

I know you both in heaven watching. Mukya, you left so quick and we had lots or unfinished business but well i am not God and here we are. I am very thankful to the the creator for lending me the you and whatever i learnt and time shared i do appreciate.

I have also grieved you a lot but today i choose to rejoice



Sadly I haven’t been read as much as i want to this year. And i have a number of favorites but being the 2nd last book i have read so far, let’s go with Paul Kalanithi.


Dear Paul,

It’s sad to know that you actually passed before you completed the writing. I wish you had survived the cancer and maybe give us another version of the book. However, your madam didn’t do a bad job concluding the book.

I got all kinds of emotions while reading and I actually think at some point i teared. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and allowing us to re-evaluate ourselves and learn to thank God more.

Actually my brother, a doctor told me about the book and then bookstores around hadn’t yet got it and when it was finally here they were charging Breathe for one. I asked a good/cool friend (whose wife I will interview before he takes her because am his best woman) to send my a copy and guess what? he got me two hard covers! I have been really selfish sharing them. But thanks for taking us on this journey with you.

To My Past Self #Day 11

Dear me,

What was wrong with you then, shutting down some dreams, and slowing down others because you were waiting on people, right moments and listening a lot to people saying you were too ambitious. Many times you even doubted yourself just because some people couldn’t handle an indifferent/ambitious person like you. I hope you learnt from those days. If they can’t support and be happy for you then maybe you are standing and sharing with the wrong men.

I hope you learnt that as much as its good to love others, its important to first love self. I don’t know how you were pouring from an empty cup even! or maybe you didn’t think loving yourself first was as important as loving others. If I could turn back the hands of time Maybe the old you would be done with a masters, probably a CEO of a magazine now but you wasted a lot of time listening to what everyone had to say that you forgot what you desired as you. I don’t want to be that girl again, not another shadow of the person i envisioned at 14. I am gonna fly even with a broken wing and i will not apologize for as to why the sun in my eyes refused to shine

Admired Blogger #Day 10


That should be Joseyphina   

She isn’t the only one I admire and maybe she isn’t the mostly admired but she fits this today. I love love how she goes about with prose (i am still learning how to sustain a story) and she does it effortlessly (i think) The persona in which she does the narrations. Have you even visited her blog for her series (she has many that i keep going back to) but well, if you haven’t been to her blog, then you haven’t been reading as yet.


Dear Jo,

I don’t enjoy days when you pull the rug on me but one day I hope i will be able to play a shonda on you. Just know am still a work in progress. I hated reading long blog posts because many got jumbled and i would lose track (am not exactly a lazy reader) but i love to be kept entertained and you have done this effortlessly so i can read all those series no matter how long because you keep me wanting.

You should consider a book by the way and send me a signed copy. Just to let you know, I appreciate your work.


My significant other #Day 9


Eish…This letter i haven’t known yet how it will even flow, i don’t even know how i should address it. This might be the shortest letter to you ever.

Dear Makanika,

The Lord will [a]perfect that which concerns me;

psalm 138:8

Love me

To my fav Coworker #Day8


So I landed on this letter challenge thing that i decided to follow. I might not follow chronologically though

My Fav Co worker (I am not sure he will read this)

Dear Owakabi,

You make my dull days bright (don’t start flossing after). On days i think i hate my job but know i am going to have a good laugh, i am energised. You make Happy!

I know some days I don’t even want to hear you yawn or whisper but also your silence is loud especially when you are absent (sadly i dont get many of these quiet days haha)

So Just to let you know, I think i can go another 365 days knowing my coward will speak sense and nonsense, scream about tickets but i also know that i am liked.

I know our relationship doesnt make as much sense as this letter but thats okay still