Nations @2

Dear Nations,

The love of my life and friend. This year has been a marathon. You are a late bloomer but let that never make you feel any less because the best roses don’t bloom in a giffy. Always be confident because boy oh boy you are smart!

Two years! Doesn’t God just love me so much you think? He loves you more but also never take that love for granted also never read so much into people’s hearts. When you love give it your all like those big hugs you drown me i. Love even when it’s hardest to love.

Many times I worry about failing on this parenting journey but I hope one day you read this and say “mama, you did amazing” because more than anything. I fear failing God about you and your concerns. I pray as the years go by you will share the hugs and dance with me.

Those nights I close doors on you it’s not because I hate you but it’s because I am exhausted and empty and I need a second to refill because no one ever poured from an empty cup.

As the years go by, never forget how much you love to dance.


So last week, while i surfed the web i land on a story of a groom that passed on three days to his traditional wedding and a week to his wedding. Okay, these could be everyday stories that never make it to the web too but because everyone i know knew something about the couple i picked interest. I sympathize with the lady (bride to be) African culture and society never takes it easy on ladies. But i also sympathize with the parents of the late groom to be a lot. Burying your child is nothing any parent should experience. I cant say i relate or even know how these people feel including the in-laws that were to become. Media reported he slid and fell in the bathroom, but like social media would have it….the first comment i read “lady needs deliverance, that’s a spirit husband” eh! lord! but well i know that person wasn’t the only one thinking like that many did some offered prayers i bet some of her would have been in-laws thought the same.

Another comment read,”She is cursed she needs prayer” this person also suggested a church. Now the comments that caught me were from people who claimed to know these people (i don’t know the deceased nor the would have been bride) They first blamed her exes the this one lady come in with a new story of how the guy had left a woman for the one he was about to wed. The tone of her comment was braggart like, “that’s what you get for stealing another persons man and rush to wed”


Did this girl vibe herself or did she bewitch the man to follow her, did she drag him by the ears or she is magical….A beg, a beg (am not saying witchcraft doesn’t exist) but what do you gain when the man is dead yet you wanted him?

Another person claimed the would be bride practiced witchcraft. Anyway, so i took time to look at the profile of this lady, she is young and life seemed to have ended before it started even. I know some cultures say we don’t speak bad of the dead. But then, why is it always the woman’s fault. Supposed he actually fell in the bathroom. no magic to the story or plot twists. Does anyone even care for her healing and mental state. If he had passed a week after the wedding would the claims be different?


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happy new month!

Lamain-out of love and tough times


Who are you?

My name is Fauzia Davis, sole owner and founder at Lamain Beauty. I recently just finished my bachelor’s degree in finance, and more than anything else I enjoy spending quality time with my family and creating compelling content. For the past few years I’ve been learning and educating myself about beauty and skincare, to make change and advocate for all shades of beauty. When I created Lamain Beauty, I was thinking beyond just someone’s skin color but the human race. I believe that everyone is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated!

What is Lamain beauty

Lamain is a pioneering cruelty free makeup brand built on exclusivity, diversity and Nontoxic products, – with all our products proudly made in USA. Lamain Beauty is mainly formulated to enhance Beauty of all complexions by creating hope and setting new standards to help women see and let their true beauty shine. Our main goal is to satisfy the unique demands of all women/men and all our products are “THOUGHTFULLY MADE WITH YOU IN MIND” — from manufacturing, branding, packaging and opening your first package to chatting with our customer service. Through collaboration and our rewards program, we would also like to meet like-minded people to continually feel a sense

of community and deliver every product like it’s a gift of hope.

Why Did You Start Your Business?

As a freelance and published model & Digital Content Creator in Seattle, Washington, I was frustrated with the beauty industry…. I hated the idea that all women should look the same and how makeup artists had to mix three different shades to get my skin tone, but only to get it wrong! So, I decided that instead of complaining about it, that I would create a solution. A beauty company that was built on exclusivity, diversity and non-toxic products.

What Inspires Your Creativity?

I feel like I’m part of a continuum of women who for centuries used whatever they had to create with a purpose. The fusion of creativity delights me!

Tell us about the products, what makes them unique and why should someone buy them?

Lamain Beauty is the absolute solution to give hope and compromise the gap between makeup style and affordability. One of our goals was to create make products that were high quality yet affordable, and we did that!

