Puzzled line 21/7

She craved for silence

But her house was never silent

The 3am hour was the best

When all corners slept,

She stood at the counter of her kitchen

Boiling tea,

Thinking and reflecting.

Then sat in the dark of my living room

Hugging unto her mug of tea,

Little sobs, silent smiles,

Silent murmurs, loud sniffs

Those are secrets they will never know

Single mother

Would you love me if,

You saw me physically?

This might work only behind our keyboards because,

The filters on my phone,

Have modeled me into my dream woman,

the teenage version of me.

See, my new name is “single mother”

Not that I regret my son but,

I’m no longer the high school slender babe

The one all the boys died to have

The one all the maidens thought was perfect.

I am a shadow,. No, I’m a painting.

My tummy is now a mini pot

Stretch marks run like water falls from my tummy to thighs

My boobs are not perky.

In fact they hang like punching bags so

I Never go without a bra.

My face is pale like I do not own any lotion

But I do,

however, the glow that comes with being loved..

Eluded me long time

And my heart…..😔😔😔😒😒

My chest……..are empty

Curfew & hand cuffs finale

Another bang got him slowly pulling out of me and walking over to the window to peep. Looks like you will need to replace the gate. I quickly carried my naked self, my juices still dripping down my thighs to the window. Paul , that son of a bitch! Said under my breath. Your former? He asked staring at me with one brow raised. I nodded and quickly went over to grab my robe. Please dress before this drama heats up. I got you..he said.

I stormed through the door not even sparing his wife a glance walked to him and slapped him hard. Just because you were banging me and paid for this place gives you no right. Absolutely no right to drive in like that. Excuse me miss..the wife begun…..still not sparing her a glance I raised my palm indicating for her to shut it, Jake was now a few steps away, I could feel his eyes on me. Shut it woman. Your turn is coming. Now mr, what brings you over.?……The wife again, well, he kept saying you were just friends when suspected and now he brought me to confirm. I looked at Paul whose eyes were now on Jake who was barefoot and bare chested. So, please leave my man, she continued,we have kids and another on the way. I could see the fire in Paul’s eyes.

Well, he is all yours I said walking over to Jake. But before I could reach him, she grabbed me . So you are agreeing to sleeping with him. I turned to her winching. So, you thought I was a Good Samaritan when I made that call? First of all he was never yours. He might never be but I don’t want him anymore either. I didn’t see the slap coming. But the two men did and both stopped it before it could land. I turned to Paul, take your wife home, make sure you replace my gate because as you can see walking over to Jake and wrapping my arms around him, I am busy. I kissed him…it tasted like finally!!!

Paul stood there like heavy rains had hit him. His wife screaming hard in his ears but I bet he couldn’t hear her. Tears rolled down his face and after like what seemed forever, they got into their car and drove off.

We will replace the gate. Jake said taking me in his arms, into a warm hug. Then he whispered…first, I am going to kiss your fears way, then, I will make you scream again.


Because my voice was soft,

I sang sweetly in the arena

He gave me all of him

My waist beads arousing every thrust

My Clit vibrating to every rub

And because my waist was soft

I belly danced swiftly

Even with my eyes closed

I felt his never leaving me

They glared from my face

To my chest

To my beads, where his hands rested

Back to my face

Taking me all in

Owning me with every touch

Curfew & handcuffs PT 9

Now, I really don’t get the excitement some men have for long clits or the waist bead fascination but either way, I am about to find out about the beads. My own pair is a double string,black and brown tiny beads. I got them from the Masai village just because culturally they insist ladies must own at least a line but mostly because I loved how beautiful they look beneath a crop top

He wasn’t expecting it. I walked up to him and dropped my rob so how about you explore these beads one by one…he bit unto his lower lip, breathing my nakedness in for a couple of seconds before he lifted his hands unto my waist and the magic, his fingers did to the beads …it’s a juju I can’t explain but my nipples approved.. never take these off or maybe I should get you a pair as well…I could see his penis bulging, his pants could not accommodate him anymore. I wanted to bend down and release him but he stopped me. Not too fast baby, I am going to do all the work today, I will worship this body today like it’s an Indian god of love. I am going to make love to you like I am strumming a guitar. He sat me down on his lap taking one of my breasts into his palm and slowly licking one of my nipples. My body has never been this electrified. Not with Paul even. This chemistry was different. It was Korean butterflies I guess.

