Tea or coffee?


Kind both. Actually I love both. Instead of Soda and water, give me either of these. Flavored tea, local tea, tea is tea. My love for Coffee comes a lot with the smell of paper backs (books). On a rainy day hand me a book, a blanket and a cup of coffee. Take me to the coffee shop anytime. I wont order an espresso unless i had a heavy week. All the others i will.

Tea, somehow I never go to bed without a cup. I take it like its water and am quenching thirst. Its doesn’t matter the time of the day, hot or cold. Please note, i prefer Juice at breakfast because am not really a breakfast fan.


What do you think heaven looks like?

Well, this was the most interesting question of the week. I liked/loved the answers.

On Facebook, One person took me back to the bible. He said, “The kingdom of heaven is inside you…so heaven looks as clean, dirty, beautiful,ugly as ones mind.” This had never crossed my min but then i thought, some people’s heaven will be too dirty. He told me common people (not sure who is common) call that hell.

One of my girls says its white and gold like her wedding will be. (i keep puting these colours together to see the glamour)

I have never dreamt of what heaven looks like,like some people have. This isnt something i could say i ever imagined as a child. Even when i studied my bible the visual was  omitted. Even when i watch the movies about heaven i never have had a visual but recently i was reading something online. The writer said she had visited heaven more than once. Sometimes she dosed off in the taxi. Her story was alittle bit different from a couple of others i had read. She had seen the angels that envied her because they didnt have priveledge like she did. She had seen the throne of Gold and the son shinning like the sun that you could hardly see the face. She spoke of the gold gates and the white, the worship, The book of life. But what caught me, she said everyone in heaven wears a clog of humility. This particular blog (read here)has too many of those stories, but as for me, Am still waiting for my turn before i can imagine. But if its to Think, i still have also failed to create this thought

What kind of music do you listen to?

Practically everything. Western African, western, local anything as long as it sounds good to the ears. Sometimes i will listen to music in a language i dont understand but connect.

Other times i will do Country,gospel especially when i am working or thinking. But music is music for me as long as its good, the genre or artist doesnt matter. For Example am lately listening to Amel Larreiux,Angel Benard,Carol Nantongo,MBdogg.

What are your top five favorite books and why?

The lady, her lover and her lord by TD Jakes. Very mind opening.

Americana by Chimanda – the illustration, imagery, description. The detail of everything makes one travel with every sentence

When breath becomes air by Paul Kalanithi. The Selflessness of Paul and learning how he suffered the same disease he treated for years. Very interesting

Fate of the banished by Julius Ocwinyo. Because its Ugandan, the Biblical illusion. And the subject matter is perhaps even bigger than the novel’s clear attack on the church: it includes stories of people living in a world of limited hope. I wonder if he has more books

Jack reacher books: Now i just love this guys fiction so his books i can read anyday

What do you do when overwhelmed by life?

I sleep.

I listen to some Jazz, gospel or country

I pray. I have a soft spot for psalm 23 in Luganda. The words give me deeper understanding and confidence

too overwhelmed, i cry.

I talk to my self. Yes i tell myself. All will be well especially when its the things that are out of my control but still my mind is racing and my heart worried. Ecclesiastes says Its all vanity. So i do console myself. Because even if i crawled and its not in my control, am simply burning energy


Since You Left

sometimes the sky cries night after night
sometimes the cold hugs me, evening after evening
I sit in hope the sun will come out
I stay awake in hope i will hear you when u decide to come home
but then night after night
my loneliness itches
my love feeds on me
thoughts preoccupy myself
night after night I soak my pillow

a lot has happened since you left
my cheeks need no contouring,
my body needs no gym
you absence has done great making me a size 4
my heart?
I don’t feel it
am not sure if it’s still inside or you left with it
am not sure my blood pumps because even when the sun is out i am covered in blankets
do I still go to the mall?
no. am afraid they will ask why you didn’t come
so I am waiting on you
nothing has changed but
I still make dinner for two
wear my twin shirt on Fridays
and watch all the ball games on tv.
I still listen to your fav music and make you best dish every Wednesday

Am I lost?
No. My hope is frail
am withering
my breath is fleeting.

Where would you like to live? Why haven’t you moved?

Italy. Italy.Italy


Because it’s too serene. the flowers, the architectural work, the atmosphere, the water (even if am water phobic) I love to watch and listen to the sound of the ocean and sea. Italy is just so beautiful. Why havent i moved?  The cost of living is high Jeez. That means i have to find a job that bays above $20,000 a year.

Washington DC because I dream of living on such a street


and walking to work. or riding a bike. Pick up coffee by the roadside. Enter office in my short round skirt and stockings and boots and am doing something I love. And going home to my simple studio apartment and the street isn’t exactly quiet. I just want to live in a city that’s is a little bit faster than my Kampala yet less Chaotic.

Why I havent moved, I havent yet..please note the yet. got a job because i wouldn’t want to move and then spend 2 years trying to find a job i would be frustrated. And the winter season freaks me out especially that even in kampala sometimes i need double warmth. but bodies adjust.

What stands between you and your happiness?

How do i even respond to this question!

Well one person said nothing and i believe her for i know her determination and energy. Nothing should be able to come in between yu and your happiness but sometimes life happens and we cant avoid but slide in an obstacle.  Many times we also think its the best way to live (be sad while you have others happy). Well, you cant pour from an empty jar, you will realise later that those people you sacrifice your happiness for are also not happy because i mean emptiness cant fill emptiness.

But like i said, sometimes life happens and self happiness is tucked away and we sulk. Happiness is like self love.IMG-20170415-WA0049