#UgBlogWeek. The Future of Story Telling #Day4

I was raised in a society that was never silent. It was unusual to spend the day with no Drama or have a silent night. It was either a woman screaming from domestic abuse, or footsteps thumping because a thief had escaped or a drunkard singing or loud music playing because someone bought a new radio. During in day it was policemen patrolling and drunkards trying to save the thief because its someone they grew up with, or co wives fighting. It was never silent as this morning.

He came alone on a police motorbike. The mob was furious. “Are you going to carry the corpse on your head?” Yet in the beginning they were all afraid of making the police report because they were afraid of being called suspects in the murder. He came with a notebook and after the hauling, he sent for a patrol and police dog. But like you know our societies, they had already stepped over the place but luckily the chairman had come quick and told them they were tampering with evidence incase they brought a police dog and even told them its easy for the Dog to report them when they are innocent (not sure how true that is). Anyway, she had been murdered, undressed and packed into a sack. No one recognised her so we couldn’t tell she was from the same village. But when the police dog arrived, it quickly took turn into the neighboring village. We have been watching these murders on news, hearing about them and as much as my society used to have drama, murders were never part of it. Rape a couple of times and just because we know each other try to have each others backs doesn’t make all our sins justified for the law. However, I was told about “Mayumba Kumi”. It’s hard to find a fenced house in my society, those fenced have no gates, so they are still accessible. It’s easy to tell who is new on the village because the village Drunkard will announce, The people’s chairman (we choose one just for just nothing political) Is always alerted. The water collection centers know because we don’t have many so either way one has to fetch from either of the five and the owners will tell the face is new.

Anyway, its #UgBlogWeek and the theme Whats your vision of the future of story telling. The silence on my village this morning wasnt because they were in shock, They were actually scared. They were afraid to speak. The Future will have more of these, media will be censored and people will be afraid to tell their stories. how does one tell the world they were raped? As much as its okay, the stigma is real on certain things. we have got all these talks about HIV/Aids and the stigma is still not dead even with positive living. We have stories of friends disappearing for political reasons but no one is quick to question. we are afraid, we shall be more afraid. We shall tell tales and stories only in the comforts of our homes due to fear of being misheard or judged or misquoted. We shall go back to times of sitting at fires and telling our children what the media never got courage to let the world know. We will write/blog and still refuse to detail because we are afraid.

Who will go for us?



Dear world,

You have never known why I call you world in all the ink i put together, well, you brought life to me and gave me my world back. Its been seven beautiful years and you have not changed the way you look at me and my stomach still makes that weird rotation when you kiss me. All the love i had tucked away went to you.

Thank you for being true to your word, you have kept my hear safer than I would or even will ever keep it. I tend to think i am a little bit reckless when it comes to hiding things. I never know what can easily be found. Thank you for keeping me on this love drug, maybe i would be lost now or to high from all the intoxication. I love the way you love me and make me feel. I still feel young even when i can’t rock those shorts anymore because childbirth improved all my love handles but i also appreciate the fact that when you chose to love me, it was unconditional. With or without limbs, with or without siblings you have stayed true. Thank you for loving our children and still not making me feel like we are sharing. I cant thank God enough for the blessing you have been. They said, love heals all wounds and the way you have loved me and my family has brought a reconciliation and an acceptance.You didnt try push your way through their hearts but still won them over.

We have heard our dose of fights but thank you for teaching me the basics never go to be angry. Today I look far back and see how close God has brought us and i am positive i made the rightest of choices. I chose you then and i still choose you everyday. We begun with Forever but allow me say, for eternity.

I love you always

#UgBlogWeek Day 1 : Digital Manslaughter

well, this story was started by Joel B Ntwatwa  you can begin here.

He stepped up front and the policeman placed cuffs on his writs while the other walked in to pick up his laptop and tab that were lying at the coffee table. He walked into the bathroom where Jo Netu had been few minutes before he came out and sadly the phone didn’t go down as he had expected. Police officer 2 gladly wore his gloves picked it up and placed it in a polythene that he had pulled out of his pocket and walked out without a word.

