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IMG-20151015-WA0016IMG_20151011_131434IMG_20151011_131601IMG_20151009_211554IMG_20151014_200644I had taken this same trip or so it felt. The smoothness of the journey the view, the stops,i had been to them all and seen them only that this was my first time (when i reason) to visit fort portal that’s if my memory didn’t fail me.
But well, a lovely trip it was. I wonder why i had not done this long ago(10 towns r on my bucket list now). Somewhere below the babies of Rwenzori like my new friend a called them, is Kichwamba a small village yet so cute Oh My! even the cold and rainy days didn’t just stop me from taking walks. For sure it was so cold it felt like winter during Autumn.Now the fact that the weather was bad in such a beautiful town, I didn’t forget to share my salvation Joy. A lovely Family hosted us(yes us, means i traveled with family) very prayerful, superb at cooking (Trust i have not eaten such food my whole life) Mushroom in beef stew, kalo, greens made like the Itesots’ bbo soup, pumpkin with salt,eeh! food was food and with the way i love dinning even when my intake is not much, they had me eating more than i normally do. Now, our host took us to visit her neighbors and before living each house we prayed with them, laughed and made fun of our Mpaako’s (pet Names) especially mine because i insisted i wanted to be called Araali which is for the male Gender yet its not possible according to culture yet the male can share some female pet names, it was frustrating but well i ended up with Atwooki which i didn’t like but well, blessings are not thrown away. There is this one family we visited. A lady in he 80’s barely strong enough to support herself getting up, tired, weary and sad and in her eyes you would see he pain and Anguish. While others grew flowers of had well trimmed lawns in the back yard (i was challenged at how beautiful these lawns in different households looked. The green was like of a golf pitch) hers had twelve, yes Twelve graves cemented and well kept. It reminded me of the army Cemetery i had seen in Jinja. Very well organized like they were on parade so clean yet sooo silent. Not even a cock’s crow would be heard in her home. The silence was deafening. At the front laid her mother in law and husband well fenced. She had 14 children a loving husband and a mother in law we all desire. (So,you have all your children and husband alive and you are still seeking miracles or can’t even remember to pray). She still believed in Christ and believed all things work together for good for those that love him and living according to his purpose. My Spirit told me ‘Sharon,this woman will not live to see more graves, to bury her children and feel this pain.’A new day for her at least she ought to be happy before she goes to meet her God one day. My heart sunk seeing these graves.(i have only seen my grandparents graves en burried only them, but even then I didn’t feel as painful as i felt. But i mean, we serve a living God. My darling Brother led us in prayer and we left.

Now each time i heard “Abaana B’engoma” I didn’t understand. we went to my mother’s friends house. From the drive way you would smell Royalty. A joyful not so tall lady living in this house by herself, with a house help and Her 95 year old mother (anha!you heard me.95years old) that is shocking and you could be wondering,if she has teeth,can talk, walk,my great grand died almost 99 she couldn’t do either so i was also shocked. What was more glorious was that she was reading her bible. From the six families visited, its the only house we didn’t lead prayer, this old lady led us. How humbling! (And you still see this and say i didn’t see God move) I wasn’t just challenged, i was brought to my knees to thank God i had lived long enough to see it all. I wont finish but Amidst the cold days, camp fires, fun on the trip, photos, visiting the palace, see rats as big as rabbits and the noise. I learnt to use everything God has given me for his glory and to always be thankful.

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