I still wasn’t sure of the waist beads magic, but every time he played slowly with them, the electricity in my body travelled like lightening. My body got covered with goosebumps. His touch made me sacred yet wanting. His lips on my nipples left me very vulnerable. He lifted me and laid me down on the floor, kneeling over me, his shirt fell off. A body well worked on. Abs well defined. I could hold unto this for the rest of the years. He didn’t take his eyes off me for a second. In fact the way he looked at my body made me shy, I wanted to cover up. Jake was something else! He released his penis from this pants without fully taking his pants off, but no he didn’t slide it inside of me. He dipped his head into my neck, showered me with kisses. From my neck to my lips, his hand working my clit.i could feel the warmth of my own juices flowing through by bum line to the floor. I am going to make love to you. Sweet and tender you will never forget. I knew he meant it. I closed my eyes to hold my breath for the things his tongue did on my nipple. Circling it with his tongue and slowly biting unto it. Babe, please look at me… I opened my eyes and it’s then that he slid his penis into my wet vagina, moving his hips slowly, thrusting deep …he closed his eyes even when he wanted me to look into them. Taking me in with every thrust. I could read the passion on his face, the enjoyment. I picked up my pace, slowly moving my hips to match him, his hands lowered to the beads, slowly playing with them and we got lost into each other…loving every…..in those fleeting moments of ecstasy,her soul danced to the unimaginable chemistry that created a unfathomable magic

Bang !! We stopped at hearing the gate bang. Like someone had crushed into it. It was Paul and his wife

Why men drink

I know why men drink

To numb the pain in their bones

And dress their emotions

To Gain confidence and Silence thoughts

To Uncover demons and underlying intentions

I know why men drink

To convince society that it was alcohol

Not just a sober them

After all a dead man in court is as good as a drunko

To boost his speech when silence fails

To fill the hollow feeling of emptiness,

He empties the glass.

I know why men drink,

To merry make. Its a celebration

To be someone else for a minute

To express joy they can’t put in words

To quench a thirst water can’t solve

To network and socialize easily

But pay with a damn hangover headache

Promising themselves not to do it again

I know why men drink

To mourn,🤷‍♀️

To keep up appearances

Because it’s a habit

For healing,

Yes healing of bacteria of the throats and colon

Healing of a heart

Healing of a stressful day

Healing frustration

Healing overwhelm

Healing fear of not fitting in…

Just healing.

I know why men drink.

It’s no reason at all

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curfew and handcuffs pt 8

Its been two weeks since Jake was here and i must say, i am sexually starved. My vibrator wont even do the justice i need. I cropped out of bed and texted him as i fixed myself breakfast. We have been talking on phone but i need him present. I ask if he can come and and says tomorrow will be perfect. Before i could ask about the time, he was already offline so i called up my boda guy to do some deliveries that include food because we will need it. I plan on making him some pan fry chicken. So i sit on my sofa and grab my blanket ready to watch a movie but i end up, fantasizing about him. Damn! this guy. I blocked Paul and i am glad its still lock-down finding me is hard and i asked my gate man not to ever allow him back. The day went by long and i went to bed anxious for tomorrow.

Its 10am and i am still in my pajamas because i don’t think Jake will come early but i was wrong when i heard the door! OMG he is here (the teenager in me was excited) i grabbed my gown and threw it over my shoulder and went over to the door only to open it for a snack of a man i think he put extra effort in his looks today or i actually missed them all this while. He was dressed like he was going to play golf, all white and he carried a cool black backpack. We both stood glaring and breathing each other in (my perky boobs were exposed) until he cleared his throat. Will you be letting me in or you will fuck me with your eyes right here. ha ha i stammered as i moved out of the way to close the door after him. Good-morning sunshine, he called out, you look beautiful early morning. Its then that i noticed i hadn’t showered. Please make yourself comfortable as i run up and clean up then will come fix u something i said walking back to my room (or running). I didn’t even close the door, i went through to the shower and undressed.

As the water from the shower started hitting my skin, i felt aroused so i started to touch myself thinking of Jake least did i know that he let himself into my room and was their ogling at me. i stuttered seeing him but also gave him inviting eyes as . i showered before i came he said. but i was looking for the remote so came to ask. I rushed my shower and stepped out naked asking him to pass me the towel that lay on my bed. lets go i help you find it then. we moved and as i bent over to find it under the chair, my towel slipped and i could feel his eyes on me. immediately my pussy heat up and from the corner of my eye i could see the bulge in his pants. He moved towards me slowly maybe we can find the remote later, its long since i tasted a woman’s charms he said….i know i promised to wait but may i please eat you out?

I didn’t respond, i simply positioned myself on the chair and spread out my pussy for him, he was down on his knees before me and from the hunger in his eyes, i knew this was going to be good. after staring at it for a while he gave me one long lick from my slit to the clit that got me flipping my head back and letting out a silent mourn. He ate me out slowly and often tongue fucks me. this is like the best i have ever got. When he was done, he asked me to get some waist beads for next time he is over. how about, we go all the way today and as i went into the room to clean up and finish my shower, i peeped my drawers for my waist beads and returned with only a bathrobe on into the kitchen

curfew & handcuffs pt7

i don’t care for what happened but once my gate man communicated about the departure, i found my way back to the apartment. i enjoyed my own company as i much as i enjoyed flirting with other guys on phone especially the guy i was hit for…Jake. I invited him over one weekend when the private transport was permitted. we talked and talked and i was wondering what will happen if i tried this thing with him. I mean Paul was mine until the beast in him was awake.