The Police car drove off and the sirens were turned on to get way through traffic. Netu kept biting on his nails now that his mind was blank. He was satisfied that their would be no evidence because he trusted hacker. At arrival to the police station, the commander-in-chief shouted “toa viatu” His knees begun to weaken. ‘Didnt you here me? i said take off your shoes!’ He quickly stepped out of them and walked to the corner of the room. “i wont say anything until you allow me a lawyer.” He stammered and the Commander laughed.

Police officer Number 2 pulled out the Phone and signaled the officer at the counter to take it to the IT Officer. Netu started to panic. how did he get it. Maybe hacker has already done the job

The IT officer dried it and in a few hours the message sent to hacker was read

Netu: Wipe everything off my gadgets Asap

but the text to hacker hadn’t gone therefore it was unread…



And I looked down at her while she slept

like I was afraid i would wake up while she is gone

She was every prayer I had made

every moonlight I had watched

every sunshine that ever kissed my face.

Her skin tender and soft,

her lips rosy and her breasts succulent

her hair short and kinky

she was every woman

not like all the women I have slept with

not like the girls I dated before her

I didn’t have the right words to describe her

she was more than beautiful

she was adorable

she was exquisite.





Never be too quick to judge

We understood each other,I was happy but whichever way everyone else chose to interpret it, they were and still are entitled to their opinion. But instead of having brothers hanging themselves before it happens, elope and see if they will and they didn’t. So we didnt get the wedding we dreamed of but are married and very happy just like we were in the beginning. Yes, he didnt change the way he looked at me, he just loved me more everyday. We didnt rush into getting babies we had a whole year until our first-born. You could say, things begun to change but sorry to prove you wrong, the love grew deeper and deeper and Soon she was born. We adored her very much. We started out at the country side and now are a family. Our son came two years after our first child, we still travel for vacations. I still sit out in the crowd and cheer my man while he plays.

I had been told it wouldn’t last, he was just a smart chap and i almost believed them by the way. But today i sit across the room and its been seven good years. (I still love to write each year i write him a letter and keep it safe some where one day he will find them and read them). It’s very cold outside,the children are away for the weekend, their jajja took them. I sit at the hearth in my rocking chair, a shrug over my shoulders and stockings on my feet. I sit with my notepad and a pen and stare at the man i was called fool for, he is trying to strum a new song. His beautiful legs revealed. His beard not groomed but he is still as handsome as the first time i saw him, his eyes havent lost the shine neither have his fingers lost the touch. His voice still soothing and calm but now also a bit aged . I get my notepad to my laps and start to scribble…

Dear world…..





I had been called a fool for falling in love to fast, I complained until i agreed. If foolishness got me this then i never want to sober up. I mean with a man who smells as fresh as the air at the golf course field in the morning, that pampering, good sense of humour and loves like Goma on commandment , who wouldn’t want to stay foolish. I was told it wouldnt last even a month and yet we are just at forever. I lost some friends for being too quick, but why would i keep pretending and buying time to say yes to a man i had fallen for? And my being too quick has turned my story into a mills and boons and i love it.

Two years of dating down and while I wasn’t complaining,he went to see my dad. he had dropped me off several times and i had mentioned him a couple of times while having girl talk with my mother, He went to ask for a blessing (i don’t know why he didn’t ask me first but i guess he already knew i would say yes). My dad told him he would ask me so he came back and He proposed Huray!. It was nothing like stopping the band but it was band in its own way because we got a lot of hooting from car drivers that felt late. He stopped traffic for just a minute while we drove home he packed in the road and double indicated went over to the traffic guy and told him he just need one minute of the road, right there he was on his knee, i said yes and we drove home where he had hired a chef and a table arranged for two. I wasnt just excited i was over the moon even the next day when i told the girls its like it had just happened. My excitement was cut short however when i called my mother to tell her and she said ‘am happy for you girl but your brothers don’t think he is the best partner‘ Oh yeah I went home, asked all of them who was to live with him and why? And they said, artists are never serious and its soon for you. excuse you!. Well I told them since they wont allow me leave the admirable way, the way i dreamt of doing it, as long as my parents agree, am gone. I went back to my “world” we talked about it and agreed to give it time. Meanwhile, i my routine didn’t change.

