Nemu – the hair dresser


So today I recalled a lady in my village. she was a real village belle. She was called Nemu (read Name). Nemu was my hair dresser. The best on the village. She plaited my sister and i from when we were little. One Christmas, she plaited us and decorated our finished hair with metallic buttons as opposed to beads..(oh! how beautiful we looked).

Nemu was like a moving hollywood actress. She was a slim figure, had the kind of body we thought was only for models. She was like Aamito just lighter. About 6 feet (i don’t know because i was very little). She rented a single room down in the ghetto and was too clean and smart that if you found her at the bus station you would think she just came out of a mansion. Her poise…jeez!. She always wore heels even when she was going to the market to buy one tomato. She wore only bodycon dresses,pencil skirts….clothes that sketched out her curves. Her nails were always done and she never forgot the red lipstick(i didnt think she cared about the brand, it could have been the Irene we use lately). she was the First MUA i ever saw because all the village females with parties to attend passed by her veranda before going out to parties or weddings or bars. She didn’t charge for the make up because she believed in women looking good and she only charged UGX 7000 for my hair then.

On many occasions, the men in the neighbouring village called her a prostitute but she was just that woman who was probably a fan of spice girls and dreamt of living in France or Paris at a point. She did enjoy her cigarette but also only drunk when she wasnt working. She just loved being a woman and having all the attention. As years went by, Nemu shifted and later news reached us that she passed on. She was unmarried and had no children but was happy.  Today I wonder why people called her a prosititute because of the way she choose to present herself? can’t a woman just look good and enjoy her life with no one thinking it she is doing it to seduce men?

Nemu wore her “mivumba” just for herself. She choose the perfect ones for her body and when she walked out, she wore a smile and walked like she was moving on glass. She had her own red carpet laid out in her mind each time. It didn’t matter if she was heading to the market or to buy the braids for her clients. she often said “nze nekolera byange binsanyusa”. She always had her head high,shoulders out and protected her crown. She had no reason to fix yours yet hers wasnt exactly straight and she knew.

Rest in Peace Nemu



These were my choice of bridal shoes as opposed to heels. The first time I told my mum I was going for sneakers…she didn’t understand me . I didn’t blame her because honestly neither did my friends. My matron practically told me “babe this is the only day u must look overly gorgeous.” So when I told her I would like the maids to as well wear sneakers…she couldn’t believe. The maids weren’t exactly comfortable. Some were okay others weren’t so we settled for heels for them.

When my gown was ready, my cousin insisted I won’t look so good with law shoes, she had dressed many brides so this was advise from an expert. I went I got 👠 and said I would wear them to church then change. But then, my heart wasn’t comfortable. After I discussed with my sister, I settled for my sneakers and it was final. So I didn’t show anyone the shoes till the last week.

I wore the heels BUT NOT to my wedding. I wore them for my traditional wedding.

Sneakers were the thing. I was too comfortable. I danced my head off. And Oh! Did I mention that my husband as well had sneakers? Yeah…..and so was my bridal shower theme.

What was the point again?

Yes it’s one day. A dream day and you must look sizzling BUT also u MUST be comfortable. You can achieve both trust me and you shall be happier. Am glad I stuck to my sneakers

I sought for a man

he came dressed like an angel
a white tunic with a pair of wings on his back
his speech tasted like cinnamon tea
and her broken self need some soothing
he strummed her to sleep every night
humming soothing hymns and telling inspirational bed time stories
he made her feel like she wasnt broken
yet he only patched a discoloured cloth everywhere she was wounded
and applied ailment on her bruises
his speech made her up
that you wouldn’t recognise her until u sat long hours over ginger tea
she learnt to tell herself she was okay
occasionally referencing to his speech

But then, How does God let such a broken human lay in hands of such a deceitful man?
did he even have a say in this or it was her will over his?
was she in a rush to feel comfortable?
was she running away from pain?
couldnt she just let time heal her?
Now she sits down outside the gate f his house. With holes all over her body,
bruises all over her skin and an arrested speech.
she doesn’t even feel worthy sitting out to tea by herself
and is ashamed of going home.

at the end, she had sought for a man,
one that would stand in the gap, love her like she is, take time to have her heal. To make up the hedge and stand in the gap that she wont be destroyed. And she found none

The Passenger

Once in months maybe years he lit up her life
the rest of the days were full of darkness and shadows
She called him a shooting star
Each time she saw him,

she made just one wish, ( i wish he could stay)
he was a full moon maybe
for sometimes he stayed abit longer than other days.
She missed him
But also wanted to see the sunshine in her mothers eyes
all she ever said to kindergatern friends when they talked about dads was,
“my dad is a passenger.”


The Story never ends

You need to go to school

when you go?

you need to get a degree?

You indeed get it

How about a masters?

you make a choice

You cant date in school

after school

When do you marry

they even ask the wrong question at funerals

When do you get a job?

You find one

Are you still on that marriage plan?

as if they will fund the wedding

It finally comes or u move in

and they demand kids

As if they will help carry for the nine months

You get the kid

And another one?

Does this story ever end?

Taking Stock -18


Everything right now. Everything big


About my wedding. Yes…last Dec I got married


hot water, tea,juice


A lot more of home cooked meals


to anything recommended as long as my ears approve


eulogies to Joel Benjamin Ntwantwa especially Kahill’s posts, tribute blogs, tweets. Been doing this since that day God called him.

Book marking

Nothing yet. I plan to resume soon

Cant Believe

Am not staying with my dad more. I however check in often. (am daddy’s girl)

Knowing learning

Ensi tebajikubako kifuba. It’s all fleeting. Say thank you, I love you, i appreciate you, sorry, when you can and when people can still afford to hear these things. Dance in the rain, do the things you love and stop making excuses. regrets aren’t worth it


My new status and life


God and mine more

#Prompts 1

What is the career of your dreams?

So i landed on some feb prompts and i wont be responding to them all but just to a few.

Career of my dreams would be Chief editor of a magazine. It could be vogue or elle or just a newspaper like guardian. That means i get to move countries as well and also move my family

Love Letters – 14

but I come with a dream in my eyes tonight,and knock with a rose at the hopeless gate of your heart

Dear u….

I hope this finds your eyes intact and your flammable heart solid. I received all the other letters and chose to stay silent for a while as I figure it all out. I didn’t cheat, but well, you didnt even hear me out before you shut the doors and broke your own heart and i took the blame because i didnt know what else to say.

I have only had you all this while and you alone. So please calm down and allow me in. You said I shouldnt come, it didn’t matter anymore but how can i not come when i was already here simply counting days down. Dont shut the door in my face, since the thing perhaps is to eat flowers and not be afraid. I carry a bottle of wine because i know its only your lips that drink water while your heart prefers a chilled glass of red wine and something soothing.

Let me in for tonight I come not just to prove i didn’t cheat or was never wrong, tonite i come to start a new chapter .