Where Did You Draw Your Inspiration,

Lamain was formed out of love, tough times, a sense of togetherness and like-mindedness in early 2016, when my Best-friend (Lania) and professional makeup artist had a mental break down, Just like that she couldn’t even hold a makeup brush to do all she ever dreamed of!! And because of this beautifully skilled woman I took a leap of faith to create Lamain Beauty. A platform to showcase the possibilities, and natural beauty in everyone while instilling hope, inspiration, and encouragement to other women around the globe. Fast forward, She’s now a pro makeup artist at Lamain Beauty shop in Uganda.


How Did You Come Up with The Name?

From my best friend’s name, her name is Lania. I couldn’t think of a better way to support my BFF but to create a pipe dream to inspire her during the healing process! The joint interest and contrasting experience morphed into the birth of Lamain Beauty.

Why beauty products and not a clothing line maybe?

Beauty products do not bend with the season as fashion does.

How do you manage business here while you are away (don’t you worry that the people in charge will fail your dream)?

Nope, not even a single doubt in my colleagues. Having the option to delegate tasks helps me focus on making Lamain Beauty Bigger and Better. Luckily, I get to work with a badass team, and this has to be the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Every single person on my team is dedicated, talented, a go-getter, focused, trustworthy, efficient, reliable, dependable and most importantly, they love what they do. As a matter of fact, Lamain Beauty wouldn’t be where it is right now without team effort. On the other hand, we all understand and acknowledge that if one person on the team fails, we all fail, if they win, we all win #periodt


Tell Us About The “Face of Lamain Beauty

As a team, we decided to bring on Face of Lamain Beauty event as a way to empower women from different walks of life by encouraging them to participate in our Brand ambassador program. As beauty ambassadors, these queens will get a chance to represent Lamain Beauty as an international brand and promote its products to our customers. The overall goal is to increase sales for Lamain Beauty by raising awareness of the brand and inspiring women to let their true beauty shine while at it.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

All I can say is we have much more to come and we can’t wait to unleash what more we have in stock.

How Long Did It Take to Hatch the Idea and Start?

Phew, this was the hardest yet the most rewarding stage in this whole process. It took us two years to do research development and developing manufacturing codes, and finally launched in August 2017.

How does one access/find/purchase your products

All Lamain Beauty products are available online at for both local and international purchases. We also have a storefront in Uganda that not only carries Lamain Beauty products but other makeup & skincare products from other big brands as well. Products. We also do deliveries through Whats App (0758017342) and our storefront is located at Kooki Tower Shop 715B via Buganda Road opposite Cps. We also have a Beauty referral program. If anyone refers a customer to our shop and they make a purchase, that person earns 2k per purchase and their Lamain Beauty account. All payouts are issued on 15th and 30th of each month.

What Are Your Website and Social Media Handles?


Facebook page: Lamain Beauty

Instagram: @Lamainbeauty

YouTube: @Lamainbeauty

Tiktok: @Lamainbeauty

Snapchat: @Lamainbeauty



A wedding found me on the bus!

Okay, i believe they were done with the Nikkah ceremony. I don’t even recall which route it was Dar-Shinyanga or vice versa. Anyway, it was an evening bus. I was with my mother before they came. She wore a black hijab with henna drawings on her feet and hands. I was dying to see her face but she had only the eyes out and i could only see the feet and hands just because she wore no socks or gloves. He wore khaki black pants and a navy blue long sleeved shirt. It was nothing like the outfits you would expect on newly weds anyway. (okay maybe from the movies i watch and where i come from, its lots of glam).

a group of about fifteen people escorted them who i later on realized were her family. The had the two Matali/tar (frame drums) and they were singing joyfully. Anyway, she cried,she cried as she said her goodbyes. When the bus was about to set off, they climbed and took their seats right behind us. Like you would guess, i was eavesdropping. I kept asking my mother why the family didn’t allow her stay behind because she really cried a lot like she didn’t want to leave or didn’t even want the marriage.

She was very soft spoken i promise that i didn’t even catch the name but way after the bus took off like thirty minutes later, the groom shifted so she took the seat next to the window and laid her head on his chest then his lap. she was done crying i guess.(the bus was darkish). She took off her face wrap for a while but kept her veil on. Yooo! babe was beautiful! this guy got himself a mermaid (haha) okay she wasn’t but she was that beautiful even after crying. They weren’t going to the last stop like we were so about one hour later, they got off at the second stop.