One year down and they still didn’t agree, I eloped!

Her Mouth Full of Venom

Fatima the Village belle, you will be seeing her very soon. She normally comes around the spring to fetch water before the sun goes down. She walks with elegance of a queen mother yet her mouth is full of venom. Her speech is like a bee sting, it hurts way after she has spoke and causes your heart to swell yet there’s nothing you can do. Nakku softly told Lunkuse

Nakku and her cousin Lunkuse sat down by the spring. They had finished fetching water but wanted to catch up abit. Lunkuse had come from Kampala for holidays and while they fetched water, she needed to be up to date with the village gossip and other details.

“how do you mean, how can her mouth be full of venom?” Lunkuse asked. But just before she could respond. Fatima, walked towards them. A fine belle, with the most colourful waist beads adorned beautiful around her waist. she walked with so much calmness indeed like that of a queen. Her breasts covered with a tinny wrapper that stopped just alittle bit above her naval. Her eyes, like a glow warm. Lunkuse’s jaw dropped while she stared at this beauty. she was like a moon on a dark sky. And when she opened her lips to speak, her white teeth were exposed. ‘she is so beautiful,’ Lunkuse said to her cousin aloud. Fatima smiled.

Fatima was the girl that had all village boys fighting because they wanted to impress her. Some gave up the struggle because of the Venom she spat. she was a wild fire on the village. A beautiful maiden and a warrior yet her speech full of poison. Her mother often said the gods had cursed her for once abusing an old lady. She didnt raise her that way. Some said, her pride grew fatter than her beauty so it destroyed her speech. she had a tongue of fire, very disrespectful and the kind of words she let out didnt resemble the beauty she was. She missed out on the best suitors because she didnt know when it was right for her to speak or when not to.

Lunkuse watched her fetch water and when she was done, she rolled her nkata and lifted her Jerrycan to her head and begun to walk away. Lunkuse kept staring at her until she was nolonger in sight. Nakku tapped her shoulder telling her they need to get going. She stood up in disbelief. ‘I still want to understand how her mouth is full of venom!’ She said. 

Well, Lunkuse said. They say, she is a prophet of doom. Everything she says comes to pass. Personally I haven’t experienced it but she once passed by Jajja Kabuye’s garden and jokingly said, nothing will ever grow in it and all the Maize he had planted died and the ground has never been able to hold any food it’s why Jajja rents the farms where he grows his food. “That is very sad.” Lunkuse said. 

So all the guys fear to betroth or marry her because they believe she will bring bad lack into their households. ‘I want to be her friend’Lunkuse said. “She has no friends, we have all been told to avoid her because she is bad lack”. ‘How does that transmit, like flu?’ Lunkuse asked disturbed. Well, we all follow what the elders say.

The next day Lunkuse sneaked out of the compound and went to Fatima’s house. She found her wrapping matooke in banana leaves before she could put it on the fire. ‘Hello’ she said as she got off her knees. My mother isn’t home but you can come in and wait.  “I came to see you Fatima. I want us some to be friends”. Well, all the maidens in this place were warned to stay away from me incase you haven’t been told. I don’t want to cause you trouble. ‘I have been told but still choose to be your friend. I think there’s more to you than what they all choose to see.’I am humbled. Well take a seat as I finish up then we can sit and converse. 

