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One heart, many songs

Queen of my heart

I don’t know which was queen that westlife meant but heart and queen in same sentence was just too poetic…too lyrical. The yellow and black. The foolish mic…. that looked hot by the way. The smile….jeez…let’s melt away. The green writing paper pads tucked away in my school bag

And if anything ever beat this, it could have been breathless.

Shayne wade just had my mind at heart while he wrote lyric by word by jam. The eyes were indeed mine and the babies are still mine but then that red dress and that dance couldn’t just sit down otherwise the mind would be jamming to kyomisinga

Eddie kenzo that boy…how exactly did you come up with these lines because. I was only not mature in love but also I just wanted to be a soul provider but with a fighter each time someone winked uselessly. I mean I was a queen and even when I was breathless I stayed alive because I was loved by the best at all times. I must have done something write…sorry right.

I have been loved by the best...Don Williams, you must have see him before the song was written. Because from him the love flows. And he calls me beautiful like it was my name. He picked me up every evening, turned on the radio and each day at 7am and pm,it was “Good morning beautiful”.

Steve holy, I wasn’t anything close to beautiful every morning but then, when you are a breathless queen being loved right and by the best, the favor and words come to you like a magnet…

It was very magnetic until the radio stopped playing and the electric dances became slow dances because the only promise came with a soul provider...

Romain Virgo must have know that my radio had no electricity and knew exactly where my heart found solace and my soul thirst. He gave me a soul provider to replace the lost soul and we started talking about love and trust and forever…

Love Faces 2

love is a game of stars

you never know how to build the puzzle

you’re never sure which one is yours

you never know which one will light up your sky every night

love is like the moon

you can never tell why it shows up on some days and not on others

or why the stars are shinning brighter than it

you can never know why many times its a half moon

love is like the sun

it lights up everything in your life

gets you feeling completes

ignoring the fact that dawn will soon come and darkness shall prevail

love is like music

it will get you singing along

and dancing to every tune

but as years go by

a new hit drops

and a new artist sprouts

running away is a race we cant win

Love faces

i wanted there to be an us more than i wanted my next hurt beat
but i was in the relationship alone rather a situation-ship
ghosted the whole time and i still stayed
praying and hoping
see you made me believe the us could exist
because at your hand,
i was your sun
and out of sight i was just another wind
i was even confused
until valentines
when you made me believe the US is in capital letters only to be ghosted at night
i still stayed even with another woman’s picha in your wallet
i stayed even when the flags were at every corner

i stayed because my breath didn’t matter
you almost went away with all my stuff
but then, someone introduced me to happiness
and like a butterfly just learning to spread its wings,
off i went
the breath of life
the way the sun radiated against my skin that the sun looked dim. everything felt real
i felt life,
i felt alive
I knew what home felt like finally
i packed all my love

Of course i am made of water
even when i think i am made of steel
I’m not just a woman with no soul
I’m emotional

both men

He is rugged where jack is finely cut,

scurfy where my jack is smooth

he is a body builder where jack is just chubby and sweet

yet both men awaken something different within me.

i am a spread eagle before him and only a night bat to jack

Jack is a shy monster in bed while he is a beast in daylight

he watches my body like a desperate worshiper

one looks at me like a recovering alcoholic stares at a cold beer

and the other, wears the look of an angry parent

yet i cant stop to compare both men


he was trying to walk away and hold on at the same time,

because the same thing that made him happy
made him sad
he had no clue which spoke loudest,
the stars in her eyes or the venom on her lips
the music in her heart or the demons in her mind
he could walk away easily but was it in his thoughts or feelings?
he was confused.
that’s a mind at war with the heart

he’s a fraud!

teaching your body to forget!
if my brain can’t stop running how again is my body expected to forget
how do you even forget those fingers tracing the circumference of your waist,
how do you forget lips that parted your legs and breathed at the lips of your kitty
how do you even go to sleep ignoring the goose bumps, the thoughts of him are awakened by
how do your forget the tracing, the touching, the weight of his body against yours
how do you even forget the scent you melt and held your breath to because you wanted it to last for eternity
how do you forget the only thing that keeps you alive
a face you are almost sure you will never see but never want to put with
maybe its easy to forget a pattern, even if he was doing it daily
but its hard to forget a face that left you hungry and thirsty for a while before they satisfied the desire

nah you don’t forget a figure that drew you in for a kiss like you were on scene for a Korean -romance drama.

they said he is a fraud

because he came into your life like he had rehearsed the mills and boons

he dint even love color blue, but he read and studied your social media
his body naked……screaming sex sex sex like he is David Beckham wearing CK underwear
he was almost 40 but the sexiest man i have met.
his lips against mine were like a rose petal brushing over
the way he explored my body…like he was just an artist carefully sketching it on paper
he played the piano and loved street walks in the night
his body in a tux …Glory glory
but then he left as soon as he came.


she likes him
he likes her
its obvious to everyone except them
“just Friends” don’t look at each other like that
even when she looks away his eyes are on her and he is smelling her hair
when he isn’t looking,
her eyes are on him with smile on her lips
does she know how her face lights up each time she sees him
or is she ignoring the leap of joy in her heart.
does he notice the way, he speaks to her and holds her hand and every split second we aren’t watching,
he is staring deep into her eyes


i think i like you more than i planned. Maybe i love your more than i thought.

I wonder how many times i have to forgive you even when you don’t deserve it but just because i don’t want to lose you.

Maybe i am indecisive and find it hard choosing my favorite things but this i know with no doubt, you are a favorite.

you have beautiful eyes and i got lost in them because every-time you look at me, its like we are about to kiss.

Kiss me today, kiss me tomorrow, kiss me forever and every other second of our eternity.

Kiss me like you have never kissed anybody else in this world. Kiss me like your are pouring your soul into mine.


i saw you at the tea shop and i saw you again at the florist.

I was too shy to say a thing or maintain my glance but also i was thinking the woman on his hand must be a perfect one. Then i noticed, you didn’t have any at the tea shop but probably you are buying the flowers for her.

I saw you again across the street at corner holding a bouquet of sunflowers and lilies and i am thinking i love those too. She must be a darling and I went back to sipping my tea and reading my book.

I almost spilled it when i saw the shadow of you. I stuttered, i would never have thought i was the woman.

When you told me why you came to the tea shop often and walked by to the florist just to learn of the things i like so that you have a perfect introduction, i was humbled and here we are. I loved you even before i knew your name just like you did


i was told to love like the sea or was my mother crazy?
instead of letting me dream, she shook me awake
She said go all in, love crazy, when it hits hard and calm, when it soothes
But she didn’t tell me what to do with the fire
the sparks of light that kept going up like a log had been adjusted
She didn’t tell me how to love when the fire burned out and smoke filled my eyes and chocked me that my breathe got short

she said, it will hurt but also it will be fun. It will be happiness and butterflies when its right but also it will make you cry.
she Just told me, love like your life depends on it.
that’s what i stuck with.