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And I looked down at her while she slept

like I was afraid i would wake up while she is gone

She was every prayer I had made

every moonlight I had watched

every sunshine that ever kissed my face.

Her skin tender and soft,

her lips rosy and her breasts succulent

her hair short and kinky

she was every woman

not like all the women I have slept with

not like the girls I dated before her

I didn’t have the right words to describe her

she was more than beautiful

she was adorable

she was exquisite.




She became his weakness

his pain, his sorrow

his joy, his sunshine

the memory he holds tightly unto,

wishing each time he turned,

he would see tears in her eyes

but the further he walked,

he saw nothing but her hair swing loosely down her neck.

She walked off like she had never cared

and he held unto another hand

tightly yet hoping she would turn around

unfinished business of broken hearts


He left without a word

without a tear

but a single goodbye

and now he realises he has no normal pulse

his heartbeat is heard from a far like village drums

its now that he left his heart behind.



She spoke like their was music on her tongue

walked like she was moving on air

like her feet didn’t touch the ground

she was like a quiet symphony

Her father’s song

His heart sang each time he laid eyes on her

She was the song of her father’s soul

He liked the look of wild-fire in her eyes

She made all the maidens envy her

And all the men lust after her.


They sat down under the moon

talked about the good time and laughed

she told her about him,

he looked up the stars when he smiled

She was leaving for marriage

And in the morning,

the elderly women had prepared her

and when the time was ripe,

she walked towards her father,

Her Kanga beautifully wrapped

and her waist beads beautifully drapped around her waist

He kissed her fervently and handed her to her groom

she left for her marital home

she knew he would be lonely

but also her time was ripe

she wasnt wrong,

his spiritĀ  died within him the day she left.





seated somewhere dark

resting my cheek against the cold wall

surrounded by my thoughts

breathing in a rusty dusty old book scent

I savour the silence

and just when some thoughts get loud

and begin to bounce back echoes from the walls of my confusion

I burst into song. I softly hum

just to deafen the ears of my heart.

I twist and turn,

lie on the untrodden floor

my feet up against the wall

a little ray of light from the ventilation

I feel my lips twitch with a smile.

I stay a while

Free to realise my importance and insignificance



He held unto her,

clinging unto his pain

gathering all strength

he supported her and loved her

they told him, love wins

he loved her but she kept looking away

Is this what Hosea felt for Gomer?

he wondered

Is this how God has loved me?

have I been this elusive to God.

He loved her believing she will change

while they dated and courted,

their love blossomed

his heart was full of joy

and one day, after baby number one

she became restless and unhappy

post maternal depression had taken toil on her

he was too busy to notice

she sought other ways to help her heal

sought attention else where

and just when she was at the verge,

he came home. He loved her

He loved her the way he should have

he wished he had been consistent

but Work made its demands.

she was wrong and empty

he found her and held her hand

his love never left, he just got busy.


She said I wore my heart on my sleeve
My trust as anklets
Walked with peace and hope like Grace was my name
She didn’t know that with all of that,
Faith was my “hello” kinda friend
And each time I saw her,a hurricane of emotions took over.
She said I spoke like Esther

What She didn’t know was that Esther was a friend that became family.

She didn’t know that I only met Esther when Vashti had made me feel vulnerable and hopeless then she took me in and treated me like her own.
She said I love like that’s all matters
And indeed that’s all that matters because I was bought when love was slain.

It was my world and without it, then the labour (crucifixion) wouldn’t have been worth it
Some hearts are at a brink of death so give yourself sometime and breathe


A hurricane of emotions

like its hallow right at the center of my chest

shadows of thoughts in my mind

echoes of images,memories,movements

its dark and cold,

not even a slight whishper of the wind

it aches, hurts, bleeds.

Its injured, lonely maybe.

The hurt

The mind

The Heart,

a place where words are born of silence.





Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we don’t see_ ~ Hebrews 11:1