Now, this is what weddings should be like especially if the honeymoon is at home not at a hotel

at the stop (did i tell you the guy was on phone giving updates of the journey to his family?) I even wish we had a camera on us that moment because we wanted to join them. At the bus stop the groom’s family was singing welcoming songs (the Islamic ones) they were “clapping” the tar loudly that when the bus came to a stop you could hear the songs and ululations. Our bride work up with a tap from the groom. I turned to look at her this time not stealthily. She wore a bright smile got her face wrap and added it back to her face only leaving her beautiful eyes out. As other people were getting off, the welcoming team drew closer to the window where the groom had called them. They were happy singing maulana…They got off the bus and i wished i had spoken to them or stayed for the welcome party.

If you’d let me

If you’d let me,

I would like to own your heart

Not all of it because I know I am not god

Just a piece of it where

Warmth emits

I would like to participate in the blood flow

And own rights to that plot

I want to share mine with yours

In a forever capacity

Place the piece you share next to mine

I want to be the reason a beat skips

When you say ‘the one’

I want to be able to stay on your head

And roam in your mind for eternity

I want to turn around hold my breath at your beauty

Probably control the pulse at which my heart beats

With yours lying right next to mine

If I’d let me

I want to love you whole heartedly

Withholding no tears and no smiles

I want to love you like I am on a marathon

Running to the finish line with you

I want to love you wildly

Like thorny blossoms, least roses wouldn’t bloom

I want you to hold my hand

Knowing I am here, holding unto yours tightly

But only if you’d let me

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Serene Places

of serene places that hug our thoughts

and examine our fears,

that clench fists to fight our battles

of alters that humble us

and subsidize our pain

of words that calm our souls

and breathe life into our spirits

of friendships that that keep us grounded

and share in our emotions

of serene places that warm our tea

and brew our coffees

of alters that scream our worship and bless our souls

of pillows that sock our tears

and blankets the breed warmth

of beautiful things we call home

and small things that make us human

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one way ticket

She felt her wings for the first time that morning.

It had been 10 years and three beautiful children two years of fear, seven years of death, a dead career and a lost being. She had contemplated about leaving for so many years but each morning she was set, he came acing very nice got her flowers or perfume or took her and the kids out or thought of what society would say.

Her family knew nothing about his cheating ass or his abusiveness, all they knew was he was a lovely husband and good son in law

She had known about his young girl. He had brought her an apartment (lets say given her one from many he had). He was prominent so it was evident that someone would tell on him. She hardly left home because he said he didn’t want a career woman. So she had her veranda food growing an poultry and most of the time hosted the mothers union members for fellowship over tea. If she wasn’t at that she was at the saloon, her parents home, visiting her children at school or at their homes, at church or at another cell. She was trying to keep busy and now that the kids were grown, she had time other than her veranda mushrooms.

The girl was about her second Born’s age. Fine girl with an ass to die for and perky boobs that melted men’s hearts. She was young but she didn’t know God. She often told her mates. if she knew God she would know the sin she is committing. They painted Dubai green since they couldn’t freely love on each other home where he was prominent. IT been five years and  and the second girl in the 10 years they have been married. The last one was a contract for two years that the girl bleached and threatened to expose him so he let her go.

Cece loved him or loved his money and power status. She wore revealing clothes and they often went to lunch together. But That morning, the day he wings grew back, one of her children had sent her a picture of her husband visiting Cece’s parents. She forgot about the prayers she said every Sunday, the cell meetings she held for his change in heart, the midnight oil she had burnt and the fasting. He was going to come home, he came home everyday for ten years at 3am and left at 6am. She packed her hand language and paid for a  only sharing her address with her children. She left without a note and without a word not even a whisper to the servants she had paid a two months advance the week before


Emotions loitered a lot

Because the heart and mind are busy streets

We battled with the bruises and patches

Seven years,eight hours

We buried the last pieces of you

We held long to confirm you were gone

The heart contemplated five years

The mind two years

And yet again acceptance came one month ago

Thank you for holding hands

For leading us to the bus stop

Love wasn’t enough

Thank you for your belief

It’s the end of the road

You held too long even when you fell out of love

We know your heart was gone three years in

But you held hands four more

Today we buried the remaining pieces

Way after the heart has healed

And the mind accepted

Grief no longer plays ping pong

Emotions playing no pinky ponky

Thank you for your patience

And for putting a meaning to friendships