I got up to go fix us some food and he followed me (seems all these men i get attracted to have a thing for the kitchen) only that, he wasn’t here to help me cook. He slid his hands around my waist that i almost ripped. what are you doing? i asked turning to face him. i really like you and i don’t just want a flirt buddie or fuck buddie i want commitment. and before i could respond, his lips touched mine. My eyes almost pooping out of my sockets, i didn’t return the kiss so he was forced to break it. look here sunshine, i am going to kiss you and when i do, i want you to disregard everything else, kick out the worry and hurt break because i know he is till on your mind and the pain is fresh. i wont ever lay i finger on you (he raised his hand in swearing mockery.) But, i want you to feel me, see me, hear me, know me and only me. I want you to feel us. I need you to burn for only me, its going to take a while because this was the love of your life but i am sure you will learn over again, i will hold your hand through it. I want you to experience everything, dating, courting etc but for now, i know as much as you do that we both need this kiss.

i was speechless. this MF had his way with words. Okay Jake, lets first eat something then we get into this whole talk. i appreciate that you know i am damaged and broken so i wont make promises.

he walked back to the living room and i took a deep breath, warmed up the chicken and fixed some spaghetti. I served him and we ate making small talk. when we were done, i took the plates to the kitchen, returned to sit besides him and he kept staring deep at me like he was trying to comprehend something but later asked ‘can i kiss you now’ i nodded in responses,licking my lips subconsciously please don’t do that, its arousing me in other ways . I smiled and before i finished i was closer to me and then he kissed me. With confidence, demanding everything i have. i kissed him back opening my lips a little more to let him in and before i could lose my balance, my arms were around his neck and his on my waist pulling me up to his laps. His kiss was different from Paul’s. i couldn’t put together the taste of his lips, they were soft and smooth. nothing like they looked. It was a very calm kiss yet hard to forget. I had something to think about other than Paul, his lips left questions in my head and yet i wanted to keep tasting him. when we broke apart, i shied away please look at me he pleaded and i raised my eyes to his, locking for a while before he said something.

he then said i was serious when i said i want you, but now i am telling you, i need you, i desire you and i will make your forget him, if that kiss didn’t, i will do it over and over again until you mind only whispers my name.

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curfew and handcuffs pt6

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if i had known this would be the start for beatings, i wouldn’t have spoken up. He was so mad, bashed the cutlery and told me there’s no way he would let that happened, we argued until i was pinned on the wall, his hands strangling me and before i could cry, his tongue was in my mouth. That’s the worst i ever tasted of him. i tried to push him back in rejection but his body was hovering over mine and when i tried to whisper sweet things, keeping my hand on his chest ,calming him down, apologizing , he lifted me to bed, and it was my turn on the cuffs only that this time, there was no passion so i asked him to use lube just so i don’t bruise badly by morning.

every brush of his body against my skin made me cringe. i shifted a lot because of discomfort but also was afraid of triggering him so i decide to play along, pulled out or the fake mourns as i planned an exit, Gladly i was on shift the next day again. So i called up his wife, told her everything. She went to my house after I left for work and i went to my parents home.

Paul Pov,

I know this isn’t right, but how dare she? I love her and yes i can divorce for that matter but she is rejecting me and she has turned me into a beast. I wasn’t like this, i have never laid a finger on my wife , maybe because i don’t feel deeply about her but who knows. i was never like this.

I saw the fear in her eyes when i pinned her on that wall. I had so much rage in me that i didn’t notice i was choking her until she touched my chest. (her touch is always calming) i was burning with passion or (i don’t know what to call it) i wanted to make love to her so i carried her to be and cuffed her. i didn’t care to her consent for the first time ever but when she asked for lube….lube… my head couldn’t comprehend how a lady that often loved our sex wanted lube. the spite in her eyes each time i touched her. i still applied it though but i knew she was faking it so i stopped as soon as i got inside of her (after those fake mourns i couldn’t).

I watched her leave for work in the morning, wondering if she will return to this hell i have created and i was just right when 4 hours later, a car i know very well drove in and parked. (my wife had a sticker and i didn’t know). She didn’t say much but ordered me to get in before she creates a scene we both wouldn’t love


she wore Bluetooth headsets

and she sat waiting besides me

attentive to whatever played in her ears

while she made small notes on her phone

but then again its the attention she paid

like she was trying to dissect the lyrics

then receptionist spoke up,

she responded with her eyes and smiled

as if saying , “give me a minute”

the receptionist didn’t get it

she continued to speak and speak.

she looked up, paused and said

please write it all down, i am in a meeting i cant switch off location”

today was my turn another day

she walked on the streets

her iPods intact,

her heels click – clerking.

it was time for the lunch break

but she was in such a hurry

but before i could get to her

she dashed into the corridor off the street

digging into her bag as if searching for something that wasn’t there

ma, are you okay, i asked puzzled

She nodded with a smile quickly waving me off

She was in a meeting and it was her turn to speak

This is what the pandemic has turned us to

moving board rooms

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