Taking Stock

The first quater of the year is done, and……

Becoming: The old version of myself i had lost. Along the way i became someone i didnt recognize and now i am taking me back!

Reading: Blogs, wattpad stories and newspapers

Listening: To myself and the sunday mixes from https://m.soundcloud.com/djtrequartista/sundayoldies-1/s-n13L09BeiGj?ref=clipboard&p=a&c=1&si=a6cff0e3ce3d488eaed74db3f7b30e27&utm_campaign=social_sharing&utm_medium=text&utm_source=clipboard

Watching: Pearl magic and Netflix

Loving: My time, family, self and working out. Working out was something i really loathed until my first class happened by mistake 😁

Eating: Wandegeya chicken like KFC is just a joke!

Drinking: Water. I kinda have substituted tea for just warm water

Bookmarkig: Politicians and Media houses. I know, i know thats no book but lately these dialogues have me appreciating the fact that i gave up the newsroom.

Wanting: a vacation with my daughter. More of a girls trip just the two of us but i dont know which one i shall do more, relax or parent 🤷‍♀️ . I shall stick to date nights until then.

Wasting: no time, no energy on explaining myself for anything. If God and i get it.

Making: Hard but easy decisions in my life.

Smelling: Ink, mint tea brewing and the nightingale plant around the shrubs on my pathway home. (Jeez, i love the scent that pant emits!)

Let Go My Soul

Let go my soul and trust in him.

If the birds and trees still sway

and the wind and waves still in his presence

What is warmth without his embrace?

What is love without his word?

Let go my soul and trust in him

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth

For his love is better than wine

Strengthen me with raisins and

Refresh me with apples

For i am faint with love

Let go my soul and trust in him

What is a heart when its empty?

What is love when the embrace is cold

A broken heart is nothing he cant fix

Balm of love

I will never let you fall asleep wondering if I love you

It’s why I have built a home behind your eyelids

That every time you shut your eyes,

Even in my absence, you bring me home

I am am going to touch your soul and light a fire within

Teach me the lyrics of your heart so that I’ll sing your song

I will not give you apart of me

I will let your savor all of me

You will hear everything I have never said.

And i will keep your heart safe

Tucked away, faraway from pain and bad memory

We are a team,

Whatever you lack, I got you

I promise you better nights,

You got me, I got us


I leaned in to kiss your soul

I hoped I would give you strength

But suddenly I remembered

It’s your cup I drink from

I am fueled by you

And now I sit besides you helplessly

Wondering and contemplating

Do I even deserve you?

I listen to you with my eyes

Deep down I know you are drained

Your strength can no longer hold both of us

Broken people break people

I have become the mirror you can’t fix

The burden you can no longer shoulder

Because I don’t even know what it means being at the well.

Hey, woman at the well,

Teach me how to draw water for my partner is drained.