The man with whom i share my bed(4)

The woman with whom I share his body with.

I sat Down at the dinning table for a couple of hours and when I got up, I went ahead with my plan. I prepared Spaghetti and minced meat. Sent the boda Guy for wine(One last sip before the days get longer) and baby shoes (i told him they were for a friends baby shower). Prepared the fruit salad and placed it in the freezer and made Jacket potatoes. That phone call wasnt about to ruin my plan for such news. I laid the table and placed the shoes over the TV. I gave him a call at 5pm and he told me he was on his way so i cleaned up and waited.

Hi love, welcome back. I said as he stepped out of the car. He came out received my hug and walked inside the house in hand. I asked him to go clean up then join me. “is anything wrong?” No, love. I just missed you. Well, he grabbed me and before i knew, i was back into the shower for the third round. We showered and made love in the shower (its our house, our bedroom, our rules). We moved to the bedroom and i think my perfume bottle broke then because he just cleared the dressing table without looking. One hand supporting my body against his while the other cleared. he just threw it all to the floor. (he loves diving into my NIN) And he was at it again. We shifted to the bed and he flipped me over. I took control and drove my Benz like it was at zero mileage so i need to explore its potential. Time check: 7pm and we are both lying down naked, eyes to the ceiling. I got up, just grabbed my rob and ran off to the kitchen. (i hope i didn’t leave anything burning). All was clear, i placed the food and called him out. (as always a boxer and shirt) we sat down. Had dinner and soon as it was done. He helped clear the table and do the dishes. Then we moved to the living room to catch the news @9pm. Soon as he sat down he noticed the shoes. “whose are these (getting up to take a close look)” ‘Ours” i said. You mean we are? Before i could answer, i was being swung in the air. (and here was a phone call that wanted to ruin it.)

that night we went to bed happy and in the morning as we prepped for church i called i asked him “Do you have a son, you havent told me about? He could be of a friend or sister or stranger but in your care?” ‘No. you would know if i had one. So none i know of. We went off to Church (my new church). While the sermon went on, the lady called again. I went out to pick her up. She told me the same thing she said yesterday. I said well, my husband has no child he is aware of, we are expecting the first child now so please don’t call me again.’

Listen madam, she said calmly. My name is Freda, I had a one night in with your husband a week before he got married. So He has a son and he has been taking care until recently. (everything in my stomach was rotating, my feet trembled) so I asked that we meet. I said i would call her back. I went back in and smiled at my husband. I looked at him and wondered Was he lying or she was….But i guess my answer was staring right back at me…

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