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paintbrushes with music and dance

lovers art and artpieces

Smart and intelligent,

beautiful smile and crazy laughter

a heart so hard, broken and full of lies

secrets hidden with a love



you say she didn’t give you time?

When all you did was flip through the pages of her book,

reading nothing therefore noting down nothing.

A book she handed to you for years

but still kept it at the shelf and only picked it up when she didn’t call

andĀ  offered it freely to whoever cared to read

knowledge is power they said

they also said, best secrets are book kept

you missed it all.

she tried to speak

her message was in every song you played

but still, all you hear was the track not the lyrics

you cared to dance more than understand the song

music is music they said

but music would be no music with no lyrics



she is doing just fine.

there are lessons in her essence


I was asked to bring a parent, she said.

but my mother had warned me about the henna I wore

am afraid of what she will say

‘is it why you were crying ?’,the other asked.

she stared away

like her thoughts had travelled far south

held her chin in her palm and nodded in agreement.

I wish i could be punished at school

she is a single mother and I haven’t helped

she spoke with guilt

her thoughts travelled far again

the pain in her eyes




Since You Left

sometimes the sky cries night after night
sometimes the cold hugs me, evening after evening
I sit in hope the sun will come out
I stay awake in hope i will hear you when u decide to come home
but then night after night
my loneliness itches
my love feeds on me
thoughts preoccupy myself
night after night I soak my pillow

a lot has happened since you left
my cheeks need no contouring,
my body needs no gym
you absence has done great making me a size 4
my heart?
I don’t feel it
am not sure if it’s still inside or you left with it
am not sure my blood pumps because even when the sun is out i am covered in blankets
do I still go to the mall?
no. am afraid they will ask why you didn’t come
so I am waiting on you
nothing has changed but
I still make dinner for two
wear my twin shirt on Fridays
and watch all the ball games on tv.
I still listen to your fav music and make you best dish every Wednesday

Am I lost?
No. My hope is frail
am withering
my breath is fleeting.

Seasons Of Love


winter is no match for the warmth of love,she had said
whirling winds,
ravening clouds,
the roar of the sea waves,
wrecking of the boats.
She didn’t think she would see him again
yet she still couldn’t stand in the rain
covered in his shawl
she sat at the fire place
rocking impatiently.
later she wrote;
“sometimes love is frozen another its as hot as cinder
Every season has its impact”.

soon as she had penned down,
long after the sun had refused to shine,
she had him breathe at the door.


She walked slowly like she didn’t feel it

her clothes soaked and her hair dripping

her head bowed that she couldn’t see where she was going

it almost knocked her

and all he did was stop and scream at her through the window

she didn’t lift her chin even for a sec

she walked on

past the men at the bus stop taking shelter from the rain

she didn’t even hear the insults they made

how foolish and reckless she looked


just one woman


a lady almost her age

walked up to her and allowed to get wet with her

covered her with a shawl and led her to a chair by the road

she held her too close

like she was trying to offer some warmth

and when the rain stopped she said

“they took it all.

My dignity, her life

and I failed her once again.”d76ad978bccdd0bfe0d3b01b36c3a278.jpg


And I looked down at her while she slept

like I was afraid i would wake up while she is gone

She was every prayer I had made

every moonlight I had watched

every sunshine that ever kissed my face.

Her skin tender and soft,

her lips rosy and her breasts succulent

her hair short and kinky

she was every woman

not like all the women I have slept with

not like the girls I dated before her

I didn’t have the right words to describe her

she was more than beautiful

she was adorable

she was exquisite.




She became his weakness

his pain, his sorrow

his joy, his sunshine

the memory he holds tightly unto,

wishing each time he turned,

he would see tears in her eyes

but the further he walked,

he saw nothing but her hair swing loosely down her neck.

She walked off like she had never cared

and he held unto another hand

tightly yet hoping she would turn around

unfinished business of broken hearts


He left without a word

without a tear

but a single goodbye

and now he realises he has no normal pulse

his heartbeat is heard from a far like village drums

its now that he left his heart behind.



She spoke like their was music on her tongue

walked like she was moving on air

like her feet didn’t touch the ground

she was like a quiet symphony

Her father’s song

His heart sang each time he laid eyes on her

She was the song of her father’s soul

He liked the look of wild-fire in her eyes

She made all the maidens envy her

And all the men lust after her.


They sat down under the moon

talked about the good time and laughed

she told her about him,

he looked up the stars when he smiled

She was leaving for marriage

And in the morning,

the elderly women had prepared her

and when the time was ripe,

she walked towards her father,

Her Kanga beautifully wrapped

and her waist beads beautifully drapped around her waist

He kissed her fervently and handed her to her groom

she left for her marital home

she knew he would be lonely

but also her time was ripe

she wasnt wrong,

his spiritĀ  died within him the day she left.





seated somewhere dark

resting my cheek against the cold wall

surrounded by my thoughts

breathing in a rusty dusty old book scent

I savour the silence

and just when some thoughts get loud

and begin to bounce back echoes from the walls of my confusion

I burst into song. I softly hum

just to deafen the ears of my heart.

I twist and turn,

lie on the untrodden floor

my feet up against the wall

a little ray of light from the ventilation

I feel my lips twitch with a smile.

I stay a while

Free to realise my importance and insignificance