Lunkuse sat down by the verander and waited. When Fatima was done,she joined her. She told her about her troubles and Lunkuse told her about Kampala. She also told her about God. The little she learnt from Sunday school because she hardly attended church as a teenager unless she was in school. They became friends and for the rest of the Holiday she went to Fatima’s house because no household welcomed her. Lunkuse’s auntie had warned her several times but she had insisted on being Fatima’s friend despite the fact that she had been threatened to be sent back to Kampala. She had however tried to explain that Fatima had been born lovable and everything could change if they all welcomed her and tried to help. She needed to be loved and understood that way she could practice to tame her tongue as well. 


She became his weakness

his pain, his sorrow

his joy, his sunshine

the memory he holds tightly unto,

wishing each time he turned,

he would see tears in her eyes

but the further he walked,

he saw nothing but her hair swing loosely down her neck.

She walked off like she had never cared

and he held unto another hand

tightly yet hoping she would turn around

unfinished business of broken hearts


He left without a word

without a tear

but a single goodbye

and now he realises he has no normal pulse

his heartbeat is heard from a far like village drums

its now that he left his heart behind.


Afraid to Be

She spoke fondly of poetry and art

Music and the stars

and then she shortly stopped

apologised for having spoke at all

all because someone she loved told her to shut up

and ignored her beautiful words

because nobody cared.


she spoke fondly of letters and guitars

Fashion and love

Dreams and ambitions

and then she shortly stopped

apologised for having dreamt at all

because someone she loved broke her heart

and told her nobody liked ambitious women


She spoke fondly of skill and talent

of teas and sweets

and then suddenly stopped

apologised for having spoke at all

because somebody she loved

broke her heart and told her to shut up

keep it down


She once spoke fondly of her life

of beautiful things

but one day she stopped

because someone she loved

told her she wasnt good enough

this broke her

and she stopped speaking



He looked at me with those eyes that read through into the soul, I felt naked yet clothed. My eyes dropped just to hide everything else. He lifted my face again, my chin held into his fingers when I say I love you I do not mean only your eyes, when i say i want you, i do not mean just you. I want the whole package so your demons can come too. Hey! Hail mary full of grace! I wont survive this one. It had been two and half years of what I would call loving myself and now, Chai! Jesus Christ on a bicycle! Well, I said yes. Now the dating started formally.We went out to dinner dates every fortnight, I never missed his performance besides being a supportive girl, i love band. He held my hand in public which also taught me to get out of my comfort zone because PDA was never my thing. He kissed my forehead at every chance he got(this till this day sends chills down my spine)

He took his time, nights we spent together made me fall more in love. I was his guitar and he was my maestro. He strummed my boobs and my mourns played the tune. The way he handles my need at that point I am as delicate as his guitar, like his life depends on it and every note,breath counts. I think he has played his guitor so long that he has mastered the notes by heart and they cease to just be notes. He became my world and home and in out small space live like we are on an island. He still looks at me like on the day he asked me to be his girl friend, his kisses still make the little girl cheer “go on…” and from That day nothing has changed. He proved my demons wrong,tucked away my fears and made me comfortable. now i know its okay to fall that quick because, i am more than sure he is the one. He redefined love for me.

Last summer he painted a portrait of me, (I didn’t know he was an artist till that day). We were away for our vacation and while i over slept due to the travel tire and night duties, i got up and painted, i was asleep but its the most beautiful piece i have ever seen. Do not say i am over exaggerating my lover, he is too exaggerated even for me. he is more than i asked God for. So, i woke up and he signaled me not to move, i lay their staring at him, his chest bare and i imagining if i would still be able to trace his abs in the next couple of years. We had been dating now for a year and he still adored me like that night. i wondered if it will be so when my face is old with wrinkle and my flat stomach as lost its shape to childbearing, while he still kiss me with a burning passion and hold my hand in public or he will be ashamed. Will i still be so attracted to him or he will cease to be the air that i breath? But, just as he was finished, i tucked my thoughts away and got up from bed my slim boy out and bare i wasnt afraid of being naked before him and my muscles were still young and intact). I walked over and kissed him and held unto him for so long and whispered if I was asked what i live for in this world, the answer would be you because right now i feel like the rest of it doesn’t exist.